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Decorating Your Tiny House: Key Things to Consider

Updated on:
June 13, 2023
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While tiny living may seem daunting due to the limited square footage, it is by no means a barrier to style, creativity, and comfort. The key lies in making the most out of every square inch while preserving the charm and functionality of your compact abode. Read on to uncover essential factors that you need to consider while tailoring your small space to your lifestyle and aesthetics, from multipurpose furniture to strategic color choices, and beyond. 

Embrace Minimalism

Since the essence of tiny house living lies in minimalism, it can be helpful to begin by embracing this movement. This means that you may benefit from prioritizing functionality and simplicity in your décor choices. Consider getting multipurpose furniture, that offers storage solutions, such as a sofa bed or a coffee table with a few extra compartments. You should also aim to reduce clutter in your home by keeping only the essential items and avoiding unnecessary decorations and accessories. As a result, minimalism can help you create a clean and uncluttered aesthetic while optimizing the functionality of your tiny house.

A great way for you to embrace minimalism is to utilize vertical spaces. In a tiny home, it is absolutely crucial for you to use every square inch that is available to you. Vertical spaces will mean using your walls to decorate and store bits. Vertical storage, when utilized in the right way, can free up floor space, and can also look good at the same time! This can still be done in a minimalist way and may be just about you using plants to decorate the wall without taking up too much of that space (think ivy!). You can also replace your desk with a wall-mounted desk, or you could have fold-down tables that go against the wall.

Choose Light Colours

If you want to create an open and airy atmosphere, it can be a good idea to choose a light color palette. There are lots of great options to consider, including white, cream, and pastels, which reflect natural light, making the space feel and look bigger. You may want to seek professional advice from painters and decorators near you to help you navigate all the choices available. MyBuilder is a handy tool to use, whenever you are looking for local painters and decorators for specific jobs. Their simple matchmaking system allows you to connect with tradespeople with specific experiences and get things done faster.

On the topic of light colors, you should also think about your actual lighting! Lighting is a crucial element in any space, but in a tiny home, it can make all the difference. There are so many different types of lighting you can utilize, from the physical types of lights to the vibe they give off. Lighting can also affect mood and change the perception of a space. You can opt for different color LED bulbs, or find light fixtures that match the aesthetic of the rest of your designs.

Add Personality And Warmth

While it’s advisable to keep décor to a minimum, you should still add a few carefully selected pieces, that can help you create warmth and express your personality. Look for décor items that align with your style and try to make a statement without overwhelming the space. For example, you can hang artwork or photographs that evoke positive emotions and display a few meaningful items around the house, such as travel souvenirs or gifts from your loved ones. However, it’s still important to strike a balance between personalization and maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Opt For Flexible Furniture Arrangements

The way you arrange your furniture can make a difference in how your tiny house feels and looks. Flexibility is key in this case, so you should get lightweight and movable pieces of furniture, that can be re-arranged to serve different purposes. For instance, you can get furniture with wheels, which will enable you to reconfigure the layout based on your changing needs and circumstances. Additionally, this will make it easier to refresh your space down the line and add variety. This adaptability will ensure that your house remains versatile and functional for a variety of activities and tasks.

Incorporate Natural Elements

It’s also important to create a sense of tranquillity and connection with the outdoors, so you may want to incorporate a few natural elements. For example, you can use sustainable and eco-friendly materials for furniture and finishes, such as reclaimed wood or bamboo. It can be a good idea to introduce plants and greenery into different areas of your tiny home. This will add light and freshness to your space, so be sure to explore various low-maintenance houseplants and see where you can place them in your home. Moreover, natural textures can contribute to an earthy and cozy ambiance, such as area rugs or woven baskets.

Although you may find it challenging to create separate zones and rooms in a tiny house, there are some solutions to explore, that will help you maximize every inch of your home. You can use clever room dividers to define different areas while maintaining an open feel. For instance, try introducing folding screens, sliding doors, or curtains, which can be effective in sectioning off spaces when needed. Room dividers can also provide privacy without sacrificing the openness and flow of your tiny house.

Create An Outdoor Living Area

Don’t forget to utilize the outdoor space surrounding your tiny house. It can be beneficial to create an outdoor living area, such as a deck or small patio, that will help extend your living space. There are lots of great ways to decorate your outdoor living space, such as by getting outdoor furniture, potted plants, and outdoor lighting. This will help you turn your outdoor area into an inviting oasis, that you can enjoy all year round with your friends and family. This extension can provide additional space for relaxation and entertainment so that you can enjoy your natural surroundings.

As well as having an outdoor living area, you can look into outdoor storage solutions. If you have a tiny house, it is quite likely that you have a tiny garden, too. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed, but it is certainly the case for most tiny homes! This means you should make the most out of the available space that you have in the garden, and find storage options that work for your garden. If done right, then not only should this save space within your home, but it should also take up minimal space in the garden! Don’t forget, you can make use of external storage units to store bits that don’t need to be in your property for now.

Tailor Your Tiny House To Your Preferences

Lastly, make sure you tailor your tiny house to your preferences and personality so that you always feel at your best. For example, you can incorporate elements that reflect your lifestyle and hobbies. If you are an avid reader, ensure that you have a cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair and bookshelves somewhere in your house. Also, if you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests, it can be a good idea to prioritize a functional and well-equipped kitchen. This way, you will not only enjoy your space a lot more, but you can make it feel uniquely yours.

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