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Do Boxabl Homes Come Furnished?

Updated on:
April 25, 2024
Furnished Boxabl Homes

The Boxabl tiny home comes with many essential amenities and appliances. But it is not a fully furnished tiny house.

Want a switch to tiny living without sacrificing quality living? Your answer may be a tiny house from Boxabl Homes.

Boxabl Homes is a company with a mission to solve the world’s housing issues by lowering the cost of homeownership for everyone. 

The company uses advanced robotics to mass-produce luxurious modular homes in just a matter of hours and at significantly lower costs.

What is the Boxabl Homes model making waves in the tiny house industry? What amenities do Boxabl Homes come with? How long does it take to assemble a Boxabl house?

This article will answer these questions and more. Read on to discover how you can join the tiny house movement while maintaining a luxurious living.

What is Boxabl Casita?

 Revolutionary Boxabl Casita
View this revolutionary Boxabl Casita

The Boxabl Casita is a 361 square feet rectangular accessory dwelling unit delivered to you in a box and assembled on your property in an hour. 

When assembled, the Boxabl Casita is a 20 x 20 feet rectangular tiny house similar in size with a converted double-car garage. 

The box house has a living space, a bedroom section, a bathroom, and a full-size kitchen.

While the Casita’s square footage makes it a tiny house, it is not your typical tiny house. This is because it has 9.5-foot ceilings and six 8-foot windows. 

So, the Casita is the perfect luxury studio apartment.

Boxabl Casita

The Casita is prefabricated in Boxabl’s mega factory in Las Vegas. They are designed to the highest quality, strength, and sustainability standards.

It is made of building materials that don’t degrade, such as steel, concrete, and EPS foam. The walls, floors, and roofs are structurally laminated panels.

Thus, the Boxabl Casita is stronger than the average traditional site-built home and will last a lifetime.

The interior and exterior of the Boxabl Casita are clad with non-combustible materials. Therefore, flying embers that spread forest fires won’t ignite your tiny home. 

The tiny homes are wind resistant. They are rated for hurricane-speed winds, meaning they can handle even the worst wind conditions.  

Also, the Boxabl Casita is extremely energy efficient due to its construction styles and materials. They include:

  • High R-value insulation: The insulation materials have rigid foam panels with the highest R-value per inch. This makes the tiny home very good at retaining heat.
  • Tight building envelope: This minimizes air leaks. Restricting the movement of air reduces the passage of heat, making the Casita energy efficient.
  • Limited thermal bridging: Casita’s limited thermal bridging ensures that not many parts of the building have significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials. Thus, there are reduced occurrences of heat from the interior space flowing through a part of the building to the exterior air.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting: It is fitted with energy-saving LED lighting. Besides the insulation technology, the included LED lighting saves you lots of money as they are energy efficient.

The Casita comes with a flat roof system. However, if your area requires a pitched roof, Boxabl will provide your installers with roofing plans to add the roof on-site.

While the 20x20 foot Casita is Boxabl’s current shining star, the company plans new room modules. Boxabl’s modules stack and connect to build any style of home.

However, Boxabl tiny homes are not manufactured homes or mobile homes. They are built to modular homes standards, which have higher code standards than manufactured homes. 

Boxabl is in the process of obtaining state modular approval for the homes. Modular approval means the plans would be pre-approved at the state level, reducing local inspections. 

Is the Boxabl house offered fully furnished?

The Boxabl house is not exactly fully furnished. However, it comes standard with a lot of appliances.

A fully furnished house is equipped with all the items required for daily living(from sofas and TV in the living room to a bed and dresser in the bedroom and kitchen appliances, including utensils and glassware).

You can move in with a suitcase carrying your belongings and start living comfortably. However, while Boxabl homes have most of the things you need for day-to-day living, they do not include everything.

For example, a Boxabl home has a full-size kitchen with cabinets and a ton of appliances. But you’ll still need utensils and glassware.

Also, Boxabl homes have electricals, lighting fixtures, heating, and air conditioning. But you need a sofa and TV for the living area, a bed for the bedroom section, etc.

Does the Boxabl house come with appliances?

semi-furnished boxabl homes

Boxabl homes come with a lot of appliances, making them semi-furnished homes.

The kitchen of a Boxabl home has appliances like a fridge, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. The living space has a washer/ dryer and heating/ air conditioning.

What is the cost of a Boxabl tiny house?

The Boxabl house is around $60,000, making it an affordable option for homeowners.

Boxabl ships the box homes all over the U.S. and anywhere in the world. A rough budget for its shipping is $3 - $10 per mile from its Las Vegas factory. 

If you pay the shipping charges, Boxabl can ship you the luxury tiny home wherever you are.

Is the Boxabl house turnkey ready?

The Boxabl house comes with a significant level of completion from the factory. But it is not a turnkey property because it is not a move-in ready home.

Turnkey houses are generally move-in ready without additional costs. That is, they do not require any major repairs or improvement before they are livable. After buying the house, all you need to do is turn the key and move in. 

Turnkey houses have all the basic essentials for occupation. These include doors and windows, floor coverings, heating/ air conditioning, light fittings, and basic landscaping. 

They also need essential utility connections, including power, water, and sewage.

 However, while Boxabl homes have most of these essentials, they still need utilities and other finishes.

Boxabl homes feature huge doors and windows, wide plank composite flooring, heating & air conditioning, and light fittings. 

The kitchen has cabinets and a sink. The bathroom has a deep shower/ tub, vessel sink, large counter, backlit mirror, and a sliding glass barn door.

After buying a Boxabl home, you need to set it on a foundation, add a roofing system, and connect it to utilities. 

Even though electric, plumbing, and HVAC come pre-installed in the Boxabl home, you need to connect them to local utilities.

Thankfully, utilities simply plug in on-site using the connectors on the exterior corner of the Boxabl. 

Also, you can set up utilities however you want. For example, if you don’t want to connect to regular utilities, you may use solar panels, a water tank, or a septic tank. 

Connection to either type of utility happens the same way.

How long does it take to assemble a Boxabl house?

The Boxabl house is fast and easy to set up. It takes only an hour to unpack. 

The Boxabl house is delivered to you in a semi-truck, and a crane is used to put it in place. Each side of the tiny home unfolds like a card box until the box-like unit is in place.

Boxabl is a building system that only sells room modules. Therefore, the installation of the tiny homes is not part of Boxabl’s service.

However, the company will connect you with a Boxabl-certified and state-licensed installer to help you assemble your home.

Takeaway: Boxabl is an affordable tiny house option designed for your immediate use

Boxabl is a leading manufacturer of prefab houses. It mass-produces housing modules in a factory akin to car factories. 

Their signature product is the Casita.  It is a semi-furnished tiny home that comes standard with appliances like a fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and washer/ dryer.

The Casita is a 361-square-foot tiny home delivered to you in a box and set up in an hour. It is stronger than the average building and costs about $60,000.

It is made from steel, concrete, and EPS foam, and its walls, floor, and roof feature structurally laminated panels.

Not only does it come pre-installed with plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, but it also has a full-size bathroom, kitchen, and many luxury amenities. 

In addition, it features advanced insulation technology, allowing homeowners to save money on energy costs.

With its many amenities, the Boxabl Casita gives you tiny home living without sacrificing luxury living.

Ready to get the best out of tiny living? Let us help you. Contact today! We have the best tiny homes in the market, and we offer tiny home plans and expert advice to navigate the zoning requirements.

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