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Finalist: Cascade Max by Tru Form Tiny | Tiny Home Awards 2023

Updated on:
February 29, 2024
Finalist: Cascade Max by Tru Form Tiny

Disclosure: All photos are provided by Tru Form Tiny

Just as you were contemplating the intersection of comfort and minimalist living, the Cascade Max by Tru Form Tiny comes into the spotlight as a finalist in the Tiny House of the Year and People's Choice categories.

This tiny home, with its open layout and smart utilization of a 10.5 by 36 feet space, is a testament to modern design and architecture. What's interesting is the blend of the farmhouse aesthetic with contemporary elegance, all under an 11-foot vaulted ceiling that invites an abundance of natural light.

But what really makes this finalist a strong contender for the award? Stay tuned to find out.

A Look Inside

Stepping inside the Cascade Max, you're immediately welcomed by an awe-inspiring interior that seamlessly blends functional design with aesthetic elegance, showcasing Tru Form's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to maximizing every inch of the available space. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the 11-foot vaulted ceilings, a feature that not only enhances the spaciousness but also bathes the interior with abundant natural light.

A quick glance to your left reveals an open-concept kitchen, complete with bar seating. It's a space that invites both culinary creativity and social interaction, as it merges effortlessly into the expansive living area. The grand French door entryway connecting these spaces further enhances the sense of openness, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Venturing further, you'll discover the master bedroom, a haven of comfort designed with a full-size bump-out closet. Adjacent to this, the large master bathroom radiates a sense of luxury, without compromising on functionality. It's a balance that's not easy to strike, yet it's achieved with finesse in the Cascade Max.

Finally, you can't help but appreciate the overall aesthetic. It's a refined modern farmhouse design, a style that perfectly marries contemporary elegance with timeless charm. This balance appeals to a broad spectrum of tastes, making the Cascade Max not just a house, but a home.

In every nook and cranny, the Cascade Max tells a story of exceptional design, thoughtful layout, and meticulous attention to detail. It's a testament to Tru Form's commitment to creating homes that not just look good, but feel good too.

What Makes It Stand Out

The Cascade Max shines as a finalist in the Tiny House of the Year and People's Choice category thanks to its brilliant blend of spaciousness and modern farmhouse elegance, all packed into a tiny home that doesn't skimp on luxury or functionality. Its 11-foot vaulted ceilings and grand French door entryway amplify the feeling of openness, inviting in natural light and seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. What truly sets it apart is its thoughtful design that makes every inch count, from the full-sized master suite to the open-concept kitchen and living area, making it not just a marvel of tiny house engineering but a cozy, inviting home that appeals to a wide audience.

Awards Won by Tru Form Tiny: Their Seymour Duncan tiny house garnered the Most Innovative Design award, the Designer Kootenay is crowned Best Interiors while the team itself won Builder of the Year during the Tiny Home Awards.

Tru Form Tiny is also the brilliant mind behind:

If you want to check more of their builds and models, head over to their website.

If you're interested in joining the tiny home awards this year, please email us at with the subject line - “Tiny Home Awards 2024”.

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