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15 Best Space-Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

Updated on:
March 10, 2024
space-saving tips for small bathrooms

Image: Canva

Is it really possible to transform your cramped bathroom into a spacious oasis using a few strategic methods?

You're likely skeptical, as most are when faced with the challenge of maximizing small spaces. 

But let's dive into the subject matter together, exploring top-notch tactics that could alter your perception of space and function in a small bathroom. 

From multipurpose fixtures to over-the-door hangers, you'll discover how a dash of creativity and the right techniques can make a world of difference. 

Curious? Let's move forward.

Utilize Vertical Spaces

In designing your small bathroom and maximizing its potential, don't overlook the vertical spaces that, when utilized effectively, can be transformed into functional storage areas. 

Overhead storage options, for instance, are a smart way to free up floor space while keeping your essentials within reach. 

Consider installing a couple of floating shelves above the toilet or the sink. They're easy to install, cost-effective and can hold a surprising amount of weight.

Have you considered the ladder shelf advantages? This trendy piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely functional. They provide ample space for storage or display, without overwhelming your small bathroom. 

With their step-like design, you can conveniently organize your items based on their usage frequency or size. The bottom rungs, being more accessible, would be perfect for everyday items like towels or your go-to beauty products, while the top tiers can hold less frequently used items or decorative pieces.

Choose Dual-Purpose Fixtures

Embracing the concept of dual-purpose fixtures can transform your small bathroom into a functional, space-efficient haven. When you're in the throes of bathroom layout planning, remember that fixture color selection also plays a key role. Colors have the power to either expand or contract your space visually.

Here are three points to ponder:

  1. Choose fixtures that serve more than one purpose. A sink with built-in storage or a mirror with hidden cabinets can work wonders.
  2. Opt for lighter fixture colors. They tend to make spaces feel larger and more open.
  3. Plan your layout wisely. Position your fixtures strategically to maximize space and functionality.

Incorporate these tips, and you'll be well on your way to making the most out of your small bathroom.

Replace Existing Fixtures with Compact Designs

Beyond selecting multipurpose fixtures, you can also re-imagine their placement to maximize your small bathroom's layout. Explore the concept of fixture swapping, which involves replacing existing fixtures with compact designs that offer more functionality without compromising on style.

  1. Corner Sinks: Install a corner sink across from the toilet rather than a larger vanity, freeing up significant floor space.
  2. Wall-Mounted Faucets: Wall-mounted faucets allow for narrower sinks and vanities, creating more room.
  3. Extended Counter: An extended counter over the toilet can accommodate a slim cabinet for extra storage.

These innovative placements aren't just about saving space but also about creating a seamless flow in your bathroom. So, don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for your unique space.

Streamline Storage Solutions

In the early morning rush, a well-organized bathroom cabinet can be your best ally, saving you precious minutes and keeping your space clutter-free. Streamlining storage solutions involves utilizing decluttering techniques to optimize your cabinet space.

  1. Prioritize: The first step is to identify the compact toiletries you use daily. These should be at the forefront of your cabinet for easy access.
  2. Categorize: Group similar items together. This not only makes your cabinet look tidy, but it also makes it easier to find what you need.
  3. Utilize Containers: Use small bins or baskets to consolidate items and prevent them from sprawling out of control.

Take Advantage of the Magic of Mirrors

Image Source: Canva

Harnessing the magic of mirrors can dramatically transform your small bathroom, creating an illusion of space that adds depth and brightness. With the right mirror placement strategies, you can manipulate light and reflection to make your bathroom seem larger than it is. 

Consider placing a mirror across from a window to bounce natural light around the room, or position a large mirror above the sink to give the illusion of a long, continuous wall.

The reflective surface benefits of mirrors go beyond just light amplification. They can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. A framed mirror can serve as an artistic centerpiece, adding personality and style to your space. 

Opt for mirrors with unique shapes and designs to break the monotony and add an element of interest.

Don't be afraid to experiment with multiple mirrors. This can create fascinating visual effects and enhance the feeling of space. For instance, a mirrored wall can literally double the perceived size of your bathroom. However, be mindful of not overwhelming the space. 

The key is to strike a balance between functionality and style, and you'll be able to unlock the true magic of mirrors in your small bathroom.

Use Hanging Towel Racks

Optimizing towel storage in your small bathroom becomes a breeze with the strategic placement of hanging towel racks. Not only do they save space, but they also add an eye-catching element to your bathroom decor. When you consider towel warmer benefits, the perks extend beyond aesthetics.

  1. Efficiency: Hanging towel racks, especially heated towel rails, dry your towels faster, preventing unpleasant odors and mildew growth.
  2. Comfort: Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a soothing bath. That's a luxury you can afford with heated towel racks.
  3. Ease of access: Your towels will always be within reach, making your bathroom routine smoother.

With thoughtful placement and the right style, hanging towel racks can transform your small bathroom into a functional, cozy space.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

While hanging towel racks can dramatically enhance your small bathroom's functionality, don't overlook the potential of your cabinet doors for optimal towel storage. Think creatively about how you can repurpose the interior of your cabinet doors. 

Installing a few simple hooks or bars can transform them into hidden compartments for your towels, ensuring they're always within reach but out of sight.

For a touch of personality, consider sprucing up your cabinet doors with door decals. These decorative stickers can add a pop of color, brighten up the space, and make your bathroom feel more inviting. Remember, every inch counts in a small bathroom. So, make the most of your cabinet doors and turn them into practical storage solutions.

Use Baskets

In the realm of small bathrooms, baskets aren't just decorative—they're a savvy storage solution you'll come to rely on. 

With a variety of materials available, you can opt for basket weaving materials that not only fit your aesthetic but also withstand the humid environment of a bathroom. Wicker, bamboo, or plastic—each comes with its own charm and durability.

When it comes to basket placement techniques, you've got to think smart. Here are three techniques to consider:

  1. Under-the-sink baskets: Slide a basket or two under your sink to store extra towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies. This is a classic move that never fails.
  2. Hanging baskets: If floor space is scarce, look up. Hanging a few baskets on your walls or over the door can give you extra storage without cluttering your floor.
  3. Shelf baskets: If you've got open shelving, baskets can help keep things tidy and visually appealing.

Exploit Corner Space

Just as baskets help declutter your small bathroom, exploiting the often overlooked corner spaces can further expand your storage options. You're probably used to seeing empty corners in your bathroom, but those voids can actually be transformed into valuable storage solutions.

Enter the versatile corner sinks and shower caddies. A corner sink, for instance, can be a game-changer in a small bathroom. It's not just about the space it saves, but also its ability to create a fluid, unobstructed flow. With its compact design, it can fit snugly into a corner yet still fulfill its functional requirements. What's more, you'll have more room for other essentials.

Then there are shower caddies. These handy contraptions are designed to maximize vertical space. By hanging them in the corners of your shower, you can keep your toiletries organized, within reach, and off the floor or ledges. This not only saves space but also prevents clutter.

In short, exploiting corner spaces with the right fixtures can make your small bathroom seem bigger and more organized. It's all about looking at every nook and cranny with a creative eye. Here's to making the most out of every inch!

Use Floating Shelves

Beyond the corners, another smart way to optimize your small bathroom's structure is by installing floating shelves. These space-savers are versatile, easy to install, and can dramatically change the look and functionality of your bathroom. But the real magic lies in your shelf material selection and the shelf design impact.

  1. Shelf Material Selection: Here's where you can get creative. You can choose from a variety of materials like wood, glass, or metal. Each material lends a different aesthetic to your bathroom. Maybe you're going for a rustic vibe, then a reclaimed wood shelf would be perfect. Or perhaps you want a sleek, modern look, then a glass or metal shelf is the way to go.
  2. Shelf Design Impact: Floating shelves are not only practical, they're also a design statement. They provide a seamless, uncluttered look that can make your small bathroom appear larger. Plus, they're a great way to display your favorite items or store necessities.
  3. Space Optimization: With no brackets or supports in sight, floating shelves free up floor space while providing ample storage. It's a win-win!

Harness the Power of Suction Cup Accessories

Harnessing the power of suction cups, you can enhance your bathroom's storage capacity without drilling a single hole. These handy tools stick to any smooth, non-porous surface, turning your bathroom wall into a vast storage space.

Consider the suction shelf benefits. You can easily place these shelves in your shower or above your sink, providing a convenient spot for your soaps, shampoos, and other personal care products. 

They're sturdy, reliable, and easy to install or reposition as your needs change. And the best part? They leave no marks or damage, making them perfect for renters or those who frequently redecorate.

Next, let's talk about suction hooks usage. These versatile additions are perfect for hanging towels, robes, or hair tools. You'd be surprised how much clutter you can clear with a few strategically placed hooks. Plus, their streamlined design blends seamlessly with your bathroom aesthetic, adding function without sacrificing style.

Opt for Minimalist Decor

While you're clearing the clutter with suction tools, it's also worth considering the transformative power of minimalist decor in your small bathroom. This design style prioritizes functionality and simplicity, making it perfect for small spaces. 

It's about more than just decluttering; it's about creating a tranquil, spacious environment using minimalist color schemes and thought-out design elements.

  1. Minimalist Color Schemes: Opt for a monochromatic or dichromatic color scheme. Light, neutral colors like white, beige, or gray can give an illusion of space.
  2. Quality over Quantity: Choose a few high-quality, functional pieces over a multitude of smaller accessories. This decluttering strategy limits the number of items, freeing up space, and creating a clean, streamlined look.
  3. Smart Use of Mirrors and Lighting: An oversized mirror or strategic lighting can create depth, making your bathroom appear larger than it is.

Add Under-Sink Storage Solutions

Image Source: Canva

Continuing with the theme of maximizing space, let's explore the often overlooked potential of under-sink storage in your bathroom. Pedestal sink alternatives such as vanity sinks allow for the clever use of this commonly wasted space. 

Besides being a stylish addition, they offer ample room for storing toiletries, cleaning supplies or even spare towels.

You're not limited to vanity sinks though. If you're stuck with a pedestal sink, don't despair! There are specially designed storage units that fit snugly around the pedestal, providing extra space while maintaining a neat and tidy look.

Now, let's not forget about lighting, an often-neglected aspect of under-sink storage. Under sink lighting can transform the dark depths into a well-lit, easy-to-navigate area. Not only does it help you find items quickly, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Select Over-the-Door Hangers

Don't overlook the potential of over-the-door hangers, a simple yet effective space-saving solution for your small bathroom. 

Not only do they offer extra storage space, but they also enhance your door aesthetics. These hangers come in various designs that can complement any bathroom decor, providing a blend of functionality and style.

Consider the hanger's durability when selecting an over-the-door hanger. You need a sturdy piece that can withstand the weight of your towels, robes, or toiletries without buckling. 

The last thing you want is your hanger giving way at the most inconvenient time, causing a mess in your already compact bathroom.

Here are three key benefits of using over-the-door hangers in your small bathroom:

  1. They instantly increase your storage capacity, enabling you to utilize vertical space that wouldn't typically be used.
  2. They help maintain an organized, clutter-free bathroom. Everything has its place, making your bathroom appear larger and more inviting.
  3. They contribute to door aesthetics by adding an element of design and elegance, giving your door a dual function — a place to hang items and a decorative feature.

Choose Wall-Mounted Toilets

If you're looking to maximize your bathroom space, installing a wall-mounted toilet can be a game-changer. This recent trend in toilet design is not just about aesthetics, it's also a practical solution for those tight on room. 

With the tank concealed within the wall, you'll be surprised at how much space you'll gain, making your bathroom appear larger and less cluttered.

But it's not just about saving space, wall-mounted toilets are riding the wave of toilet design trends for other reasons. These modern fixtures are easy to clean, with their elevated design allowing you to sweep or mop underneath. No more struggling to reach those hard-to-clean areas around the base of a traditional toilet.

What's more, wall-mounted toilets can have an impressive environmental impact. They often feature dual-flush technology, allowing you to control how much water you use. This can lead to significant water savings, which is not only good for your wallet, but also for the planet.

In short, a wall-mounted toilet could be an excellent addition to your small bathroom, adding a touch of modernity, increasing ease of cleaning, and contributing to environmental conservation.


Don't let a small bathroom cramp your style! Maximize vertical spaces, consider multipurpose fixtures, and organize cabinets cleverly. Utilize mirrors for a spacious illusion and optimize towel storage. 

Keep decor minimalist, explore under-sink storage, and harness over-door hangers. Wall-mounted toilets could be a game changer too. With these space-saving tips, your bathroom will feel bigger and function better, making the most of every square inch. 

Now, go conquer that small bathroom with confidence!

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