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11 Best Places to Buy a Cabin in the US

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Imagine waking up to birds chirping, a crisp breeze that brings in the fresh air, and just enjoying the sound of nature instead of the hustle and bustle in the city. That's why a cozy cabin in a breathtaking place sounds like the perfect getaway for many of us.

The US is a land full of wonders and beautiful views that are perfect for a great cabin place. It boasts majestic places like the spectacular mountains of Colorado and the crystal clear lakes of Maine. You can choose diverse places for a tucked-away experience in your vacation home. 

Over the past few years, there has been a significant hike in the number of people investing in abodes away from the city.

Depending on what you like, there are many different options that you can choose. From exploring lush-green forests to viewing the majestic mountains of Colorado, you can choose many spectacular places for a cabin.

This article helps you do just that. We'll list the top places in the US that'll be perfect for a weekend getaway or if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The popular destinations discussed below will help you narrow down a desirable option to make an informed decision.  

1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is a mountain haven for travel enthusiasts, situated in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounded by a large diversity of beautiful plant species and animals.

The Great Smoky Mountains is also the most visited mountain range in the US. The park has abundant recreational activities that you can try out.

You can go hiking, fishing, horseback riding, or exploring the wilderness in this picturesque region.

Investing in a cabin in Gatlinburg that offers attractive amenities like hot tubs, comfy rooms, and excellent customer service can bring in a lot of profit.

The median rental revenue is $39,000, but if you tick the right boxes, you can earn over $100,000 in revenue. The median home sale price here is also affordable.

So, if you have a knack for geology, you'll be mesmerized by the Great Smoky Mountains, which are 200 to 300 million years old. Enjoy the lush green views all-year round and watch fireflies light up the mountain range.

All these attractions make Gatlinburg one of the top tourist places that attract cabin investors. The market here is very profitable, so this place tops the list.

2. Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills may not be as famous as other places in the US like the Great Smoky Mountains, but this lowkey destination in the southeastern part of Ohio is a traveler's wonderland.

With its rugged terrain and abundant crystal waterfalls, this popular spot is another excellent retreat for people looking to buy a cabin.

Hocking Hills has 7 different hiking areas in the state park, making it an ideal place for hikers. The area offers stunning outdoor activities, plenty of amenities, and beautiful views, making it a hot market for investors.

Hocking Hills is a hidden gem where nature thrives with its unaltered beauty. It's identified through its dramatic canyons sculpted over time that has created majestic sites.

All these factors make it an exquisite place to invest in a cabin and call it your second home.

The real estate market here is comparatively affordable. Most cabins would cost around the median value of $177,000. Potential buyers like you have many options, ranging from small and cozy cabins to majestic log cabins that come within the median home sale price.

3. Fairbanks, Alaska

The third option is the untouched wilderness of Fairbanks. The mesmerizing snow peaks here take your breath away every time, making it an ideal destination for investing in a log cabin.

Fairbanks is also an unbridled gateway to the Denali National Park, which is home to six million acres of wilderness and hosts North America's tallest peak.

If you want to invest in Fairbanks, finding cabins with direct waterfront access (from the Chena River) is best. You'll also have to focus on amenities like fire pits, hot baths, game rooms, etc. This'll help to increase your annual profit generated from the cabin.

4. Bryson City, North Carolina

Nestled amid the beautiful hills of the Great Smokies, Bryson City is a wonderful and charming town with a tranquil atmosphere. The city's historic architecture leaves you in awe and captivates you with a pleasant, windy atmosphere.

The sweet scent of blooming flowers is enough to leave you dazzled. With the subtle aroma of wood smoke from other cabins, this little town, with its lush forest, is an excellent option for investing in a cabin.

The Bryson City area is known for its whitewater rafting, luscious hiking trails, and fishing spots, making it a popular destination for cabin owners. Bryson City is more than just a natural wonderland. You'll be so thrilled to see a vibrant downtown that plays host to plenty of different shops and restaurants.

This little town has everything from enjoying warm, cozy coffee shops to exploring artisanal craft shops. All these features make Bryson City a relatively affordable option with a median home value of $202,000.

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5. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs is a beautiful sight to behold, situated in the Ozark Mountains. With windy streets and hidden alleyways, this beautiful town is a charming place to spend a well-deserved trip in a vacation home.

The old-school Victorian architecture and intricate building details transport you to a simpler era. Apart from the quaint appearance, the town exudes a vibrant energy and is very welcoming.

Filled to the brim with creative artists, musicians, and writers, this place is a perfect destination for investing in a cabin. Adventurer folks like Eureka Springs have a lot to offer.

From hiking through lush green forests to boating in sparkling streams, this place is perfect for reconnecting to nature.

People looking to buy a vacation home cabin should keep Eureka Springs on their list. The median home sale price starts from $160,000, making it a relatively affordable option. You can also expect a vacation rental revenue of around $27,567 annually, making it a good investment option.

6. Lake George, New York

The tranquil Lake George is a mesmerizing place for those searching for a peaceful destination away from New York City. The lake looks straight out of a painting, its luscious clear waters glistening like crystals basking in the sunlight.  

The surrounding area has a lush green forest, birds chirping around, and a serene view of the mountains.

All these factors make Lake George a remarkable place to invest in a cabin and immerse yourself in the town's natural beauty. The town has much more to offer as well. You can indulge in many outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, and fishing.

The lake is an attractive point for water sports fans who can enjoy kayaking, sailing, and much more. It's also a famous summer vacation destination, making it a great place for investment.

Median home prices in the area are higher than other options, but it's still a great place. So, for investors looking to maximize profits in the Adirondacks, investing in a cabin can prove to be a thriving market.

7. Livingston, MT

Livingston fashions towering peaks, lush-green values, and meandering rivers, making the destination a nature retreat for nature lovers and adventurers.

The town is surrounded by rustic builds and old-fashioned storefronts that line the streets. Enjoy the crisp air and friendly atmosphere in this quaint town.

Not only this, the town attracts many tourists and is known for its vibrant art scenes and beautiful galleries, which are appealing features for art enthusiasts. Tourists can also enjoy live music performances here throughout the year.

Livingston is also a gateway to the famous Yellowstone National Park, making it an excellent place for a cabin investment. There's a variety of wildlife you can explore in the national park, including grizzly bears, elk, and wolves. 

Take in the panoramic mountain views here and enjoy every bit.

Tourists can enjoy a variety of sports as well and explore the nearby mountains for hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. Thus, investing in a cabin here is a very lucrative option.

8. Brainerd Lakes, Minnesota

Extensive golf courses, fishing spots, and scenic hiking trailers surrounded by meanders and lakes are just a few features that highlight the beautiful Brainerd Lakes.

Towns like Pequot Lakes Emily, Brainerd Lake, Nisswa, and Crosslake have the most potential to attract tourists. Investors here can enjoy a profit of $27,000 in annual revenue through a vacation home.

Surrounded by a staggering number of 500 lakes, the town is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Tourists can enjoy a variety of sports ranging from kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding, or swim in these fresh, clear lakes.

Brainerd Lakes is also known for its great outdoors. It’s home to different animal species, including black bears, coyotes, white-tailed deer, and more.

9. Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge once used to be a railroad town. It has now transitioned into a beautiful mountain getaway destination that sports spectacular vineyards, lustrous waterfalls in the Cohutta Wilderness, and different attractions.

The destination is excellent for family tourists who can explore the beautiful town by taking a train ride through the Appalachian foothills, offering breathtaking views at every turn.

Classic log cabins are trendy in Blue Ridge since many people retreat after a full day of exploring the wilderness. Features like hot tubs, fire pits, and oversized windows offer more attractive cabins and increase book interest among renters.

Moreover, offering family-friendly amenities like entertainment and game rooms is also a great feature to add to your cabin in Blue Ridge.

Tourists can also enjoy the rushing water in the Toccoa River, where you can dip your toes in the cool water or try catching a trout. The real estate prices here are affordable too, and if you invest in the right amenities, you can expect a profitable turnaround.

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10. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has a broad appeal. The town has a welcoming culture where you can enjoy art scenes and experience exquisite food in downtown restaurants.

Asheville in North Carolina has stunning outdoor playgrounds and several other local activities that make it a great family vacation spot. It's also an exciting hiking destination, making it the perfect place for a cabin investment.

People looking to invest in cabins in this scenic spot have the advantage of attracting the right market of visitors who come to enjoy nature or the city life. There's so much to offer here, so cabin owners won't have to worry about the profit tied to a single tourist season.

Thus, implementing the right cabin renting strategy can help you maximize profits. You can also offer amenities like pet-friendly cabins that appeal significantly to tourists coming to Asheville.

You can expect a median vacation rental property revenue of $29,942 annually, whereas the median sale price is around $439,145, which is a bit higher than other options, but still a significant investment.

11. Dover, Vermont

A tranquil small town that exudes a charming atmosphere, Dover is a picturesque town that embodies the timeless charm and beauty of New England.

Long drives here present you with a stunning sight at every turn. Enjoy driving through the rolling hills, dense, luscious forests, and crystal lakes. The wintertime looks straight out of Narnia, with snow-covered peaks and icy crystals decorating every tree.

Tourists are always on the lookout for cabin options here throughout the year. The summer season also gives outdoor opportunities like exploring hiking trails and golf. It's also a popular mountain biking destination.

All this means investors can find a vacation home cabin here to invest. The increased activities mean you can expect increased bookings that bring more income.

Thus, you can expect an annual vacation rental property revenue of around $25,000 on average, which can increase depending on the facilities and amenities you offer.

Takeaway: Invest in your dream cabin

Securing a valuable asset is a great long-term strategy to help you increase your side income and maintain an additional income stream. It also serves as a peaceful retreat for yourself and your family or friends to relax and unwind.

All these places offer vast experiences, so it depends on you on where you want to explore based on your preferences.

If you would also like to learn how much you should spend on a cabin, read this article.

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