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Are Boxabl Homes Stackable?

Updated on:
April 25, 2024
Stackable Boxabl Homes

Boxabl homes have a unique design that allows them to stack on top or next to each other. This practical modular housing system offers cost-effective benefits as well as sustainability. Boxabls can connect to utilities, such as electricity, plumbing, and HVAC, via the exterior corner of your home.

The ever-rising popularity of Boxabl housing system is due to its innovative design. Celebrities like Elon Musk have joined the trend, and more are looking to do the same. Boxabl living can offer you a new exciting lifestyle with plenty of benefits.

This post provides deep insights to help you make an informed decision when considering owning a Boxabl home.

Read on for everything to know before switching to Boxabl living. 

What is a Boxabl home?

Boxabl homes are stackable ultra-modular portable housing systems. They come with a unique design and are easy to assemble on-site. Boxabls come with utilities and amenities pre-installed, so there’s no need to worry.

Boxabl units’ layout typically consists of a living area, bedroom, bathroom, and a full-sized kitchen. Their design includes tons of windows that allow natural sunlight into the house. It also comes with soothing mood lighting. 

You won’t be able to customize your Boxabl house from the factory. Modifying or customizing your living space is only possible after it is delivered to you. Boxabl homes can be customized to be conducive for differently-abled individuals. 

They have doors that are wide enough to allow a wheelchair through. You can expect a comfortable dining experience for differently-abled individuals thanks to the protrusions in the dining area. 

Boxabl offers an innovative and sustainable structure that offers numerous benefits. For one, Boxable home cost is on the low side. For this reason, it is perfect for those looking to downsize and cut their expenses. 

Can you stack and connect Boxabls to create a bigger structure?

Boxabl offers a practical modular housing system, meaning that you can stack Boxabl units on top of each other. You can also connect Boxabl units next to each other. A typical boxabl unit can offer up to 361 square feet of living space.

Stackable Boxabl units allow for more space if required. The exterior corner of your Boxabl home is an excellent site for utilities such as HVAC, electricity, and plumbing. One good thing about this sustainable house design is its ease of construction.

Assembling a typical Boxabl home only takes about one hour. It is best to have your home assembled by a Boxabl-certified and state-licensed installer. Once you book a unit, Boxabl will connect you to your professional local installer. 

Boxabl units can fold down from 20 ft to 8.5 ft wide once fabricated. That’s why these innovative homes are easy to transport without any additional fees by sea, train, truck, or air to any part of the world. 

Essential things to know about the Boxabl design

Boxabl modular homes have become more popular recently, even among celebrities like Elon Musk. They feature an innovative design that makes for durability and efficiency. There are many noteworthy details about this design, and we have listed some below.

Boxabl house design makes for durability

Boxabl homes with innovative designs are just as durable as the traditionally-built house. However, this design's advantage over a regular house is that the construction waste generated is minimal. Boxabl homes allow for a reduced environmental footprint when the whole unit is assembled.

Boxabl homes are hurricane resistant

Boxabl home designs offer great protection against hurricane speed winds. They are designed to withstand high wind conditions and are rated for high-speed winds. Boxabl homes' hurricane-proof nature allows them to withstand the worst wind conditions in North America.

Boxabl homes are safe and secure when it snows

Boxabl home systems have remarkable snow load ratings. That’s because of the roof structure, which could be flat for modular Boxabl homes. However, your Boxabl unit installer can provide you with a pitched roof if you stay in a region that requires a pitched roof. 

In this case, your Boxabl installer will directly install the pitched roof on-site. 

Boxabl home design is fireproof

Boxabl units are fire-resistant. Boxable homes can minimize the chance of a fire hazard. That’s because they are clad with non-combustible materials. Both the interior and exterior of the structure are fireproof. 

Boxabl home design is water and mold-resistant

Boxable homes have a design that offers high resistance to water damage. Since their design does not include standard lumber or sheetrock, Boxabl units are also mold-resistant. 

Boxabl has a toilet

The Boxabl Casita comes with a standard bathroom that includes a large counter, a vessel sink, a backlit mirror, a sliding glass barn door, and a deep shower and tub. It also includes pre-installed HVAC, water, electricity, and plumbing. 

Your modular home connects directly to basic utilities at the exterior corner of the unit once assembled.

You can have your Boxabl home off-grid

Boxabl home allows for utilities to be set up in a way that suits your preference. Like regular utilities, you can integrate solar panels and water tanks into your home.

Boxable homes are legal

Boxabl homes are legal in all states. They have modular approval, and you can use them in any part of the US. However, checking your local area laws is important before switching to a luxurious Boxabl home. 

Boxabl homes are affordable

A typical Boxabl home cost does not include utilities, land, landscaping, and permits. The Boxabl Casita price is about $60,000. Additional costs range from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on where you want to set up your Boxabl home.  

Pricing also depends on your specific needs and wants. However, it is possible to finance your Boxabl home. Boxabl has some experienced Boxabl’s financing partners that offer countless loan options.

You can finance your dream Boxabl home easily with a traditional thirty-year mortgage. The final payment is usually about $250 to $500 per month.

Benefits of switching to Boxabl homes

Boxabl homes offer numerous benefits, including affordability and sustainability. Here’s a list of some of the top benefits of switching to Boxabl homes.

Low environmental footprint

Traditional building construction methods have more impact on the environment than affordable solutions such as Boxabl units. EPA reported that the USA produced about 600 million tons of construction and debris in 2018. That is two times more than the municipal solid waste produced.

Construction accounts for less than ten percent of waste generated, and over 90 percent of total debris generated is due to home demolition. 


Suppose you're looking to switch to this innovative home design, Boxabl. You would get a cost-effective new experience. Boxabl homes allow you to reduce expenses while offering a sustainable housing solution.

You can expect to spend about $60,000 for your new Boxabl unit. Also, the savings on energy bills are enormous. Total utility bills can go as low as $28 per month for a tiny house. 

Energy-efficient and sustainable living

Boxabl living offers many sustainability benefits, including energy efficiency. Switching to this innovative home design allows you to minimize your environmental impact. Stackable Boxabl units are more efficient than traditional homes in terms of cooling, heating, and ventilation.

Their small size allows for a space-savvy design and engineering that enables high energy efficiency. This type of space makes for cost-effectiveness as you won’t spend much on house supplies, cleaning expenses, and more. 

Compact Boxabl homes are greener than traditional homes since there is limited space to store unnecessary things. When you only have so much space, you'll consider an item's essentiality before buying it. That means less clutter in your prefabricated single-bedroom apartment.

Choosing a clutter-free living style is an excellent way to focus only on the important things. It enables you to eliminate all the unnecessary noise in your life. 

Takeaway: Design your own dream home with stackable Boxabl  units

Boxabl homes are stackable ultra-modular portable housing systems that are easy to assemble. They feature an innovative design that makes for durability and efficiency.

The modular Boxabl home offers numerous benefits, such as environmental friendliness, affordability, and cost-effectiveness. These homes come with all the basic utilities you expect to find in a traditional house. They are safe and legal in all parts of the United States. is an excellent place for those looking to switch to a new, downsized, innovative home. You’ll get the best experience as you design your dream home with stackable Boxabl. 

Purchase your dream Boxabl home!

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