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Can you use electric radiant floor heat in a tiny house?

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny House In snow and cold weather climate

Heating Your Tiny Home with Electric Radiant Floor Heat

When it comes to insulating and heating a tiny house in cold climates there is a lot of good resources out there but also a lot misinformation floating around. From best practices to insulate to which heating sources are efficient let alone workable in a tiny house.

Today, along with our friends at Gold Heat, we're going to bust a common myth around electric radiant floor heat and if it can be used in a tiny house.

The Myth: Tiny Homes can't be heated with electric radiant heat floor because it draws too much power.

Well, we'll just come right out and say it. This statement is false.

With the proper system, you can absolutely heat a tiny house year round, in cold climates, with an electric radiant heat floor system. In fact, in some cases, it can be much more efficient then alternatives like electric wall heaters and Mini-splits HVAC systems.

Because electric radiant heat floor systems utilize radiant heat rather than forced hot air, they keep your tiny home more evening heated, waste less energy ,and are healthier for you.

Although Gold Heats radiant floor systems take 15 watt per square foot it is much more efficient and a typical 200 square foot tiny house only requires about 80-100 sqft of their radiant floor heat systems. This is a huge head start in efficiency when compared to many other radiant floor heat systems.

Gold Heat Electric Radiant Heat Floor Layout

As you can see, the radiant floor heat is only in about half of the tiny home but because it heats up the floor and surfaces around it, it can efficiently heat the whole house evenly. Much more is explained by Gold Heat, the experts in electric radiant heat systems for mobile structures.

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