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Choosing freedom with 21 days in the middle of the ocean?!

Updated on:
February 4, 2021

This past week we've been pondering why so many people are drawn to a more simple and minimalist lifestyle.

Some people just can't quite grasp why someone would downsize into a small home, cabin, movable tiny house, or the like.

But for those that have experienced it, it's hard to imagine going back to large homes.

All that wasted space you have to take care of, massive monthly mortgage payments, and closets on closets on closets of stuuuuufff just ain't worth it!

But the real benefits are beyond the physical.

Our real first experience with a minimalist lifestyle was when we set sail on a 46ft sailboat in 2011. We spent 9 months sailing from San Diego, CA to Brisbane, Australia (yes, we tried to ride a wild kangaroo - duh).

To say it was a life changing experience is a vast understatement. The freedom to go wherever we wanted in the South Pacific with just the natural power of the wind was incredible. Straight up paradise!

We made this lil vid as proof if you don't believe me. Or check out this photo of us walking our dingy into the blue hole in the Tuamotu Islands 🏝

Nice right? But it certainly came with its challenges.

Physically, we were confined to that sailboat for periods of 21 days straight when we crossed from Mexico to the Marquesas islands.

Yes, packing 6 people, and 21 days of food, water, and all necessities into a 46ft sail boat is a challenge.

And yes, not seeing land and constantly moving up and down and side to side for 21 days in a little sail boat that's 1500+ miles away from any piece of earth is bonkers!

Spiritually, mentally and emotionally we were challenged.

By isolation and lack of connection to friends and family at home.

And by the fury of storms which humbled and challenged us spiritually, physically, and mentally in completely different ways ways.

Check out this photo of me below manning the helm in the middle of a freaking cyclone.

Perspective came quickly in those moments of helplessness when you feel the vast power of the ocean and wind.

And I hate to say it but giving up the modern day conveniences we've all grown so accustom was not easy.

No wifi or cell service. No restaurants. No wash and dryer. No fridge. No A/C. Little privacy and few belongings. And at times, a lot of uncomfiness.

For a second, I was just wondering why I went down this sail boat rabbit hole and what it has to do with why I started writing this email. But then alas it came to me. Okay.

It was all worth it.

Giving up some of the comforts, conveniences, luxuries, and the plethora of stuff was all worth it in exchange for the freedom we gained.

Freedom from stuff. Freedom from social media. Freedom from busyness. Freedom from the pressures of society.

We gained time to think and ponder life. We gained the ability to enjoy spending time with who we wanted, where we wanted - AKA with our family on a sailboat the south seas.

Moral of the story?

Choosing to live a more simple life can bring a freedom that is worth the sacrifice to get it.

This can look so different for everyone.

It can be as simple as deleting instagram or facebook off your phone.

Or selling/giving away that pair of jeans or 17th pair of shoes you haven't took out of the closet in 6 months.

It may be downsizing to a smaller home and reducing your costs of living so you can save and/or take your family on a yearly trip to refresh and gain new perspectives.

Whatever it may be for you, I challenge you to do something that brings you freedom.

Say no to something.

Delete an app.

Get rid of something you like but don't need.

Downsize. Your home or maybe your schedule.

Will it be hard or even a little painful? Probably. In fact, if it isn't it's probably not a big enough sacrifice.

Will it be worth it?

It always has been for me. Because on the other side of that little bit of pain is freedom and JOY.

Alright, I'm gonna wrap up the evening eating a smoothie bowl topped off with my wife's home made granola. SO good! 💥

Oh, and do me a favor, if you take on the challenge shoot me a message and tell me about it. I want to share in your freedom!


PS. if you want to learn more about everything I've just talked about and/or connect with a community all working hard to achieve that freedom then you definitely need to join us at our online conference. It's like 4 weeks away - you won't regret it.

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