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How To Control And Eliminate These 9 Common Household Pests

Updated on:
July 18, 2023
Pests in a tiny home being spray by an exterminator

Pests are little creatures; however, the damage they cause to a house can be extensive. A home with pests can frustrate and stress you out. And a tiny home with pests is even worse when there's no space to get away from them! Their random and carefree roaming around the house may scare or embarrass you at any moment, especially when you have guests. On the other hand, some transmit diseases and destroy precious household items or structures. For this reason, you must learn techniques for controlling and eliminating pests in your household to give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your home.  

Typically, most pests come into your house to look for food or a warmer place to rest and breed, especially when it's cold outside, like in Autumn. So, they rapidly multiply if you're in the habit of always forgetting to clean up after cooking or eating or you live in swampy areas. With that in mind, here's how to control and eliminate these nine common household pests:

1. Termites

Pests such as termites manifest unexpectedly and can cause excessive damage to your house. They mainly feast on timber structures. Typically, most tiny houses on wheels are timber constructions, making them susceptible to termite attack. Without effective mitigation measures, you may need constant repairs as the termites eat away at your wooden structural components.

If the damage to the timber is extensive, consider seeking help from reliable experts such as TMO Pest and Weed Management to eradicate stubborn termites from your home.  

Contrarily, houses on a foundation are primarily concrete constructions. And coupled with effective termite treatment applied beneath the damp proof membrane, the chances of termite infestation are minimal. However, minimal doesn't imply zero; termites can still attack houses on foundations so long as they have wood structures.   

Termites usually leave telltale signs when they live in an area. It's the only way you'll know their presence and the extent of the damage. Here are signs that indicate termite infestation:

  • Swarmers and discarded wings: Termites usually move from one place to another, especially at night, and once they've landed in their desired location, they twist off their wings. So if you notice such trails, they've already gotten into your home and caused damage. 
  • Mud tunnels: Termites make mud tubes when they travel through soil to get food sources. They make the tunnels because it offers protection and humidity for them. They're always visible, so you can immediately swing to act if you spot such tunnels. 
  • Cracked or blistered wood: Termites usually eat wood from the inside to the outside. So, if you notice wood around your building is thinning daily, it means they've already manifested in your place.

These are some of the signs indicating termite manifestation. One of the best ways to prevent them is by storing your pile of wood away in an insect-proof place. You can repel them naturally by using orange oil or boric acid and smearing them onto your woods.

2. Cockroaches  

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in most houses, big or tiny, on wheels or foundations. They usually cause a lot of nuisance since they move around a lot, nibbling on whatever food matter they come across. And a disadvantage with them is that they quickly multiply over time. If you don't arrest the situation early enough, they'll reproduce to their hundreds and compromise your home's health standards. 

The first step to preventing cockroaches is maintaining cleanliness, which deprives them of food. Another preventative measure you could try is sealing gaps on walls and floors to block their trails from one room to the next. You can also use pesticides or sticky traps to eliminate cockroaches.

3. Flies 

If you live in areas with a much warmer climate, you must have encountered the fly menace. Fruits and vegetables mostly attract flies if left out for a long time. So, when you buy your groceries, store them appropriately in the fridge to keep away these pests. Also, please don't keep them too long, as the stale odor attracts flies. On top of this, make it a routine to clean up garbage and take out the trash daily. You can eliminate flies by using fans, candles, or essential oils.

exterminators spraying for pests

4. Ants

Ants may be beneficial because they eat harmful insects like fleas and cockroaches. But they'll most likely invade your house if they don't have food. So, to keep them at bay, avoid leaving any food crumbs on the floor and always ensure you clean up after every meal. If they're still returning after you enforce such measures, try the traditional method of mixing white vinegar and water and spraying the solution on the floors.

5. Mosquitoes 

Swampy areas and stagnant waters are the most common breeding grounds for mosquitos. So, if you have your tiny house on the wheel next to a wet area, the chances are high that mosquitos will attack it. Also, the area beneath the house may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes if you leave it bushy. That may not be the case with a house built on a foundation with no gap between the ground and the superstructure. 

So, to keep the mosquitoes away, drain all stagnant water around your home, remove empty containers that may collect rainwater, and clear bushes. Alternatively, you can use mosquito nets at night to prevent bites that can cause malaria.

6. Spiders

Spiders don't take long before they can manifest in your home. They usually create webs, and within no time, they cover several corners. Their control method is simple; all you need to do is to remove their webs and destroy or clean their hiding places. You can do this frequently as part of your cleaning routine. There's also an option to spray nests with saline solutions or use a spider catcher.  

7. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can make sleeping an absolute nightmare. They usually form under your mattress, pillows, bed frames, luggage, headboards, wallpaper, and clothing and grow with time. One way of getting rid of them is vacuuming the whole bedroom area. Wash your beddings in hot water and apply steam on the mattress to kill bed bugs. Alternatively, you can purchase new mattresses if they prove hard to remove.  

8. Mice

Mice eat practically anything around the house, from books to clothes, electric cables, and furniture. You wouldn't want to tolerate them as their damage can quickly amount to thousands of dollars. First and foremost, consider decluttering your house to deprive them of hiding areas. As they're also common in garbage areas, you can put traps around the house to catch them before they enter your house. Alternatively, keep a cat; mice will dread coming near your home.  

9. Moths

Moths commonly exist in dark areas such as closets, basements, and attic spaces. They love such sites since they form a perfect hiding place for them. They can destroy your clothes regardless of their material, whether hair, fur, feathers, or silk. You can use a chemical treatment to eliminate them from your house. Additionally, aromatic herbs like mint, rosemary, and bay leaves can repel them.


Pests can raid your home and make staying indoors very uncomfortable. For this reason, you must take the necessary precautions to control and eliminate them from your home. Consider working with reliable pest control companies to eradicate them if they're already in huge numbers. With these practices, you can keep diseases at bay and enjoy your indoors with family and friends.  

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