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This 32' Gooseneck tiny home packed full of luxuries makes life on the road convenient and enjoyable. The perfect Tiny Home Travel Trailer!
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Fritz Tiny Homes

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Tiny House on Wheels

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8.5' x 32'
The Details:

Fritz Tiny Homes has knocked it out of the park once again.

Their clients came to Fritz with a very specific dream in mind and Fritz checked off the list everyone one of their dreams. The details built into this custom tiny house is intense, yet the best part is even though it fits their clients dreams, I'm pretty sure anyone would want it!

The attention to detail from the gearage to the projector screen for movies to the sunken bathtub will have you drooling. Check it out below!

First, we'll start with the exterior. Built on a 32' gooseneck, this tiny home is ready to hit the road! Intentionally designed for travel, everything is "stow away" ready for a life on the road, with less setup / teardown time. Including the covered back porch that's perfect for a cup of morning coffee, complete with built in stairs!

Exterior of McDonald Tiny Home with gable peaks
(Porch and stairs are stowed away in photo)

On the front end of their tiny home they've built the perfect Gearage which is built to house not only all the utilities to support a fully off grid tiny home like the batteries / inverter, water heater, water filter and more. But it's also built to specifically hold their e-bikes, with a custom sliding bike rack for easy load/ unload!

Gearage with e-bikes and solar

As we move inside, you'll see the living room which is more than a 2 trick pony. Decked out with stow-able coffee table, transformable couch into bunk beds, and projector that's setup to use the back of the blinds as the screen! I love that this home is full of big picture windows and the TV doesn't have to take up and crucial window space.

living room with projector and screen
Blind doubles as screen for the projector!

Moving into the loft that is situated above the gooseneck, there is plenty of head height to walk around. Flip up reading lights, attention to every detail makes this the perfect bedroom hideaway. The closet is all built, with drawers and hanging room galore, with event a built in work desk!

The kitchen is design to be fully functional, with lots of drawers built inside the cabinets, with a full height storage drawer next to the fridge. This tiny home has it all

Elegant Tiny Home kitchen

Because it's a gooseneck, and they didn't need the height in the loft above living space, this tiny home was built above the wheel wells creating more space for storage and even a 100 gallon water tank! Making this home the perfect home to take on the road.

See the full gallery here!

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Our Thoughts

Love all the details built into this tiny home. There's plenty of space, and it doesn't feel like a sacrifice, it truly feels like a step up in life! The design is incredibly well thought out, and the aesthetics are clean, modern and most importantly, not gaudy or over done.

It's setup to be extremely comfortable for 2 people to travel full time, but capacious enough to have guests over on occasion. Off grid features, storage space for skis, e-bikes, kayaks and anything else you could want while traveling around North America makes this a no-brainer – plus you'd be doing it in luxury and style!

Our Ratings

Layout: 10/10

Design: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Value: 10/10

Overall Rating

10 / 10

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