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Bathroom Rugs: A Must No Matter How Small Your Space Is

Updated on:
March 14, 2024
bathroom rugs

Image Source: Canva

The bathroom is the first place to consider when addressing accidental slips at home. Placing bathroom rugs is a sure way to avoid any kind of mishap. Although it’s a place where you’ll always want to be very careful, the bathroom is an area where you can relax and clear your mind after a long and tiring workday.

Aside from having fragrant soaps and ambient lighting, it’s also great to have a bathroom design that mixes functionality and style. One element that can accomplish these is a bathroom rug. Though it’s a simple element, rugs have a plethora of shapes, sizes, and textures that can balance out a room while doubling as a protective layer against accidents. 

This article will discuss a few more reasons why you should use a bathroom rug, plus some tips on care and maintenance.

Why is a Bathroom Rug Important?

Unless textured tiles are installed, bathroom floors are accident-prone when wet. An easy solution is to place a bathroom rug. It makes the surface non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about slipping. Bathroom rugs effectively absorb excess water and splashes, maintaining cleanliness and preventing mildew formation on the floor. 

In the aesthetic sense, a bathroom rug can inject pattern and color into a bathroom that’s otherwise plain or balance out intricate tile designs. Beyond their decorative role, bathroom rugs also offer a comfortable and cozy surface to stand on.

A Bathroom Rug as a Complimenting Feature to Decorative Tile Floors

Your tile floors’ charming appearance can still be enhanced as they peek from below the bathroom rugs. You can choose neutral-toned rugs in shades of grey or beige that perfectly fit the bathroom space. This will make the vibrant colors shine. When aiming to soften the impact of brightly colored tiles, a rug with a neutral palette can help balance the room’s aesthetic.

Conversely, bathrooms with a monochromatic scheme can be balanced with a colorful rug that brings vitality to the room.

If the bathroom has solid flooring, consider incorporating decorative rugs to make the room more visually appealing. Harmonize the rug’s design with the bathroom’s wall color for cohesive themes. You can also add flair if you experiment with vibrant braided chindi cotton rugs. 

If your bathroom features wood-like tiles or is made of hardwood floors, choose a rug color that complements the room’s aesthetic. Whether you’re coordinating with wall colors or opting for a more subtle variation, the bathroom rug you choose can enhance the overall ambiance of the space.

Which is Better: A Bath Rug or a Bath Mat?

The difference between bath rugs and bath mats reveals multiple inconsistencies. If you’re deciding between a rug or a mat, remember to consider your personal preferences and requirements and to be knowledgeable about what a rug and mat can do. 

For one, bath mats excel in absorbing water within confined spaces. Despite their small size, mats offer a plush, textured feel. These are mostly for functionality. So, a bath mat may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something that gives an aesthetic statement.

On the other hand, bath rugs come in various shapes, sizes, and textures to express your creativity with bathroom decor. But, this aesthetic versatility may be their downfall. Since they’re primarily decorative, rugs are much thinner than mats and often feature a flat pile design that lacks absorbency. Regular inspection for mildew, stains, or water damage is also necessary.

The Best Kinds of Bath Rugs 

Since bathrooms have high moisture levels, it’s highly advisable to prioritize buying washable designs or rugs crafted from water-resistant synthetic materials. Some remarkable materials include cotton and Egyptian cotton, which are washable and heavy-duty. These options are less susceptible to damage from splashes and offer easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Preferably, opt for low-pile rugs over deep-pile ones, as low-pile rugs are simpler to clean and are less prone to trapping dirt. 

Image Source: Canva

While decorative rugs crafted from cotton or various natural fibers remain an option, keep them away from areas where direct water contact is likely and ensure adequate ventilation in the room. If you’re the type who prefers the simple theme, a regular bath rug can still lend the bathroom a charming home aesthetic, especially in spacious, traditional bathrooms.

Where to Place Your Bathroom Rug

Where you place the rug depends on how big it is. Keep the rug near the bath or shower if it is washable, anti-slip and made from cotton or synthetic fibers. Large, decorative rugs, however, are better suited away from wet areas and are not ideal for wet rooms. These are best placed in the center of the bathroom, where their natural materials can add warmth and texture to the space. If the bathroom has hard floors, have a rug with an anti-slip underlay.

Some Tips for Washing Rugs

  • While it’s beneficial to allow a bathroom rug to dry between uses, there’s one method people should particularly avoid: automatic dryers. The high heat generated can potentially melt any non-skid backing, while the tumbling action may lead to cracks in the backing.
  • Make sure you hang up your mat after each use to make drying quicker and prevent mold and mildew growth. Additionally, promote air circulation by using a fan or keeping a window open to prevent your mat and towels from staying damp for extended periods. 
  • If you own heirloom or luxury rugs, contact the best rug cleaners in your area. They will clean them thoroughly, preserve the quality and prevent mold accumulation and bacteria. They are also the right people to fix damaged or severely stained rugs.

Other Options for Bathroom Rugs

If you don’t want to use fluffy rugs for your bathrooms, bath mats can still be a great alternative to bath rugs, as they were primarily created to safeguard your floor and, ultimately, you. 

Cork mats are popular due to their water-absorbent properties, ensuring a non-slip surface when you step out of the shower. They also dry quickly to prevent mildew.

Memory foam bath mats are often covered with materials like cotton or microfibers that offer a soft and comfortable surface to stand on. The foam is designed to facilitate airflow for rapid drying and is easy to launder.

Raised, slatted-wood bath mats are both practical and stylish. Constructed from teak or bamboo, these mats provide comfort for your feet, promote air circulation to keep the mat and floor dry, and require minimal maintenance. Wood mats also complement modern bathroom aesthetics and serve as an excellent accent for natural stone floors like marble or slate.

Final Thoughts

Before you purchase a bathroom rug or mat, measure the area and take a photo so you can show it to a design specialist who will assist you in choosing the perfect rug. Regardless of your preferences, several options are available if you’re considering rugs or adding multiple mats to your bathroom.

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