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Design Tips for Small Living Rooms

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny Living from with a big window and a sofa with a kitty cat

Space is a premium in any home, but never more so than in smaller homes. As housing prices rise while average square footage falls, more and more of us are having to make do with living spaces that may be smaller than expected or desired.

The issue is more commonly seen in major cities and metropolitan areas, where people have relinquished the comforts of suburban or country living to take advantage of greater professional and social opportunities. How can you ensure that, despite its modest size, your living room is comfortable, stylish, and practical? Read on to find out.

Tiny house on wheels living room with white walls and natural wood accents and a sofa
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The Importance of Furniture

Furniture is arguably the most important feature in any room, with the living room being no exception. It serves as a place for us to unwind, relax, and socialize when friends or family are visiting.

In a small living room, picking the right type of furniture is critical, as your choice can truly make or break the balance and overall appeal of the space. Check out a living room furniture sale to see what’s on offer. Think about how each piece would fit into your room, and be sure to make accurate measurements before considering any purchases. The last thing you want is a sofa that won’t get through your front door.

Natural Light

Natural light is a fantastic and cheap way to add life and vitality to a space. It can create a sense of depth, and warmth, and has proven health benefits for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Keep your windows uncovered to encourage natural light to enter your living room, while reflective surfaces like mirrors can help maximize the light in your space. Light colors will reflect light and make your room much brighter and more spacious. Speaking of color…

Think about Color

Color can be used and manipulated to play with the sense of space and depth in your living room. It is a careful balancing act but, if done correctly, can really take the interior design of your living room to the next level.

Using light, neutral, or even two-tone colors can open up a room, creating depth and giving the illusion of greater space. Avoid solid, dark color schemes, as these can dominate a room and make it appear enclosed and imposing. What’s more, light-colored walls will help reflect the natural light that you’ve got coming in from your uncovered windows, so keep this in mind when planning the color scheme for your living room.

Think about how the color will compliment and interact with items already in the space, like furniture, for example. These considerations should be taken into account before moving forward with a design decision.


As smaller homes become the norm for many of us, it is important that we work to ensure we’re living in the most comfortable surroundings we can. Interior design doesn’t need to be complicated or even expensive. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your living room is a welcoming and relaxing space. 

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