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Are Boxabl Homes Hurricane Proof? (Answered)

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Prefab boxabl homes

Boxabl is a housing construction technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They produce Boxabl homes, which are prefabricated modular and stackable houses. A Boxabl-certified and state-licensed installer can unpack and assemble it in a couple of hours.

Boxabl homes are manufactured using cutting-edge materials and new technologies. The builders rated the homes for hurricane-speed winds. This means Boxabl homes can withstand the worst wind conditions in North America.

The company’s first product is Boxabl Casita. This home includes a kitchen, a living area, a bedroom area, and other things that you need for your living space. Like tiny houses on wheels, you can also move from one place to another with Boxabl Casita. 

Of course, buying a Boxabl home comes with more perks and features. This prefabricated home comes with basic utilities and amenities. Pre-installed amenities include high R-value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging. 

Hence,it is a good option for simple, sustainable, space-efficient, and cost-effective housing.  

In this article, we will further explore the Boxabl home's amazing features. This information will guide you in deciding whether a Boxabl home is suitable as your next abode. 

Can prefab homes withstand hurricanes?

Prefabricated homes are also known as prefab homes. They are manufactured in an off-site factory and installed on site on your property. They are an affordable option to start your sustainable and energy-efficient home living. 

Prefab homes can withstand hurricanes due to their durable construction.  Manufacturers build these prefab homes to withstand storm-related damage better than traditional homes. 

Prefab homes use the same materials used in building a traditional site-built home. But they build sections in prefab homes in a controlled environment. 

That is why their house construction is more precise. Prefab homes have a higher probability of surviving hurricanes with minimal to no damage at all. 

In order for a prefab home to be hurricane-proof, it must meet the state requirements to withstand up to category five hurricanes. The state requirements include having an airtight and watertight wall panel system, roof, floor, and structure. It should also have impact-resistant glass windows and doors, and the floor should be elevated off the ground. 

In the case of Boxabl homes, they are rated for hurricane-speed winds. They are also resistant to any flying debris. So, Boxabl homes can handle the worst weather conditions, especially in North America.

Prefab homes, in general, give better protection against natural disasters like hurricanes. They are a good choice because they not only protect you but also let you save money in the long run.

Is the Boxabl design durable?

Boxabl design is more durable and energy-sufficient compared to traditional homes. It is made with materials that do not easily degrade and last a lifetime. It is also water-resistant, fire-resistant, and hurricane-wind-rated.

The Boxabl home design has a flat roof system. But Boxabl can provide you with roof plans if your area requires a pitched roof.

The good thing about these houses is that they are stackable. Boxabl homes have additional construction materials if you stack them together.

These modular structures are usually glued and screwed together. This method creates a stronger bond compared to traditional methods. It also increases the durability of the house, especially against water leaks.

When putting units together, you only generate a small amount of construction waste. So, it helps you ensure the durability of your home as well as reduce your footprint on the environment. 

What building materials are used to make Boxabl homes?

Building materials that do not easily rot make up Boxabl homes. Hence, they are extremely durable. 

Here are the raw materials used:

1. Steel and concrete

Boxabl manufactures homes with precision using steel and concrete. This makes Boxabl homes virtually impenetrable.

Since Boxabl homes do not use timber, lumber, or sheetrock, the house is resistant to water. The house structure will not easily get damaged by floods and has less chances of growing mold. The house is also able to handle a snow load of up to 90%, which is upgradable to 100%.

2. EPS foam

Another material used in the construction of Boxabl homes is expanded polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a dense thermoplastic foam material from beads of polystyrene. In the construction industry, it is useful for insulation and structural filler.

EPS serves as a high R-value insulation to the Boxabl home. It maintains the desired temperature in your house, providing good insulation inside.

A well-insulated house protects you against cold during winter and heat during summer. It can also help reduce noise pollution in your surrounding.

Boxabl uses high R-value insulation, a tight construction envelope, and thermal bridging. Because of its insulation properties, you do not have to worry about extra heating or cooling. You can also lessen your monthly power bill by about $28.

With EPS foam, Boxabl homes are extremely energy-efficient and affordable housing options. 

3. Laminated panels for the walls, floor, and roof

Laminated panels are also among the building materials used for Boxabl homes. They are used for the walls, floor, and roof. The structurally laminated panels prevent the house's bending and breaking during shipment. This makes them stronger than a site-built home.

Boxabl homes use laminated panels made from magnesium oxide wallboard. It is an eco-friendly material that is resistant to mold, fire, and mildew. So, it is not only durable but also an environmentally friendly home. 

Are Boxabl homes safe?

Yes, Boxabl homes are durable and incredibly safe to live in. They can resist storms, floods, and tornadoes. So, they are a safe place to stay during bad weather conditions.

The designers of Boxabl homes also engineered the home with fire resistance in mind. There are also non-combustible materials surrounding the house's interior and exterior. This implies that it has less to no chance of spreading fire if there are fiery little pieces of wood.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy home that will keep you and your family safe, a Boxabl home is the best option. 

Does Boxabl need a foundation? 

Some states may require you to have permanent foundations for auxiliary dwelling units. You will use it to park your Boxabl home before connecting the home to local utilities. Most importantly, it holds the house up and stabilizes the movement during hurricanes.

Boxabl homes are legal in all states. But some states require a permanent foundation before considering them legal dwellings. If you don’t have plans to live full-time in your Boxabl home, you can legally park it in the state.

In Canada, there are no specific regulations for tiny homes. As long as your Boxabl home complies with the local requirements, you can park and live in it.

Aside from being a state requirement, foundations have multiple benefits. One of which is it buffers damages from hurricanes. It stabilizes your home and prevents side-to-side movement caused by weather conditions. 

tiny home
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Additionally, a good foundation will ensure that your house is still standing in the face of adversities. It makes sure that your house structure is intact during floods and storms.

You must choose a foundation that is appropriate to your geographical area and soil type. Choosing the right foundation is vital to your house, especially if the area where you want to place it is prone to hurricanes.

In the case of Boxabl homes, you can bolt them to any type of foundation using their connector plates. You don't have to worry because the house’s floor is very strong.

The Boxabl home is compatible with any foundation. This includes concrete strip footing, CMU (concrete masonry unit) wall, concrete wall, garage wall (concrete or CMU), beam on concrete piers, wood beam on helical piers, and concrete slab.


Boxabl homes ( concrete wall )

Once you have decided what foundation to use, you must connect your home to local utilities. Boxabl home already has factory-installed electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. To connect the utilities, simply plug onsite utilities into the exterior corner of the Boxabl.

tiny home

The good thing about Boxabl homes is that you can set up utilities however you want. Whether it is a water tank or solar panels, these will connect to the Boxabl just like regular utilities.

Note that connecting to local utilities involves separate costs from site preparation. If you are unsure about setting up your Boxabl home, get in touch with a Boxabl-certified and state-licensed installer to help you with the site setup.

What type of house is best for hurricanes?

Generally, to withstand hurricanes, a house should meet some state requirements. These requirements are the foundation, facades or sidings, specific openings (i.e. windows and doors, roofing finishes), and building shape.

However, the building materials also matter when building a hurricane-proof house. Here are the types of houses that could withstand hurricanes:

1. Concrete frame houses

The main material for concrete frame houses is concrete.  It is one of the most common and most efficient building materials for hurricane-proof houses. Concrete is strong, easy to produce, readily available, fire-resistant, and durable.

Concrete frame houses

In the building trade, the full name of concrete is reinforced cement concrete (RCC). It consists of steel bars, which make a good combination with concrete. Since concrete is already strong in compression, steel makes the structure very strong in tension.

Concrete homes can resist various loads, including wind loads and earthquake loads. 

2. Modular homes

Modular homes are factory-built houses that are engineered with sturdy materials. Specifically, the walls are usually made either of steel or reinforced concrete. Moreover, the roofs are commonly made of metal or asphalt shingles, which can also withstand high winds.

Modular homes

Most prefab homes or modular homes are designed with steel frames instead of wood. This makes the homes easier to assemble and resistant to bad weather conditions.

A perfect example of modular home is the Boxabl Casita.

3. Light steel frame construction

Houses with light steel frames can also withstand hurricanes. Steel is known for its strength and durability.  It makes structures incredibly safe, even in the worst types of weather. 

Light steel frame construction

It is ideal for high-rise and large-scale construction and outdoor storage structures.

Steel frame houses are becoming increasingly popular lately. Although they are built similarly to wood frame houses, they are more expensive than wood. Nonetheless, steel is non-combustible, so it is fire-resistant.

4. Wood frame house

Wood frame house

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Wood frame houses can also withstand hurricanes. The type of wood and the structural design of the house will matter in resisting hurricanes.

Southern Yellow Pine is known for its strengths and durability. It has a compressing strength of 8470 psi and a bending strength of 14500 psi. Its strength properties are higher than most hardwoods. Aside from being a strong, dense, and stiff wood, it can hold nails very well.

Aside from the strength, Southern Yellow Pine is also flexible enough to allow the house to bend. It also adjusts to high wind pressures without splitting under the wind’s pressure. This is why it is a great choice for commercial and residential construction.

Wood frame houses

The type of wood is not the only thing you need to consider when building a hurricane-proof house. You also need to follow the right structure for building your house to help it handle hurricanes.

For more information on this, you can check Habitat for Humanity.  They provide safe building and retrofitting guidelines for making hurricane-resilient wooden houses.

5. Log homes

Solid logs are the primary construction material for log homes. They are not only considered to have very good fire resistance but also good wind resistance. Quality-assured log homes can provide great protection against high winds.

Log homes

Compared to traditional homes, log homes have massive log walls known to be sturdy. Its sturdy walls and inner-locking joints provide strength to withstand hurricanes.

6. Masonry or Brick and Block

For centuries, people have been building houses with masonry or brick and block. These materials are sturdy enough to withstand hurricanes.

Masonry or Brick and Block

Brick houses may be built with either solid brick construction or brick veneer. These houses may be able to withstand high winds up to 150 miles per hour.

The houses with solid brick walls can withstand winds of up to 185 miles per hour or more. However, it may be relatively expensive for some to build this type of house.

7. Manufactured or mobile homes

Manufactured or mobile homes may be the least likely to be hurricane-proof. But they are already proven to withstand hurricanes. 

These homes should meet the minimum safety standards against tornadoes and hurricanes. Additionally, they should be properly installed to withstand hurricanes. 

Manufactured or mobile homes
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Nowadays, manufactured homes owners have to follow the state's building code and housing standards. This type of house should also be permanently attached to a foundation.


Boxabl homes offer a unique, convenient, and affordable way to live. They are also hurricane-proof, so they offer a safe place to live in too. 

With its stackable feature, you have the option to increase your home space whenever you want. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a perfect choice for traveling.

Its striking features are energy-efficient, cost-effective, portable, and environment-friendly. It is a perfect choice for you if you want to start living on your own. You’ll not only have your own sturdy space but also live in a home that is less harmful to nature.

If you want to start a new and exciting way of living, check out Boxabl Homes now! Find your dream Boxabl home!

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