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Adding Value to Your Tiny Home Using Garage Doors for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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If you’re trying to find creative ways to increase the value of your tiny home, adapting the indoor-outdoor living design trend would be a good idea.

The indoor-outdoor living concept, which has become increasingly popular over the years, transforms regular-looking homes into blended living spaces divided by folding or sliding doors and other partitions. Large windows that open to an outdoor area and garage doors are also used to create an indoor-outdoor living vibe. The indoor-outdoor effect is created when the partition is removed and what you have is one large, spacious, free-flowing living space.

Indoor-outdoor living is ideal for tiny homes because it creates additional space or an illusion of a wider, more spacious area. The free-flowing concept makes it easier for you to entertain guests as they can all stay together in one room.

An Indoor-outdoor living home design invites natural lighting into any room. You’ll feel closer to nature with the cool breeze embracing you, the beautiful views you can feast your eyes on, and starry blue skies to relax you at night.

Most of all, indoor-outdoor living adds tons of curb appeal to your home. So, if you have plans to sell in the future, you won’t have to worry about increasing home value.

Converting your current home into an indoor-outdoor space can be challenging, but you shouldn’t have to worry about anything if you choose the right contractor. The ideal contractor would offer expert garage door installation, as garage doors are heavily favored for creating an indoor-outdoor living vibe.

Garage Doors for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Garage doors are ideal for indoor-outdoor living because of their aesthetic vibes, the illusion of space they create, and their creative and artistic characteristics. Using garage doors also adds a unique touch to your home and helps add more value to your property.

There are different kinds of garage doors for you to choose from for your indoor-outdoor living space.

Up-and-over garage doors

These garage doors swing out as you open them. The doors align with your ceiling when they are fully opened.

Single panel garage doors

These are overhead roll-in garage doors that are ideal for double-height areas in your home, such as high-ceilinged living rooms.

Sectional garage doors

These garage doors have panels that slide overhead.

Swing hung or carriage house garage doors

These garage doors require additional outside space when you fully open them (like single panel garage doors). These are more traditional-looking compared to the other types on this list.

Glass garage doors

These garage doors are commonly used for residential buildings and homes. They use tamper-resistant glass, and you can choose which color or type you want – clear, tinted, or frosted glass. Glass garage doors have a modern, clean look, which makes them ideal for unconventional spaces, as well as for studios and garage rooms.

Glass garage doors also often serve as large scenic windows.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces with Garage Doors

Which area or areas in your tiny house would you like to convert into your indoor-outdoor living space? Here are some ideas that you can find inspiration from.

Dining Room

If you love alfresco dining, you can use a single panel or glass garage door to connect your dining room to an outdoor space. Add some outdoor dining furniture like tables and chairs and a griller, and you’re ready for a relaxing alfresco dining experience.

This concept is perfect for dining rooms that are adjacent to kitchens.

Lounge Space or Living Room

Use a seasonal, up-and-over, or glass garage door to extend your lounging or living room space outdoors. Add some recliners, relaxing couches, and throw pillows, and you’re good to go.


Install a single panel or up-and-over garage door to create an outdoor kitchen area for relaxing outdoor dining. Accentuate your outdoor space with outdoor chairs or recliners, small tables, a minibar, and a BBQ grill.

Pool Area

An indoor-outdoor swimming pool is perfect for families that want to swim away even on cold and rainy days. You can use an up-and-over, sectional, or glass garage door. It’s a practical and convenient concept: raise the door when the weather is good and lower it when it’s too hot, too cold, or snowing outside.

Entertainment or Family Room

Extend your entertainment area or family room by installing a glass garage door. The outdoor area can serve as a patio for accommodating more people. When the weather is good, you can watch a movie outdoors, with wine or marshmallows & a hot chocolate drink to complete the relaxing vibe.

The list above is just some creative ideas that you can use for creating your indoor-outdoor living space in your tiny home using garage doors. If you’re working with a contractor, you can consult them for more creative ideas that can help turn your tiny home into a beautiful and functional blended space.  

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