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Big Tiny House: Is Bigger Always Better?

Updated on:
August 18, 2023
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Tiny houses are compact dwellings that are meant to improve your living space to prioritize efficient use of space. Downsizing can positively impact your lifestyle because it helps one organize material possessions while simultaneously achieving financial freedom. It is a big help to create your budget to build your tiny house to reduce overall costs that come with owning a new home. In addition to this, it stimulates one’s creativity since planning and designing a tiny house needs optimization of the spaces while ensuring its functionality. Embracing a more minimalist and organized small space is a good way to go for a deeper understanding of sustainability and efficient use of space.

In owning a tiny home, the minimum size requirements are usually the key to having a lower expense. However, to maximize the space that you have, building a bigger tiny house is the perfect way to have better experience and comfort. To start your journey in building a bigger tiny house, this guide will show you how you can expand your space and the positive impact of a big tiny house.

Benefits of a Bigger Tiny House

It’s important to remember that living in a tiny house is not an issue but if you’d like to improve and maximize the space for your tiny house, you should consider expanding your tiny house. Here are some effects of choosing a bigger tiny house:


When you expand your tiny house, it becomes more comfortable to live in since there is more room to roam and to lounge. Comfort comes when there is more space for several amenities, furniture, fixtures, decorations, and even your daily activities. When it’s easier to move around, your living environment becomes more enjoyable, pleasant, and cozy. 


One of the many reasons why the tiny house movement is on the rise is because of its multi-functionality. Having a bigger tiny house is coupled with a bigger space that can accommodate more of your needs. With the increase in space, you can have workspaces, storage options, larger bathrooms, and even other multi-functional areas.

More Storage

The increase in space when creating a larger tiny house means that there are better storage options for you to keep your living area clutter-free. Since there is more room, you can get creative and have more efficient storage solutions.

More Space for Guests

Hosting gatherings or get-togethers can be more comfortable when you expand your living space. You can have a sleeping area or a guest room to provide a more welcoming experience for your visitors.

tiny house dock
Photo by Skylar Kang

More Space for Activities

Since some activities require more space, you can use the extra space for your other hobbies like woodworking, exercising, or other outdoor activities. The increased area for your hobbies and activities will give you more time to unwind and release some pent-up energy.


Since your space has become larger, it will allow you to become more efficient in using your space and resources. In different areas of your home, you can add different eco-friendly features without compromising your comfort to lessen your carbon footprint. You are both helping the environment and improving your home.


In terms of flexibility, when you have a larger space, you can have more choices in the layout and design of your home. The additional storage and other customized features can help you incorporate multi-functional spaces for your tiny house.

Reduced Feelings of Constraint

At times, feelings of confinement or even claustrophobia can happen when one stays in a prolonged period of time in a tiny house, especially if you are not used to living in tiny houses. To combat this, you can create a bigger tiny house that can contribute to a more positive feeling and an enjoyable vibe in your lifestyle.

Long-Term Living

Over time, there are other factors that result in a change in needs over time. To ensure that your tiny house satisfies you and makes you feel content, a larger tiny house is the solution for you. As your needs evolve, you will have more space to impose those changes that you would want in the future. 

Resale Value

If at one point you decide that you want to sell your house, a larger tiny house will have more appeal on the market compared to a tiny house. Since there is more space and function that comes with a bigger tiny house, it will potentially lead to a higher resale value.

Expanding your Tiny House

If you’re wondering how you can expand or create a bigger tiny house to maximize the space that you have, this guide will give you a great insight. Here are some ideas that you can do to have a bigger tiny house suitable for your needs.

Porch or Deck

To extend your living space in your outdoor area, you can add an attachment such as a deck or porch to enjoy fresh air and more outdoor activities. Once you’ve set up your deck, you can now install your furniture, ornaments, and fixtures to decorate your outdoor space. With a porch or a deck in your tiny home, you can even have a firepit when you lounge outside.

tiny house deck
Photo by Marianne

Outdoor Kitchen

Since the outdoors is a great area for cooking with natural ventilation, an attachable outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to your home. Cooking outside and spending time outdoors would increase your social engagement when you can have cookouts and other gatherings. An outdoor kitchen can have countertops, grills, storage, and you can even add some seats.

Canopy or Awning

A canopy or awning will allow you to use your outdoor space hassle free because it can serve as a shade and protection from different weather conditions. Having this as an addition to your tiny home makes your tiny home more functional and spacious.

Greenhouse or Garden

Having flowers and other types of plants is very pleasing to the eye and helps your home become more sustainable. If you are interested in having your own space for growing plants, crops, herbs, or even flowers, attaching a greenhouse or a garden extension is a must for you. 

Fold-Out Dining Area

If you enjoy eating outdoors or want a space for having a picnic in your tiny house, a fold-out dining area is a good thing to add to your home. The al fresco dining provides a more outdoorsy type of dining, and it can also accommodate your visitors when you host a gathering.

Pet Enclosure

In U.S. households 86.9 million homes own a pet which makes it important to have a pet enclosure especially if you are a pet owner. An attachable pet enclosure will give a safe and large space for your furry friends, and they can play outdoors without you worrying for their safety.

Hammock Attachment

To maximize your outdoor space, creating or adding a hanging lounge area can create a more unique and relaxing outdoor space that you can enjoy. This can be an area for both relaxation and can also work as a mini workspace.


A Bigger Tiny Home

In conclusion, the overall living experience of expanding your tiny house is better and has a more positive impact in your life. Although you need to plan and think it over, opting for a larger tiny house is the best approach to achieve long-term sustainability and comfort.

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