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What to Put in Your Tiny House Bathroom?

Updated on:
November 28, 2023
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When it comes to tiny house living, one of the most critical areas to plan with precision is the restroom. Despite its small size, your restroom needs to encapsulate a multitude of functions, from catering to daily hygiene needs to providing a comforting space for relaxation. 

We think that the challenge lies in balancing practicality and personal preference whilst operating within a limited area. We’ll help you with your worries! We’ll help you with a comprehensive rundown to help you make the best choices for your tiny bathroom. In our experience, it includes choosing the perfect combination of features, fixtures, and accessories that not only meet your needs but also enhance the aesthetics and usability of your little space. Tune in as we unravel our newfound secrets of designing the perfect tiny house restroom.

The Art of Maximizing Bathroom Space

Innovative Tiny House Toilets

Coming up with innovative tiny home toilets catering to the space constraints without compromising functionality can be challenging. Apartment Therapy shares with us a common idea for tiny home enthusiasts like us - “When you’re updating a bathroom, it’s easy to obsess over gorgeous tiles or exposed shower systems, but something most people don’t really think about when putting together their design scheme is what toilet to buy.”

However, efficient toilet designs such as wall mounted toilets, corner toilets, and tankless designs facilitate the art of saving space, making them ideal for tiny house bathrooms.

Shower Solutions for Tiny Houses

With the right shower solutions for tiny homes, one can maximize their  space. For instance, corner showers with intrinsic tile designs, walk in showers, or even a wet room can offer a range of space saving options.

Space Saving Shower Stalls

It's not just about the shower itself but how it is integrated. We highly suggest that space saving shower stalls be complemented with clever lighting ideas, such as LED recessed lights and under cabinet lighting, to enhance visual space and mood.

Compact Sink Designs for Small Spaces

In small bathrooms, compact sink designs can make a huge difference. There are plenty of choices available in the market, from corner sinks to vessel sinks and even wall mounted sinks, which are not only stylish but also significantly save space.

Foldable Bathroom Fixtures for Tiny Homes

Innovative mini bathtub ideas can revolutionize your design. Imagine a bathtub that can fold away when not in use! Foldable bathroom fixtures for tiny homes like this are becoming increasingly common, helping homeowners maximize their space effectively.

tiny house bathroom layout
Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

Choosing the Right Tiny Home Bathroom Fixtures

Lightweight Materials for Tiny House Bathrooms

When it comes to the best tiny house bathroom materials, we think that prioritizing lightweight and durable materials is key. Lightweight materials for tiny house bathrooms such as acrylic and fiberglass for sinks, shower stalls, and bathtubs are popular choices, thanks to their longevity and easy maintenance.

Compact Bathroom Appliances

In small bathroom designs, compact appliances are non negotiable essentials. From space saving toilets to miniature sinks and compact bathtubs, ensuring that every appliance complements the space can significantly embellish the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Tiny House Plumbing Options

We have never overlooked considerations for tiny home plumbing options because we believe that it’s a very critical aspect of tiny home design. From plumbing system types (traditional vs. composting) to water source and waste disposal methods, getting your plumbing right is critical to a functional and aesthetic tiny home bathroom.

Clever Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Maximizing Tiny House Bathroom Space with Smart Storage

Maximizing space is more than just about fixtures and appliances, it also encompasses smart storage solutions. Open shelves, underneath vanity storage, and wall mounted cabinets can help declutter the space while adding style and functionality.

Multi Purpose Bathroom Furniture for Space Optimization

As we tried to amplify the effectiveness of bathrooms, we realized that multi purpose furniture features can serve as great assets. From mirror cabinets that double as storage spaces, to wash basin vanity units offering additional counter space, multi purpose furniture can play a pivotal role in the overall design.

Hidden Tiny House Bathrooms

One ingenious design used in small spaces is hidden tiny house bathrooms. Clever design techniques utilizing sliding doors, murphy doors, and even moveable walls can hide a bathroom when not in use, creating a multi functional space that oozes efficiency.

tiny house bathroom minimalist design
Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash 

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

Tiny Ensuite Designs

Tiny ensuite designs are an innovative and luxurious addition to any tiny home. A well designed ensuite bathroom can provide personal comfort, privacy, and convenience, making optimal use of available space while adding luxury and value to your small house.

Minimalist Bathroom Decor

You could also try adopting a minimalist decor for your tiny home that can reflect your commitment to simplicity, functionality, and elegance. Minimalist designs emphasize an open, decluttered space featuring minimal furniture and one toned color schemes.

Eco Friendly Tiny House Toilets

Among some of the most innovative designs we’ve seen, eco friendly tiny house toilets deserve special mention. From composting toilets that recycle waste to water saving fixtures, such designs not only empower you to live green but also endow you with substantial long term savings.

Tiny Home Restroom Concepts

Tips for Maintaining Small Space Hygiene Solutions

It's crucial to not only create functional designs but also maintain their efficiency. We highly suggest that cleaning and maintaining small space hygiene solutions should require a different approach given how closely everything is fit together.

The Future of Small House Bathroom Design

“With less square footage to decorate or remodel, small bathrooms and powder rooms are ideal spaces to go all out on design.” This is what Blissful Design Studio wants us to keep in mind. Embracing the future of tiny house bathroom design involves constantly seeking inspiration from current trends, staying open minded to new ideas, and being willing to incorporate changes that reflect your evolving taste.

It’s Not Just About Size!

The beauty of tiny house bathrooms lies in the ingenious use of small spaces. They show us that size doesn't dictate functionality or style. We’ve proven through our own experiences that designing such spaces involves playing with different ideas and breaking traditional norms. It's not just about size but also about the intelligent use of available space. Embrace these designs and transform your tiny home into a unique, efficient, and stylish haven.

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