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Can You Really Make a Tuff Shed Tiny House?

Shed converted to Tiny House

Can You Really Make a Tuff Shed Tiny House?

Have you always wanted to live tiny but were afraid that smaller wasn't necessarily better? Tiny homes come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose to build your small dwelling out of an already made structure, such as a trailer, or you can have it custom built to your specifications.

However, did you know you can make your home out of a Tuff Shed tiny house?

Moving into a tiny home is a great way to downsize your life and possessions while living more minimalist. You can free yourself from the hefty debt purchasing a larger home will get you and be able to easily do the things you enjoy in life.

Tuff Shed, one of the leading companies in storage buildings and garages, has a shed that can be customized and built for the fraction of the cost of a normal home. Read on to learn more about how to turn their product into the Tuff Shed tiny house of your dreams.

Making a Tuff Shed Tiny House

Who knew that a shed bought at Home Depot could be repurposed into a cozy home. Tiny houses have gained popularity over the past several years with more people wanting fewer material possessions and less debt. If you can have a cute house on wheels, why wouldn't you?

Tuff Shed makes several models that will work for your miniature needs, but the Sundance TR-1600 model is one of the most popular. Starting at a base price of just $13,000, these sheds can be fully customized to your every specification.

This Tuff Shed home can have not just one, but two stories! A front porch can be added on so you can curl up with a cup of tea on a chilly morning or entertain guests outside. You can also add on window shutters and boxes to plant colorful flowers in the spring.

Afraid you'll be stuck with the usual grey or tan that you normally see with a shed? Fear not! Tuff Shed comes in over 30 colors to choose from, such as Tundra Frost, Ground Coffee, or Pumpkin Patch. You can select roofing from several options for material and color as well. Every shed comes with its own warranty to protect from wind and rain, ensuring you're in safe hands.

How to Master a Minimalistic Layout

Now that you've decided to make your tiny home out of a shed, it's time to figure out how you want your floorplan to flow. Your Tuff Shed house is custom built to your specifications, inside and out. Choose how you want your layout to be: open concept living and dining space on the main floor with a bathroom and bedroom upstairs? It's all up to you.

Once you've got the layout sorted, let's figure out how to squeeze all the stuff you have in your current home into 800 square feet. Didn't ever think you would live your life as a minimalist? Unfortunately, if you want to live in a tiny home, you're going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Choose what belongings are most important to you and have that be your guideline when beginning to purge. A lot of what you have may just simply be trash and are things that aren't useable anymore, so weed those out first. Focus on the areas that scare you the most and get those taken care of. You'll get a boost of confidence from tackling the difficult parts of your house.

Time to Make It Pretty

Once you've got the nuts and bolts figured out, it's time to move on to the fun part - decorating. That's not just limited to wall paint color and flooring. Figuring out how to make your home function efficiently while also having it be your own style is a balance. Items in your home will need to serve dual purposes, like a living room that can be turned into a guest sleeping area with a pullout couch.

Use lighting and mirrors as a way to make your small space appear bigger. Large mirrors will reflect the light around the room, maximizing your space. And better yet, you can use them to see how fabulous you look in your tiny home.

Use a statement piece like a rug or bold lighting fixture to tie the room together. Everything in your home should provide a specific function as you don't want to waste space, but that doesn't mean it can't be gorgeous and visually appealing. Having a lot of little items scattered around your living space may totally be your style, but it can tend to make your tiny house look cluttered.

Selecting a color palette with light or neutral colors for your walls and floors will help the space appear brighter. Having your statement piece be bolder in color will draw your eye across the room, making it look bigger. There are limitless options when designing your Tuff Shed tiny home, so what are you waiting for?

Let's Make Your Little Dreams Happen

While the thought of making a tiny home out of a shed might seem unconventional, choosing a Tuff Shed may be the right fit for you. Not only do you have a ton of stylistic options to choose from, but your custom home can be had for the fraction of the cost of a traditional home. You will be free to live your life as you please without the weight of debt holding you back.

If you're looking to make the jump into a Tuff Shed tiny house, you don't have to do it alone. Many companies can assist you in the process of figuring out what steps to take in your tiny (but big) journey. Contact us today and we can get you ready to make the first step in preparing for your tiny home.

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