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Beginner's Guide to Towing a Tiny House

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Land cruiser towing a tiny home

If you are ready to take your tiny home to a fresh, new location, you will be overwhelmed with decisions. Towing a tiny house is a complicated job that takes deliberation and intelligent decision-making. You have to consider things, such as the house’s weight, the things in it, and more.

It can be especially stressful if you’re a beginner and have never done this before. There are some great guides out there for starters who are looking to tow their tiny homes. The Hitch Store shares some basic towing guides for you that are easy to follow. But if you are still here, keep reading to know some of the basic steps you should tick off from your list during the towing process.

Things to Check before Towing a Tiny House

Here are the things people tend to forget and not check before towing the tiny house. You should always check these off the list.

Know the Weight Capacity and Understand What It Is

Start with the weight of the tiny house you intend to move. It’s not enough to measure the house alone. Weighing the house involves several factors.

You should start with the dry weight of the house. The dry weight of the tiny home is the weight of the home without any liquid in any liquid containers. After the dry weight, identify the weight of the any liquid in containers in your home. Also measure the weight of the hitches in the front of the house.

The weight of the tiny house with its things put inside is the most important consideration when you want to move a house. Buy the rest of the equipment and the truck according to the weight of the house. So, be mindful of the weight before moving to the equipment portion.

The Required Equipment

You need to have three things to tow a house — a carrier or the tow truck, a vehicle to pull the house and towing equipment, and the tiny house.

It’s impossible to tow even a tiny house with a small car. You have to hire or rent a truck to tow the house. You can also hire professionals to move your tiny house, or you can buy a truck for towing. But you must be careful while buying or renting a truck as you need one with the weight capacity of your house.

The truck should be able to move and carry the weight of your tiny home at a minimum. It is better to get a truck with a weight capacity of more than that. So, this will usually come up to more than 15,000 pounds of towing capacity.

Other things to consider include the engine of the truck and its suspension. It should have a large engine and a better suspension. Also, make sure to examine the condition of your truck. All the internal systems, such as cooling systems, brakes, engine, etc., should be in good condition. Another thing to check is the fuel. Diesel trucks tend to tow better, but you should also check the availability of the fuel in your area.

Other Accessories and Requirements

Besides the towing truck, you should also get the required accessories and equipment for moving the tiny house. A trailer is one of those. It will give the truck ample time to pick up the pace and slow down as it will carry a heavy house. You might also want to invest in a trailer hitch that can tow enough weight for your house.

Before buying a trailer, always check for one important thing — the number plate of the truck you are getting. Ensure that the trailer or caravan you're towing has a license or registration plate.

A license plate will ensure that you keep things legal, which is highly important when getting a truck and a trailer as you don’t want to use an illegal truck to move the place you live in.

Keep a Check on the Weather before Moving

Bad weather can cause more than just logistic delays. It can even damage your property and lead to big losses. Heavy rain wets the road and pushes down the weight of the house even more, making it heavier and more difficult for the truck to pull. This can go beyond the weight limit of your vehicle and lead to breakdown and damage.

Heavy winds in the midst can cause your tall tiny home to fall over. Other extreme conditions in the weather can lead to the destruction of the house and the equipment. So, make sure to always check the weather before leaving the house to move your tiny property. If you face bad weather suddenly after you have started moving, just pull to the side of the road and wait till the bad weather passes, and you can continue your journey.

Complete the Legal Work

The state laws may differ based on the area you live in and the weight and size of your house. Generally, you will have to get a permit for a tiny home that exceeds a certain weight, height or width depending on the state you live in. Make sure to check the state laws, get all the permits, and move on the public roads legally.

Final Notes

It can be hard to navigate the roads as a beginner with such a heavy load on the back. You may not know, or you may miss several points because you are towing a tiny home for the first time. This guide covers you for the most basic pointers you should remember to check off your list before moving. Make sure to complete all the legal requirements, check the weather, have the equipment ready, and get your tiny home towing.

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