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5 Things That Make a Cabin Special

Updated on:
August 8, 2023
A modern cabin in the woods

Once a cabin has been constructed, it’s nothing more than a wooden space with a rustic feel. It’s the things you put in and around the place which make it a home. 

To make your cabin extra special, you must go the extra mile to add features that’ll take your cabin from regular to modern and luxurious. 

These additions make the cabin a place you and your family look forward to visiting and a place other people will love to rent.  

Five things that make cabins special are their relative affordability compared to conventional houses, peaceful ambiance, beautiful view removed from crowded locations, flexibility and ample room for customization, and potential for extra income as a rental property. 

In this article, we will delve into factors that make cabins inherently special and discuss seven things you can add to your cabin decor to make it more modern, luxurious, and homely. 

1. Is more affordable than a traditional house

Cabins are typically smaller than traditional houses. This factor makes them relatively cheaper. Of course, if you’re building a luxury cabin, there’s no limit to how much it would cost. There is also the influence of location on labor and material costs for building cabins. 

The average cost of cabin houses

You can build a very stripped-down 200-square-foot cabin for $25,000. This figure doesn’t get you halfway through the cost of building most traditional houses. 

That said, cabins and everyday houses have a comparatively similar cost per square - between $125 and $175 per square foot and $100 and $200 per square foot for traditional houses. 

Cabins also offer long-term savings

Apart from size, you can reduce the overall cost of building a cabin house in other ways. The key is to prepare, plan, and prioritize. These three steps will save you money during construction and in the long run. 

For example, log cabins are inherently good for thermal insulation, particularly if the timber used has been properly processed. Timber also absorbs and stores heat and then uniformly distributes the heat to the house. 

Another advantage of timber is that it warms up quickly but takes longer to dissipate that warmth.

Knowing this, you may revise your budget for your heating system needs since you won’t need anything complicated. Moreso, you’ll also be saving on energy costs in the future. 

2. Offers a peaceful atmosphere 

Everyday life in the city can be tiring from all the noise and constant hustling. Sometimes, you can't get your thoughts going without being interrupted by one sound or the other. If it isn't a rudderless driver abusing their horns, it's the sound of your neighbor's lawn mower waking you from a well-deserved rest. 

Cabins are far removed from the busyness of the city. Not only that, it may take significant walking or driving time before you find the next cabin. You are left alone to your own devices, at least within a few-mile radius. 

As such, cabins offer a place for peace and quiet that people leverage for many benefits. Many people use it to have a special retreat and recharge. Others use it as their perfect meditation outlet. Some people use it as a getaway to complete a task or think. 

3. Can be built in beautiful remote locations

Cabins built in the woods

Cabins built in the woods are often far away from crowded populations. This distance provides multiple advantages for you as a cabin owner. 

First off, the views from these locations are pristine and beautiful. They provide a backdrop that you can use to spark creativity, pursue different hobbies, or plan a romantic getaway. 

For instance, if you’re a birdwatcher, the woods are a natural habitat for birds. Remote locations are more likely to have clear skies that work for astronomers, so your cabin can be a perfect spot to observe farther planets.

You can also take a long-distance walk on a serene and beautiful route without worrying about heavy vehicular or human traffic. 

Not not mention the air pollution in most cities. The average carbon footprint of most major cities is nothing to write home about compared to areas with forests, trees, and nature. 

4. Offers plenty of space for customization

Customization is one of the reasons some people choose to build cabins. From the choice of wood to the floor design, you can build and decorate a cabin house to your taste. You can accentuate with colors and use artifacts and paintings to improve the cabin's aesthetics. 

Cabins are extremely flexible and versatile in what you can construct them for and how you design them. The limit to whatever customization is possible is your imagination. 

Do you want a hot tub and/or shower in the patio area? You can have it because your privacy is assured. You cannot do the same in the city because your neighbor might be watching. 

Although you need permits, you're less likely to be limited by building codes that restrict what people can do with conventional houses. You typically have a free runway, budget permitting. 

If you also plan to spend the holiday season in your cabin, you must be mindful of that when making decor plans.

5. You can monetize it by turning it into a rental property

Due to their remote location, you’ll likely spend only a fraction of your time at your cabin house. Consequently, this presents an opportunity to make money by listing it for rent.


If you choose to put out the cabin for rent, you must treat it as a proper business. You’ll need to sort out logistics, including cleaning, maintenance, and overall day-to-day management. 

And because more people will be using the house, this will also affect your maintenance schedule and cost. 

Listing best practice

You can list the property on popular vacation rental platforms such as, Tripadvisor, and Airbnb. Ultimately, you want to deliver excellent customer and overall service to garner favorable ratings from users. 

You can maintain top ratings by going above and beyond to make guests feel welcome. One of the ways to do this is to keep the cabin clean, beautiful, and a perfect spot for a getaway. 

Having something as mundane as a coat rack can also give you bonus points with some customers. 

Added advantage

An added advantage of listing the place for rent is that it leaves the cabin neat and proper for when you need to come around. Also, you’re putting the property to use and recouping the money you spend on constructing and maintaining the cabin. 

Cabin decor ideas and things that could make your cabin even more special

Cabin decor

Cabins have a natural artistic and aesthetic look and feel. You can make your cabin even more special by using cozy blankets and pillows, accentuating the natural colors, and adding entertainment amenities in the living room. 

Other ways to make your cabin home more special include adding family-friendly board games, basic workout equipment, and outdoor furniture. These additions make your cabin stand out on the marketplaces you list it.

Cozy blankets and throw pillows

Cozy blankets and throw pillows have multiple functions. 

Well-designed blankets and throw pillows fit in with the rustic style and theme of cabins. Whether the design you choose is that of a bear or trees, these accessories can make your cabin feel more homely and cozy. 

On the other hand, blankets and throw pillows also provide incredible comfort when you sit in front of the fireplace, sleep in on a cold morning, or enjoy a cozy outdoor movie night. If they're now ultra-soft and plush, you can use them as bedding for your bed. 

The two accessories paired together would give your cabin a more luxurious and inviting feel. 

Accent colors

cabin decor and furniture

There are many ways you can play with colors, depending on your style and vision. You can go for a more contemporary feel with neutral cabin decor and furniture. Neutral colors feel more simple, calming, and sophisticated. 

With colors, there are no hard-and-fast rules. It's all a matter of preference and the prevailing design of the cabin. Colors are one of the ways to emphasize and complement the stylistic theme of the cabin.  

If you're more daring, you can play with colors in different parts of the cabin. That said, you want the paint you use to be soft and soothing and not deviate from your cabin's rustic feel. For example, you may accentuate the hot tub area with a pale earth-tone color.

You could also incorporate natural materials like stones into your interior cabin decor. For example, you can add a floor-to-ceiling stone area to serve as the background for where your TV or fireplace is. 

Living room and home entertainment amenities for a cozy movie night

Entertainment amenities at cabin

Entertainment amenities like home theater, HD TV, high-speed internet, streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney Plus), and cable expand the list of things you can do at your cabin. 

For starters, watching TV can be a good bridge between the different activities you planned for the duration of your trip. Sometimes the TV may come in handy if the weather spoils some of your plans. 

If you have kids, entertainment can keep your kids occupied when they’re bored. You can even crank up the music volume and have a family dance-off. 

There are also other added benefits. You don’t have to postpone your trip to the cabin because there’s a big game like the Super Bowl during the weekend. You and your family can also cuddle up and enjoy a cozy movie night, all while in your pajamas.

Ultimately, entertainment amenities are nice to have. You don’t have to break the bank to install a state-of-the-art home theater system. Sometimes, streaming services and TV would do just fine. 

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories at cabin

Kitchen accessories are another addition to your cabin that can make it extra special and homely. Except, of course, if you plan on eating snacks and cereals throughout your time there. 

Even if you plan to get food through food-ordering platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash, your location makes it a difficult possibility. 

Again, it doesn't have to be anything state-of-the-art. But if you have money to spare, you should consider these innovative kitchen trends to aid your kitchen design. 

Some necessary kitchen accessories you can install include a burner, oven, refrigerator, coffee maker (especially if you plan to rent it out), and cooking utensils. 

In addition to the above accessories, you'll also need things like glasses, cutlery, bowls, and plates. Some of these products are also available in rustic design themes you can add to your cabin decor ideas. 

You can throw a nice grill into the mix as well. You can plan a cozy backyard BBQ event on a warm weekend evening for the whole family.

Family-friendly board games

If you’re alone, board games would likely not be part of your itinerary. But if you have family members around, board games can come in handy in keeping everyone entertained. This is especially true for days when the weather keeps everyone indoors. 

Asides from being fun, board games can bring everyone together and encourage banter and bonding. The goal should be to have a blend of games that appeal to different interests and experiences with board games. Games with simple rules and short runtime should be the top priority. 

Some of the board games you can buy include Monopoly, Scrabble, and Ticket to Ride. You can also incorporate some outdoor games like tag and hide and seek on a warm evening.  

Basic workout equipment

Having basic workout equipment available in your cabin has many benefits. If you've built a consistent exercise rhythm over time, you shouldn't let your cabin visit break your momentum. 

Having a mini gym also means you don't need to drive a long distance to find a gym before you can exercise. 

Should you decide to rent out your cabin, having some regular workout equipment can be the difference between a potential customer picking your cabin over others. 

Your cabin gym doesn’t have to be an elaborate setup. Depending on your routine, a few dumbbells, a treadmill or exercise bike, skipping rope, and some weights should do. 

Outdoor furniture is a great idea

Cabin outdoor furniture

Having outdoor furniture enables you to spend as much time outside as you want. When you’re looking for cabin decor ideas, outdoor furniture should feature prominently. 

No matter the size of your cabin, it’s a prudent use of space to carve out specific areas for lounging and other activities. The right outdoor furniture sets the tone. 

You can install a hammock or deep seating swing on your porch to nap on a lazy afternoon. If you have a big family, an outdoor dining set is a fantastic idea. You can also create a conversation area around an outdoor fire pit to share the family history and stories. As long as there’s space, you can implement your unique idea. 

When choosing outdoor items, you need to think about the future. They’ll be exposed to all weather types and environmental factors, including rain and dew, snow, dirt, and grime. 

It is, therefore, pertinent to buy chairs and items that can survive these weather and environmental factors. One of the things you can do is buy furniture made with HDPE lumber. HDPE lumber is both water and insect resistant. Its outer shell keeps water out.

Chairs and items built with HDPE avoid warping, keep their color, and maintain their integrity all year round, irrespective of the weather. 

That said, you could further prolong the life of the items by covering them up or moving them. This process may not be that feasible if you rent out the property regularly. 

Takeaway: Make your cabin modern and luxurious

Because of their location and affordability, cabins are inherently special. They give you a peaceful space in a beautiful remote site surrounded by nature. With a few additions, you can further add to the functionality and beauty of your cabins. 

Some of the things you can add to your cabin to make it more special include gym equipment, entertainment amenities, kitchen accessories, accent colors, and outdoor furniture. 

Follow these suggestions to build a cozy, modern, and luxurious cabin. 

For more information and tips on transitioning to cabins and tiny homes, visit

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