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Best Places to Park Your Tiny Home in Georgia

Updated on:
January 13, 2024
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The inception of tiny home parks across Georgia has been driven by the growing demand for a compact, flexible, and affordable lifestyle. These parks often feature an array of amenities, fostering a tight knit community of like minded individuals dedicated to sustainable living.

Georgia's tiny house community is a thriving collection of individuals who choose to live in small houses, scattered across the state in various tiny home parks. Their alternative lifestyle is based on the desire for financial independence, an inclination for minimalism, and a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Your Guide to Georgia's Tiny House Regulations

In your pursuit of minimalist living, personal safety should remain a top priority. Fortunately, Georgia offers multiple safe locations to park your small home. Like many states, Georgia has specific regulations for small houses, especially those on wheels. Some counties have minimum square footage requirements, while others may necessitate certain safety inspections given their mobile nature. Keeping abreast of these can help you navigate the legal landscape and ensure your tiny living transition is a trouble free process.

Sustainable tiny home parks are gaining traction in Georgia, aligning with the state's commitment to eco-friendly living. Equipped with features like solar panels, compostable toilets, and efficient insulation, these parks serve as model examples of sustainable living and construction.

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Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

Best Tiny Home Locations in Georgia

Thanks to Georgia's amenable climate, stunning landscapes, and mini house friendly policies, the state offers abundant ideal locations for a small home. Whether tucked in the serene Appalachian foothills or basked in the coastal charm of the Southern harbors, Georgia offers a spectrum of locales to park your petite abode.


In Atlanta, where things are always buzzing, you can discover cool spots with small houses on wheels in the nearby suburbs. These areas outside the city are super welcoming to folks who love the idea of living in a small, mobile home. It's like getting the best of both worlds – the easygoing life of a compact house and still being close to the lively city scene in Atlanta. So, if you're into simple living but don't want to miss out on the city fun, these suburbs have got you covered! 


In this adorable city, there are great spots for small houses because the rules are really easygoing. Living in a small home here is not only comfy but also simple, bringing together the city's charm and the easy life of tiny living. It's a cool place where small houses just click with the city vibe because the rules make it all stress-free and cozy.


In this city, there are some parks and neighborhoods where you can live in a small home. Just make sure to check the local rules before you decide to stay. It's important to know what the city allows for compact house living so that you can move in without any problems. Understanding and following these rules will help you fit in easily and enjoy your time in a compact home in these welcoming parks and communities.


You can find many campgrounds and RV parks that are cool with small homes in this city. They're friendly spots where you can park your compact house and enjoy what these places have to offer. It's a great option if you like the simple and mobile lifestyle of tiny living. Athens’ different spots are welcoming, and you can easily fit in with your small home while enjoying the amenities they provide.

Blue Ridge

In the beautiful North Georgia mountains, it's a fantastic spot for small houses. Many campgrounds in the area are cool with you parking your compact home. Living here means you get the beauty of nature and the snug comfort of tiny living all together in one place. It's a perfect mix where you can enjoy the peaceful mountains and the coziness of a compact home, making it a special lifestyle in this scenic part of Georgia.


In this adorable town in the Appalachian Mountains, there are RV parks that are cool with small homes. It's a lovely place surrounded by mountains where you can enjoy the simple and cozy life of tiny living. The parks are friendly spots, letting you mix the charm of small houses with the beautiful Appalachian landscape effortlessly. Choosing to live here means not just soaking in the mountain views but also embracing a laid-back lifestyle that comes with the snug comforts of tiny living. It's a calm and inviting place where the beauty of the mountains and the coziness of small homes blend together for a special and easygoing living experience.

Tybee Island

On this island near Savannah, you can relax in your compact home and enjoy a beautiful beach view. It's a calm and pretty place for those who like the simple life in a tiny home by the coast. Living here means you get to unwind in a peaceful atmosphere while soaking in the scenic coastal beauty. It's a laid-back and charming spot where the appeal of the island and the coziness of compact house living combine for a special and delightful experience.


In this city, there are places that are okay with small homes, but you need to check and follow the local rules. Just make sure you know and stick to what the city says, and you can find a spot for your small home here. It's all about understanding and following the guidelines so you can easily settle in with your small home and enjoy the city life.


This place is super pretty with lots of nature, and you can park your tiny house or similar structures in many spots. It's a great spot for people who love tiny living and want to enjoy being close to nature. Whether you prefer a wooded area or a spot with great views, there are plenty of places to put your compact house and soak in the peaceful surroundings. Living here means more than just having a compact house – it's about blending the simple tiny living style with the beautiful natural scenery all around.


This place is famous for its history with gold rushes and mountains. There are lots of campgrounds where you can park your tiny house, making it a great spot for those who love tiny living and want to be around history and nature. Living here means enjoying the cool mix of a past gold rush vibe, beautiful mountains, and the simplicity of tiny house living. It's a unique lifestyle that combines the charm of history with the coziness of small homes in this special place.

tiny house rv by the beach
Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

Georgia RV Parks

Small houses on wheels are finding a home in Georgia's RV parks, becoming trendy spots for folks into the tiny house movement. Riverview Park in North Augusta and Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta are two cool RV parks that welcome these small houses. They're part of the growing popularity of mobile living in America. These parks are like hubs for the compact house lifestyle, providing not just a parking spot but a community that embraces the simplicity and flexibility of tiny living.

Also, motorhome parks are a top choice for folks who like the idea of moving around, giving them the freedom to explore different places in Georgia. Places like Crossroads Travel Park in Perry are known for being friendly and having big spaces for motorhomes. Living in a motorhome park means you can enjoy a mobile lifestyle, cruising through the diverse landscapes and adventures Georgia has to offer. It's not just about the convenience; it's also about the sense of community and friendliness you get, making these parks a favorite for those who appreciate the flexibility and excitement of life on the go. Choosing a motorhome park lets you have both – the freedom to travel and the comfort of a welcoming community.


Georgia is a great place for people who want a simple, affordable lifestyle in small houses. The tiny house communities here are eco-friendly, evolving with cool amenities. Understanding the rules is crucial, but Georgia's diverse landscapes offer ideal spots. From lively Atlanta to charming Blue Ridge, there's a mini home spot for everyone. RV parks, like Riverview and Stone Mountain, are also popular. It's not just about a parking spot; it's a community embracing the easy and flexible tiny living. Georgia's got it all – nature, history, and a welcoming community for a unique small house lifestyle.

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