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How to Furnish a Tiny Dorm Room for a Student on a Student Budget

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny Dorm room spruced up with a desk and sofa and decorations

It is not worth spending a huge amount of money on decorating your student dorm room as it is only a temporary abode. However, it is also not worth living in run-down housing. There are a variety of ways to spruce it up.

Strings of fairy lights

Create a snug and cozy Pinterest-style bedroom by draping a string of lights around it. They are perfect for hanging photographs using pegs. Fancy lighting creates a picture-perfect ambiance that would make your peers feel jealous. The strings of lights can also be hung on the wall against which your headboard rests.

Any light source, be it charming light boxes or bedside lamps, can freshen up and create a peaceful feeling in the room. Lights can turn any dull area into a warm space. Decorative lights have grown popular among students and have become an essential piece of student room décor.

Personalize your storage features

Look around to find spaces that can be converted into cute storage features to hold your belongings. For example, a ladder with steps can be converted into a bookshelf if you are creative enough.

Customizing your room should be a one-time activity. However, much thought goes into how to make it personal. You might have to take time out of your hectic time to source the decorations to make it look pretty. Perhaps, you do not have time for it. Take a break and get your homework done by an academic professional from EduBirdie. They can assist you with an online essay writer for hire online. The highly qualified writers provide you with the best quality plagiarism-free paper that suits your academic needs.

College students working on interior design

Simple student room design

Students have a lot to remember during school life. Deadlines to meet, projects to complete, and assignments to submit are some of them. Use colorful stick-it notes, write one task in each of them, and decorate it on the wall. That way, you will never forget things, and you can make your room look pretty.

You can either use one side of the wall to stick the post-it notes, or you can do it on a deadline board that is attached to a wall. This would be a much better solution than sticking the notes all over the wall. If you do not have a deadline board, you can substitute it with an old tray.

Create a beautiful ambiance

Room decoration for students does not have to be expensive. Some ideas are right at your doorstep. Look around, and you will find ways to make your room look pretty. If you have an old lampshade, you can poke holes in it. It would project a beautiful pattern around the walls of your room. Do not use this trick if the lamp is not yours.

Another cost-effective way to decorate the wall is by creating removable and temporary wallpaper using sheets of fabric. Choose a colored material and stick it on the wall using a sponge roller. When you move out of the room, you can peel them, and they will come off easily.

Functioning room decor solutions

Students' room designs can be as splashy and colorful as you want. Some decorations can double as functional materials as well. Try this out and see how your room looks. Attach a beautiful and colorful tapestry to the wall using tapes that are sticky on both sides. It works like a charm, plus you can also hang things in there using clothes pegs.

Another thing that can double as storage space is a jewelry board that is attached outside the wardrobe doors. Then you can hang your jewelry there and keep track of your necklaces and earrings. If you want to keep it simple, you can attach the board inside the wardrobe doors.

Accessorize bedding with cushions

Some students use bedding to change the ambiance of the dorm room. Your bedding probably takes up the maximum space in your room. Invest in colorful and vibrant bedding that can liven up your room. Then throw dimensions to the bedding with a contrast-colored blanket.

Accessorize the bedding with your choice of cushions picked up from charity shops, where you can find unique fabrics at a very low price. If you are creative and are up to it, you can even make your cushions. Scattering them on your bed can get colors and patterns into your dorm room and can complete your students' room decoration.


The home décor ideas given here will make you think about how to create your customized decoration and add that to your dorm room as an extension of yourself. You will also realize that some of them are very budget-friendly and even free. Try them in your spare time.

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