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Everything You Need to Know to Organize a Tiny Space like a Pro

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny Tiny home with blue metal roof and wood exterior

Tiny houses have been a trend since the economic downturn in 2008. People consider it a good option for decluttering, downsizing, and simple living. It is also more affordable than large houses, energy-efficient, and easy to clean.

While getting a tiny house is enticing, the small space that comes with it is expectedly one major problem.

Organizing your belongings in a tiny space is a great challenge, and making it pleasing is an even more challenging task to carry out. Thankfully, there are hacks to help you out, like choosing the right furniture and utilizing the walls and doors to have an organized place.

Whether you are living in a small apartment, already a tiny house owner, or planning to buy one, we will give you more organizing tips and storage hacks to make your small space organized and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing. 

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Tiny Home with Metal exterior
View the Trahan Tiny House by Fritz Tiny Homes

How do you maximize space in a tiny house?

A tiny house comes with a tiny space. Maximizing the area inside your small house may be overwhelming, especially if you have to bring many things. 

However, you can do more with lesser space when you incorporate minimalism, sustainability, and multifunctionality in the interior space of your tiny house.

Here are the ways you can maximize space in a tiny house:

  • Live a minimalist lifestyle, which has a mantra of less is more. It allows you to assess your wants and needs. Assessing can ultimately help you declutter and purge unnecessary things from your lifestyle. 

Decluttering can free up some space that is useful for other things. Doing this can guide you to maximize your space for things you need and want in your life and help you achieve a more organized home. 

Aside from decluttering, you can paint your interior house with light neutral colors. It will make the room seem more luminous, give off relaxing vibes, and look more spacious. 

Adding mirrors will also make your space feel larger and lighter. It can add personality or beauty to your area without consuming much space.

  • Sustainable living can also maximize space in your house, especially your kitchen. Having fruits and vegetables rather than pre-packed and frozen foods will save room in your fridge since they need less refrigeration than meat products. 

Planting your fruits and vegetables outside your house can give you easy access to fresh food without consuming too much space in your kitchen. Aside from saving space, it lets you save money by shopping for groceries less often and having a healthier lifestyle.

With sustainable living in a tiny house, you can lessen your carbon footprint and increase your time outdoors.

  • Choosing multifunctional furniture pieces is a great way to maximize your space. Multifunctional furniture can work two functions at the same time in one body. So, it is highly functional, saves space, and gives you room for other essential things. 

In buying furniture, consider your space and choose furniture pieces with multiple purposes just right for your needs. You can purchase small furniture pieces to fit your small space and avoid having a cluttered area brought by oversized pieces. Some of the small furniture pieces you can buy are compact chairs, nesting tables, and storage ottomans. 

However, other people believe that large furniture pieces are better than small ones because small ones can make the room look even smaller. Buying a few larger pieces of furniture can make your room grander and hide unsightly things like wires and cable boxes. Also, purchasing a furniture piece with exposed legs can create an illusion of larger and more available spaces in your room. 

Whether you purchase small or big pieces of furniture depends on your preference and interior plans. You can also customize furniture pieces to fit in the designated part of your house.

Aside from furniture, appliances are also things to consider. Choose the best tiny appliances for your home that save space and make your living convenient and comfortable. 

Looking down from a tiny house loft with storage shelves
View the Mogote by Baluchon Tiny House

Effective organizing ideas for small-space living

Now that you know how to maximize your space, it is time to focus on organizing your things effectively. Here are organizing ideas for small-space living:

Tip #1: Reduce the quantity

Reducing the number of things you have can help you organize your items and choose what things you still need. Lesser things are also easier to arrange.

Consider your lifestyle and daily activities to know what you need most to maintain your lifestyle. Then, get rid of the things you do not need. 

If you have too much quantity of something, like pens, keep only the best ones in your collection. If you take one object into your house, you also have to take one item out. Have an area or container where you put things you no longer want to keep for easy throwing or donating. 

Decluttering may be hard at first, but it is a skill you have to hone while living in a tiny home. Doing this will make you achieve a clutter-free, organized, and stress-free environment in a tiny house. 

Tip #2: Keep most commonly used materials accessible

Keeping your most used items accessible will save time finding them and prevent cluttering and disarranging things. 

A good spot can be the shelf behind the closed doors or the baskets underneath where you can quickly get it in and out of the space. 

You can also keep the shoes you frequently wear near the door for easy access.

Tip #3: Utilize walls

Walls are usually the untapped resources of a home. It is typically for hanging pictures. But you can do so much more with the walls in your tiny space. 

You can hang your favorite collections instead of keeping them inside your closet. Some of the things you can put on the walls are your hats, paintings, bikes, and others. 

Instead of buying table lamps, you can choose wall-mounted lights to save space. You can also have a wall planter to display your indoor plants without consuming much space inside your house. 

By wisely using your walls, you do not only save space but also organize things aesthetically. 

Tip #4: Use hooks 

Hooks are the best tools to help store everyday items when not in use. This trick also maximizes spaces that are often overlooked, like the side of the fridge and walls.

Using hooks lets you hang things on the wall to organize the collection you have decided to put on display. It is for hanging other things such as your pieces of jewelry, keys, scarf, coat, and purse. Hanging towel racks can lessen clutter in your space. 

You can invest in beautiful hooks to serve as nice home decors when not in use. 

Tip #5: Consider vertical

When you do not have enough floor space, vertical spaces will give you organizational solutions inside your tiny house. 

You can utilize your vertical space by having a pegboard. The pegboard in the kitchen lets you hang kitchen utensils and tools for easy access. 

If placed in your workplace or other areas in your house, a pegboard can serve as an organizing tool for your supplies or accessories without taking up space. 

Also try customizing shelves for your corners or the space above your bed. A floor-to-ceiling built-in is also best for maximizing your vertical space. This way, you can have more room for your other things, and organizing your items can be easy. 

Tip #6: Go low

If you cannot go high, you can go low in organizing your things. Unlike vertical storage, arranging your things underneath is more accessible, easy to store, and easy to clean because it is within your reach.

Make use of spaces underneath your bed to store your personal belongings. You can also use the area under the furniture with exposed legs. 

Customizing cabinets or drawers under the stairs is a good option too. 

Tip #7: Make use of doors 

Doors are also organizational tools if you do not have spare space anymore. The front, the back, and even the top of your door can be a space for more things. 

Add hooks in front of your closet door for more hanging space. You can also customize dropzones in front of the door that help you organize and store your things. 

As for the back portion of your door, there are hanging caddies with different styles and materials you can use. Choose the one with the style you prefer and the functionality you need.  

Also, try to install or customize the shelf or cabinet above your door to have more space in your tiny house.  

Tip #8: Be resourceful

In organizing your things inside your tiny house, you do not have to buy more things to help you. Sometimes, you can use the items you no longer need by recycling and reusing them as organizational tools. 

For example, you can use binder clips for hanging things instead of buying hooks. You can also use one of your chairs as your side table rather than buying one. 

Being resourceful does not only free space but also saves your money and the environment. 

Storage solutions for tiny spaces

Here are some storage solutions for your tiny spaces:


Baskets are the stylish storage solution for things you want to hide, like everyday essentials, especially from unexpected guests. 

It also helps you sort the belongings by family member and by item’s functionality. 

Opt for baskets with rectangular shapes to maximize the space inside your tiny house because round baskets tend to add up unused space quickly. Then designate a basket for each category of your things for faster organization. 

You can keep the basket under your bed, file them in cubbies, or style them on the shelves.

The nice thing about baskets is that they have a wide range of styles that can fit your decor style. 

Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves can provide more storage options even in a tiny house. These built-in or customized shelves are for your specific needs and a specific area inside your home. 

A floating open shelving unit can give you additional space for storing things while you split things up. 

Meanwhile, corner shelves let you maximize the spaces in the corner of your room for storage purposes. Corner shelves are perfect for storing toiletries or medicines. 

A shelf above your door or wall-to-wall shelving is also a creative solution for storing and organizing your things. Aside from freeing space, it also lets you display your possessions. You can use them for books, trinkets, photos, and other knick-knacks.

Behind the door storage

Even the closet and cabinet doors can be a storage solution for small items inside your tiny house. 

Adding bins inside the bathroom cabinet doors provides space where you store things you usually grab often, such as hair styling products. 

Adding storage behind the closet doors also gives room to other necessities, like small bags and wallets. 

There are bins and thin wired baskets you can mount on your closet and cabinet doors. If you don’t like screwing anything into the doors, you can try over-the-door shelving units. 

Underneath Storage

Make your stairs, bed, and floor multipurpose by adding storage drawers to store things underneath anywhere in your tiny house. It keeps valuable things accessible yet out of sight. 

You can customize your stairs to have storage drawers and cabinets. These units make for a perfect storage solution for outdoor gear, toys, shoes, and things. 

Drawers under the seats serve as hidden storage, keeping your area tidy and keeping the items you need near you. You can customize your seats or buy furniture pieces with hidden storage, such as ottomans, couches, and tufted benches. 

Storage beneath your floor will provide additional space for clothes and shoes. The storage beneath the floor serves as a hidden compartment for your valuable things, keeping the items safe and out of sight.  

Built-in storage underneath your bed can give you more space for your personal belongings. There are more places for your clothes, shoes, bags, blankets, and books without consuming much space inside your room.


Living in a small space can sometimes be challenging, but it can bring out your creativity, resourcefulness, and practicality to do more with less space. 

We have presented the organization and storage hacks that you can apply for your tiny house. But don’t limit yourself to these hacks. Keep experimenting to know what works for you, your lifestyle, and your family if you have one. 

Visit Tiny House for more tips, guides, lifehacks, and other things you need to know about living in a tiny home. 

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