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How to Organize Your Bathroom Counter Effectively

Updated on:
June 30, 2024
How to Organize Your Bathroom Counter

Image Source: Canva

You've probably noticed how quickly your bathroom counter can turn into a chaotic mess of toiletries, makeup, and other essentials. To maintain an organized and functional space, you need a strategic approach. First, assess your counter's size and layout to understand the storage possibilities. Next, a thorough decluttering is in order; categorize items based on their frequency of use and get rid of anything that's expired or unnecessary.

The core, though, lies in choosing the right storage solutions and effectively utilizing them. Floating shelves, drawer organizers, and aesthetically pleasing containers are just a few options to explore. Stay tuned, as we'll investigate deeply into these strategies and more.

Assessing Your Counter Space

Before you start evaluating, you'll need to analyze your bathroom counter space to understand how much room you have for your essentials and what kind of storage solutions might work best. Start by measuring the dimensions of your counter: length, width, and height. Don't forget the space underneath the sink if it's open. Take note of any built-in features like shelves, drawers, or cabinets.

The next step is to identify the items you use daily. These should be given priority space on the counter. If there's room, you could also contemplate the things you use weekly. As for the less frequently used items, they can be stored in drawers, cabinets, or even in another room.

While evaluating, remember to take into account the function of each area. For instance, the space next to the sink might be best for hand soap and toothbrushes, while the area near the mirror could be reserved for cosmetics.

Decluttering Bathroom Products

Once you've assessed your counter space, it's time to tackle decluttering your bathroom products, an essential step in organizing your bathroom counter effectively. Start by gathering all your bathroom products together. This includes everything from your lotions and potions to dental gear and hair accessories. Seeing everything in one place allows you to see exactly what you're working with.

Next, sort the items into three categories: frequently used, occasionally used, and rarely or never used. Your daily essentials like toothpaste and face wash should go in the first category. Items that you use once a week or less, such as special skincare products or hair tools, can go in the second. The last category is for things you don't use at all or expired items.

After sorting, it's time to let go. Dispose of expired products and consider donating or discarding items in the rarely used category. Remember, it's not about getting rid of everything, but about making your bathroom counter a more functional, less cluttered space.

And there you have it! With a clear counter and a pared-down selection of products, you're well on your way to a more organized, less stressful bathroom experience. Just remember to keep up with decluttering regularly to maintain your beautifully organized counter.

Implementing Storage Solutions

Now that you've decluttered, it's time to implement some smart storage solutions to keep your bathroom counter tidy and everything within easy reach.

One effective method is using vertical space. Install a few floating shelves above your counter; they'll create more storage without taking up counter space. You can store less frequently used items up there, like extra soap or guest towels.

Next, consider using attractive containers for small items. Glass jars, for instance, are perfect for cotton balls and Q-tips. Cosmetic organizers, available in various shapes and sizes, can hold makeup and brushes. These organizers keep items neatly corralled and easy to find.

Lastly, don't overlook the wall space. Wall-mounted magnetic strips can hold metal items like tweezers, nail clippers, or small scissors. And a simple towel rack can double as a holder for hair styling tools.

Using Drawer Organizers

Don't forget about the potential of your drawers; with the right organizers, they can become a strategic place to store items that clutter your bathroom counter. Drawer organizers come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs.

Start by emptying out your drawers, then sort through the items. Anything you don't use regularly doesn't need to be in a prime spot.

Next, measure your drawers' dimensions. Shopping for organizers will be easier when you know the size you need. Look for adjustable drawer organizers if you're unsure about the fit.

Once you have your organizers, start filling them. Group similar items together, like makeup or skincare products, to make finding what you need a breeze. If you have small items, consider using a mini drawer organizer.

It's also a good idea to keep often-used items in the top drawers.

Image Source: Canva

Importance of Regular Maintenance

In addition to organizing, maintaining a clutter-free bathroom counter requires regular upkeep and cleaning. You've got to be consistent. Don't let items pile up. When you're done using something, put it back in its designated area.

Cleaning your counter daily might seem like a hassle, but it's the secret to maintaining an organized space. A quick wipe down every day prevents the buildup of grime, makeup residue, or toothpaste splatters.

Next, invest in a good cleaner that's suitable for your counter's material. Disinfecting wipes or all-purpose cleaners are generally safe bets. That being said, for certain materials like marble or granite, you might need a special cleaner.

Regular decluttering is also essential. Set a schedule to go through your items every month. Toss out old or expired products, and assess whether you really need all the items on your counter. If you haven't used something in the past month, it's time to reconsider its place.

Lastly, don't forget to clean your organizers too. Dust and grime can accumulate in your drawer or containers.

Making Use of Vertical Space

Maximize your bathroom counter's efficiency by exploring vertical space, a strategy often overlooked in favor of horizontal surfaces. Start by examining the available walls and corners above your counter. This often-underutilized space can be transformed into a practical storage area with the right tools.

Consider installing floating shelves. They're not just for living rooms or offices; they'll work wonders in your bathroom, too. They're easy to install and come in a variety of styles to match any decor. Use them to store items you use daily, like toothbrushes and facial cleansers.

You could also install a vertical organizer, such as a towel rack or a wall-mounted magnetic strip. These can hold items like brushes, razors, and other small tools.

For a sleek look, opt for clear acrylic containers that attach to the wall. They'll keep your items accessible and visible while cutting down on counter clutter.

Utilizing Trays and Baskets

While making use of your bathroom's vertical space can greatly reduce clutter, incorporating trays and baskets into your organization strategy can also work wonders on your counter's tidiness and functionality. These versatile organizers are perfect for housing items that you use daily, keeping them within easy reach while maintaining a neat appearance.

Let's start with trays. They're an excellent way to corral items together, creating a designated space for your commonly used products. You can use one large tray or several smaller ones, grouping items by function—think skincare, makeup, or haircare—or by size. This method not only helps to keep your counter tidy, but it makes it easier for you to find what you need quickly.

Baskets, conversely, are perfect for storing bulkier items or those not used as frequently. You can stash your extra towels, toilet paper, or cleaning supplies in them. Not only do they help to keep your counter clear, but they're also great for utilizing the space underneath your sink.

The Role of Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, the visual appeal of your bathroom counter plays a significant role in creating an inviting and harmonious space. It's not just about where you place your toothbrush or how neatly you can stack your towels. It's also about the color palette you choose, the materials you utilize, and the overall aesthetic you aim to achieve.

Don't underestimate the power of a well-placed vase of fresh flowers or a stylish soap dispenser. These small touches can greatly improve the look and feel of your counter. Opt for items that complement the existing decor of your bathroom. If your room is mainly white, consider accessories in soft pastel shades for a serene and calming effect.

Remember, less is more when it comes to aesthetics. Clutter can quickly diminish the visual appeal of your counter, thus, keep only essential items on display. Use attractive storage solutions like decorative boxes or elegant trays to keep your necessities organized and easily accessible.

Lastly, maintain a regular cleaning routine. A sparkling clean bathroom counter not only looks pleasing but also promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation. So, while you focus on functionality, don't forget to take into account the role of aesthetics in your bathroom counter organization.

Tips for Small Bathroom Counters

Managing the challenge of a small bathroom counter, you'll find that clever organization and strategic use of space can make all the difference. Start by decluttering. Get rid of any unnecessary items, and keep only what you use daily.

Next, consider utilizing vertical space. Install a small shelf or spice rack above the counter to hold smaller items like toothbrushes and makeup. This will free up counter space and keep things tidy.

Use containers and organizers. A small tray can hold soap and hand lotion, while a toothbrush holder can keep your brushes in place. If you have makeup, a makeup organizer with compartments can keep things neat and easy to find.

Don't forget about the space beneath the sink. A small shelf or basket can hold extra towels or toilet paper.

Finally, maintain your organization. Make it a habit to put things back where they belong after use, and do a quick tidy-up daily. This will ensure your counter remains clutter-free.

With these tips, you'll find that even a small bathroom counter can be organized effectively, making your morning and evening routines smoother and less stressful.


Organizing your bathroom counter doesn't have to be a challenging task. Assess your space, declutter, utilize storage solutions, and maintain it regularly.

Make use of vertical space and trays for added storage and aesthetics. Even in a small bathroom, smart organization can create a functional, tidy space.

Remember, it's not just about making it look good, but also ensuring easy access to your frequently used items.

Now, go turn your bathroom counter into a space of efficiency and style!

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