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Best Spots to Park Your Tiny Home in Michigan

Updated on:
January 3, 2024
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Tiny living in Michigan is a unique lifestyle choice that focuses on simplicity, freedom, and cost efficiency. Its growing popularity is intrinsically linked to Michigan's beautiful landscapes and outdoor adventure opportunities. Small homes allow residents to immerse themselves in Michigan’s stunning natural beauty while promoting a minimalistic, affordable way of life.

Michigan Tiny House Laws and Regulations

Navigating the regulatory landscape of tiny houses in Michigan requires a thorough understanding of local laws, as they can vary by township. In general, small homes on foundations are permitted throughout the state if they comply with local building codes. 

Meanwhile, for compact houses on wheels, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Vehicle Code and may also be subject to local zoning laws. It's essential for individuals planning a tiny house venture to carefully research and comprehend the specific regulations at both the state and local levels to ensure compliance and a successful realization of their small house dream.

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Best Tiny Home Locations in Michigan

Traverse City

Traverse City, celebrated for its unspoiled natural beauty, offers an optimal setting for parking your small home amid stunning landscapes and a lively cultural atmosphere. The city is surrounded by breathtaking lakes and lush forests, providing an ideal location for nature enthusiasts. Additionally, Traverse City hosts vibrant local festivals, farmers' markets, and a community deeply rooted in the arts.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor not only provides excellent locations for compact home living but also serves as a collegiate hub. The presence of the University of Michigan brings intellectual and cultural benefits, such as lectures, performances, and diverse dining options, enhancing the overall living experience.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, known for its dynamic arts scene, offers compact home residents a lively urban environment with a focus on cultural activities. From art galleries to live performances, residents can engage in a community that values and fosters creativity.


Holland, with its scenic lake views and Dutch heritage, presents an enchanting backdrop for small houses dwellers. The coastal setting by Lake Michigan and the cultural influence of the Dutch contribute to a unique and appealing living experience.


Marquette, a haven for nature enthusiasts, provides a tranquil setting by Lake Superior. Residents can partake in outdoor activities throughout the year, such as hiking and skiing, complemented by the serene beauty of the lake.

Tiny Home Parking in Michigan

Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort

The Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort in Traverse City offers secure small home parking in Michigan. The resort’s gated access guarantees a safe experience for compact home dwellers.

Elk Country RV Resort

Elk Country RV Resort in Atlanta provides affordable options for small home owners. Its reasonable year round rates make it an attractive option for those conscious of their budget.

Holiday Park Campground

Western Michigan presents numerous RV parks fit for small houses, such as Holiday Park Campground in Traverse City, which offers spacious lots and a welcoming environment.

Insta Launch Campground and Marina

Insta Launch Campground and Marina in Manistee offers both small house and RV parking, creating an exciting, diverse community.

Camp Turkeyville RV Resort

For those with road ready, Camp Turkeyville RV Resort in Marshall is a fantastic stop off point. With its easy freeway access, nomadic tiny homes living in Michigan are a breeze.

tiny house in the snow
Photo by Hama Haki on Unsplash

Special Themed Compact Home Locations in Michigan

Wee Casa Tiny House Resort

For those longing to live by the water, Wee Casa Tiny House Resort located on Lake Superior beach offers an incredible lakeside small house experience.

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

Retreat to the serenity of the Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping in Mackinaw City. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it's one of the most calming and peaceful tiny house spots in Michigan.

River Ridge Resort

Located in the Huron National Forest, River Ridge Resort offers secluded compact home locations in Michigan. It's a paradise for those seeking privacy and peace amidst spectacular natural surroundings.

Indigo Bluffs RV Park and Resort

For those ready to face Michigan’s icy winter, Indigo Bluffs RV Park and Resort in Empire offers winterized small home spots to keep you comfortable during the cold months.

Hiawatha National Forest

If disconnecting from the world to decompress is what you desire, the small home spots in 

Hiawatha National Forest provides the perfect off grid parking in Michigan.

Cottonwood Springs Farm

For farming enthusiasts, there are homesteading spots in Michigan, such as Cottonwood Springs Farm, that cater to those who dream of a farm style living in their compact home.

Adventurous Outlife with Tiny Home Campgrounds Michigan

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Small home owners can also park their homes in some Michigan state parks, such as Tahquamenon Falls State Park, for a unique, nature centric living experience.

Sanctuary of Manitou Island

Compact home sites like the Sanctuary of Manitou Island offer an earthly paradise with spectacular views of Lake Michigan and a beautiful mix of forest and beach landscapes.


Residing in a small house in Michigan provides a blend of freedom, adventure, tranquility, and a sense of community, all set against the natural beauty of the state. Explore the diverse opportunities that come with tiny living in Michigan, whether it's navigating urban life, enjoying the peace of rural lakeside living, embracing the simplicity of farm-style existence, or seeking solitude in the wilderness. Tiny homeowners in Michigan have the flexibility to craft their desired lifestyle, choosing from a variety of environments and communities that contribute to a fulfilling experience of tiny living.

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