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Best Places to Park Your Tiny Home in Florida

Updated on:
January 3, 2024
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Florida, also known as the sunshine state, celebrated for its tropical climate and captivating beauty, has become a magnet for those passionate about small houses. Tiny home parking in Florida presents a variety of choices, ranging from coastal retreats to peaceful state parks, charming neighborhoods to RV parks. Follow us as we unravel the best places to park your compact home in Florida!

Understanding Tiny House Parking Regulations in Florida

Florida Tiny House Laws

Florida, known for being small home-friendly, still has laws to navigate. Some counties allow small homes as permanent residences in specific zoning districts, but more commonly, they're permitted as auxiliary units.

In certain Florida counties, small homes can serve as primary residences, reflecting a recognition of the need for diverse housing solutions. However, the prevalent approval is for small homes as secondary units, highlighting the importance of understanding and complying with local zoning ordinances. It's crucial for enthusiasts to be well-informed about specific regulations in their desired locations and to engage with local authorities for necessary permits and compliance.

Florida Regulations for Tiny Home Parking

Understanding Florida's regulations for parking compact homes involves assessing their classification as either mobile homes or RVs. This categorization influences where the homes can be placed, with mobile homes typically having more fixed locations and RVs providing greater flexibility. 

Familiarity with zoning laws is essential, as they determine parking options and permissible stay durations. Zoning regulations differ across areas, with some designating specific zones for small houses and others imposing restrictions on how long they can remain, particularly if classified as RVs. Builders must have a comprehensive grasp of these regulations to ensure compliance and the lawful incorporation of small homes into Florida's housing environment.

tiny houses by the lake
Photo by Jörn Sieveneck on Unsplash

Picking the Perfect Location for Your Compact Home

What to Consider When Choosing Your Tiny Home Spot

When selecting the ideal location, it's crucial to consider factors that match your lifestyle preferences. This includes assessing the convenience of the spot, the community atmosphere, weather conditions, and the natural beauty of the surroundings. The accessibility, social environment, climate, and aesthetics of the location should all be taken into account when making this decision. Ultimately, choosing a spot that aligns with your lifestyle and practical requirements is key to ensuring a satisfying and harmonious living experience in your small home.

Ideal Tiny Home Spots in Florida

Florida presents an array of choices for small home owners, spanning from the picturesque beaches of Key West to the tranquil landscapes of Ocala National Forest and the captivating appeal of Chassahowitzka Wildlife Reserve. Additionally, here are some additional highly suggested locations for your compact home in Florida:

LuxTiny Community, Lake Wales

Positioned on 5 acres in Polk County, LuxTiny Community is a dedicated tiny house community allowing extended rentals, making it an excellent option for those seeking permanent residency in their compact homes, fostering a sense of community on a spacious parcel of land.

Circle Pond Tiny Home Community, Ruskin

Tucked away in Ruskin, this small, family-friendly development openly welcomes small homes. It provides an intimate community atmosphere, making it an inviting choice for those desiring a close-knit environment.

Orlando Lakefront at College Park

An emerging grassroots tiny house community, Orlando Lakefront at College Park operates as an RV park that also embraces small houses. This inclusive space caters to both RV enthusiasts and small home owners, cultivating a sense of community and expansion.

Sarasota, Florida

Acknowledged for its tiny home-friendly ambiance, Sarasota offers numerous suitable locations for parking your compact home. The city's welcoming atmosphere and diverse options cater to various preferences and lifestyles within the tiny house community.

Gracious Tiny House Park, Okeechobee

Situated in Okeechobee, Gracious Tiny House Park accommodates Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs), cabin park models, and other compact structures. This park serves as a gracious space for those seeking a designated area for their diminutive dwellings, embracing the mobility and adaptability of compact home living.

These recommended spots in Florida provide distinct living experiences, enabling small home enthusiasts to choose based on their preferences, whether it's a waterfront retreat, a family-friendly community, a flourishing grassroots setting, or a city celebrated for its compact home-friendly atmosphere. Each location contributes to the burgeoning appeal of the tiny house movement in the Sunshine State.

tiny house by the coast
Photo by Hans Ott on Unsplash

Unleash the Coastal Charm in Florida

Tiny Home Sites with Coastal Views

Florida's vast coastline offers numerous opportunities for those interested in parking their small homes amidst stunning coastal views. The abundance of coastal sites in the state provides an appealing option for small home enthusiasts looking to enjoy the beauty of the sea daily. Opting for coastal parking not only ensures a daily infusion of refreshing sea breezes but also grants residents the privilege of witnessing breathtaking sunsets, creating an unparalleled living experience. 

Living close to the coastline adds a unique aspect to the compact home lifestyle in Florida, combining the allure of compact living with the serene and picturesque backdrop of the ocean. Selecting a small home site with coastal views in Florida goes beyond downsizing; it represents an immersive connection with nature's beauty, offering residents a harmonious blend of tranquility and the charm of seaside living.

Lifestyle by the Beach

Exploring the Florida lifestyle by the beach offers residents a distinctive and relaxed living experience. Coastal living in a small house means proximity to the captivating shores and immersion in a lively community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for compact living. 

Beyond the charm of small-space living, residing in a small home by the beach in Florida embodies a laid-back lifestyle with daily activities like surfing or leisurely walks along the shoreline. It's more than downsizing; it signifies a comprehensive embrace of a coastal community characterized by camaraderie and the joy of seaside living. The interplay between the small house lifestyle and coastal living creates a harmonious fusion, crafting a lifestyle that is both distinctive and satisfying.

Florida State Parks for Tiny Homes

Advantages of Parking in Florida's State Parks

Parking your compact house in Florida's state parks offers nature enthusiasts a unique blend of tranquility and adventure. These parks, serving as havens for outdoor lovers, provide eco-tourism experiences and direct access to Florida's diverse wildlife and pristine landscapes.

One notable benefit is the unparalleled proximity to nature, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the state's natural beauty. State parks offer a range of outdoor activities, creating an expansive playground for small home residents to explore and contributing to sustainable living practices.

In essence, parking your small home in Florida's state parks provides a distinctive living experience, connecting residents with nature, offering recreational opportunities, and actively contributing to the preservation of the state's ecosystems.

The Best State Parks for Tiny Homes in Florida

When considering the prospect of residing in a compact house amidst Florida's scenic landscapes, it's crucial to explore the diverse options provided by the state parks. Florida possesses an extensive array of state parks designed to accommodate not just traditional RVs but also the increasingly popular trend of small homes. Among these, John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park stands out as an exceptional choice, offering a unique coastal experience with its breathtaking coral reefs and marine marvels. 

For those inclined towards an underground adventure, Florida Caverns State Park provides an intriguing option, showcasing captivating subterranean formations and caves. Additionally, Oscar Scherer State Park emerges as an appealing destination, blending nature with recreational facilities for enthusiasts of the compact home lifestyle. These parks not only offer picturesque settings but also provide a perfect harmony of natural beauty and modern amenities, making them ideal spots for individuals embracing the compact home lifestyle in Florida.


Exploring the world of compact home living in Florida offers a diverse range of options, from understanding regulations to choosing the ideal location. Whether you're attracted to coastal living, community-focused developments, or state parks like John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park, Florida provides a variety of choices. It's more than just downsizing; it's a comprehensive embrace of a distinctive lifestyle that combines the charm of small spaces with the beauty of nature and community. 

Florida beckons you to unlock these possibilities and turn your small house dreams into reality in the Sunshine State. Take that initial step and discover the unique experiences that await you!

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