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Best 8 Appliances You Should Buy For Your Tiny Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Tiny homes are becoming a worldwide trend mainly because they just make sense. Why pour vast loads of money into paying for and maintaining a large house when you barely use all that space? Tiny homes are very cost-effective and perfect for those just starting life or looking to live alone with just the right amount of space they need. However, the big problem about small spaces is that a lot of thought needs to go into your tiny home plan to fit just the right items in your tiny house to avoid over cluttering it. Here, we have gathered a list of some of the best tiny home appliances which are essential, will definitely save a lot of space and make living in your tiny home convenient and comfortable.

The Best Tiny Home Appliances


Refrigerators are some of the best tiny home appliances to buy, and no matter the size of your home, you will still need one. Many home refrigerators often come in significant sizes; however, there are still some tiny sizes. And below, we've listed some of the best space-saving refrigerators out there. These refrigerators may be small but are still very efficient and can preserve all your foods and make your life easier while still saving up space in your home. They, of course, have different sizes, so you can choose between different small sizes and get what works for you.

Smita 3-Way Compact Mini-Fridge

This option is a solar-powered fridge. Size-wise the fridge is 1.4 cubic feet which is a perfect fit to be kept under countertops. The features of this fridge are; it does not contain a freezer, has two compartment shelves, and its door has has a broad temperature range of 0c to 10c-US$ 80-100

Costway Compact Refrigerator

It is 3.3 cubic feet and features a reversible two-door design. The refrigerator chamber occupies 2.2 cubic feet while the freezer chamber occupies 1. the door has a storage unit for canned beverages. It has a temperature range of 0c to 10c. the fridge has a 90-day return guarantee.-259.99

Amana Amar46TS1E Compact Refrigerator

It has a stainless steel exterior and interior light. It's 4.6 cubic feet, features a reversible two-door design, and separates the size of a 3.25 cubic feet refrigerator and a 1.31 cubic feet freezer. It has a drawer for fresh fruits and vegetables and a canned drink compartment on the door. its temperature ranges from 0c to 8.3c-240.72

Countertop Convection Ovens

To satisfy your baking needs while saving up space, you should definitely get a Mini Oven, or a Countertop Convection Oven. Mini ovens are perfect for tiny homes or mobile homes. They, of course, save you a lot of space and are very cost-effective. Despite their small sizes, some quality mini ovens may do the job better than some regular ovens. We highly recommend the Breville Smart Countertop Convection oven, in fact we even have one in our own house! To get the best value for your money, you should check out;

Breville Smart Countertop Convection Oven

Not only is the Breville Countertop Oven space-saving, but it is also pretty powerful and very straightforward to use.


If you have a small kitchen and want it to be fully function while saving space, you should strongly consider cooktops. Cooktops will work great with the above-mentioned mini ovens. Although they take up counter space, there is no denying that they are more space-saving than ranges. But the good news is you can store them away when not in use. So if you don't mind having less space on your kitchen counter, cooktops are the perfect choice for you. To help you get the best cooktop for your home, check out this cooktop.

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop.

The Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120V 15 amp electrical outlet. It is also relatively easy to handle and takes up little storage space when not in use.

Microwave ovens

Who doesn't love the convenience of a microwave? Of course, you can heat your food on your cooktop; however, it's no secret that microwave ovens are the most convenient for heating your food – especially leftovers!. Microwave ovens aren't just re-heating your food, they can also be used to cook meals. Multifunctional microwave ovens can also grill, roast foods, and more. The multi-functioning microwave ovens can be versatile making them an excellent choice for tiny homes. It is because you can only have so many appliances without your home being cluttered. Here is a micro oven that could instantly stop your search;

GE Countertop Microwave Oven

It has a stainless steel interior 1.5 cubic foot internal capacity. It has various controls to perform microwave and convection duties and is fast-acting.

The only downside to a Microwave in a tiny house is if you're planning to be Off Grid, it'll consume too much power for your off grid system.

Compact dishwasher

You may know dishwashers to be quite significant and take a lot of space. However, dishwashers aren't always large space-consuming appliances built into your kitchen. Much like refrigerators, there are compact dishwashers that will be perfect for your small home and still be as efficient as the regular-sized dishwashers. These small or compact dishwashers can be 18" or 22" wide, and some can even be used on countertops. The most notable downside to using compact dishwashers is that they are often noisier than the regular-sized dishwasher. But it can be totally worth it because they save space. They are also easy to install and use. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient compact dishwasher that will save you a lot of space, you should consider; SPT 18 Inch Dishwasher.

Compact washer and dryer

When you have a small space, you should consider only highly essential appliances. A washer and dryer will certainly be on the list of important appliances in any small home. When planning your small home design, you should definitely go for a compact washer and dryer. We'd recommend even an All-in-One washer and dryer! They are very efficient and will certainly make your life a lot easier. Combo washers and dryers are also space-saving, often only 24 inches wide. Plus, we'd recommend getting a ventless version! This will help with placement of when you can put your unit, and you won't have to worry about venting, which can be a big pain in a small space. When looking for a good washer and dryer combo unit that is ventless, you should definitely check out;

LG 24 Inch Smart All In One Washer/Dryer

It's only 24 inches wide, saving you three inches of clearance versus the standard 27-inch washers and dryers.

Be aware though, most of the cheaper washer / dryer combo units will not fully dry your clothes. We'd recommend either being prepared to hang dry your clothes to fully dry them, or go with a better quality combo unit.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Living in a small space, it's important to keep your home extra clean. So, when it comes to keeping your home dust-free while saving space, you simply can't go wrong with handheld vacuum cleaners. Just like regular vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners are very efficient. They can be used for a variety of surfaces. In addition, they are light, which is just what you need for quick clean-ups, and they can be stored just about anywhere. They can also reach places a regular vacuum cleaner could never do. A good Handheld vacuum you should check out is;

Black Decker 20V Max Lithium Pivot BDH200PL

It has the best suction and can easily pick up cereal dust, sand, and other everyday messes, and it's strong enough to pick up pet hair without tools. It has a 10-minute no-fade run time with a pivoting nozzle, making it easy to get into crevices.

Top things to consider when picking a small appliance for your home

Size of your home

The first thing to consider when buying a small appliance for your home is, of course, "Just how small is your home?" Just because you hear the word compact doesn't mean you can get the appliance. Compact appliances, although small, still come in different sizes. And for some, a compact device may just be what they need, and for others, even specific compact sizes may be too large for your home or the specific space you have, so don't just buy any small device. Always be sure to measure the space of where the appliance will go and pick a compact appliance just the right size. Again, we can't stress enough the importance of planning your tiny home.

As they say, planning makes perfect!

The pricing

When buying just about anything, you need to have a budget. The fact that these appliances are small in size doesn't mean they have a small price tag. Some compact machines are more expensive than the regular-sized model, due to the supply and demand issues, while others are not. So before you go out to buy an appliance for your small home, first look up the prices and create a budget for yourself. Don't, of course, settle for just any appliance because it's cheap. You need to also consider the efficiency and quality because you don't just want a space-saving device, but something that does as good a job as the regular-sized models.

Pay close attention to ratings and reviews. We've found most compact appliances don't actually work as well, and reviews definitely show it.

The energy efficiency

Your home appliances will use up a significant amount of energy in the house, and the types you choose will determine just how much. Although it is easy to believe the smaller the size of the appliance, the smaller the amount of energy used, that is really not the case. Small-sized devices can use up just as much energy as regular-sized models. So always try to find out the energy efficiency of an appliance before you buy. Most energy-efficient appliances can be costly but are a good investment and will undoubtedly save you a lot of money in the long run.

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