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5 Ikea Desk Hacks For Your Home Office

Updated on:
May 31, 2024
Ikea Desk Hacks For Your Home Office

Image Source: Canva

You've got an Ikea desk sitting in your home office, right? But have you ever considered what a few clever hacks could do to transform it?

With just a bit of creativity and some Ikea basics, you can turn that standard desk into a productivity powerhouse. Picture this: a dual desk setup for collaboration, or perhaps an elevated desk with Kallax shelves for that touch of modern aesthetic. What about a desk with hidden storage compartments to keep your work area tidy? 

With these five Ikea hacks, you're on your way to crafting the perfect workspace. Intrigued? Let's get started.

The Ultimate Dual Desk Setup

You can transform your home office with the ultimate dual desk setup, doubling your workspace and productivity. This isn't about having two separate desks; instead, it's about creating a unified, expansive workspace.

You'll find the dual desk setup is a game-changer, especially if you're tackling multiple projects simultaneously. With two monitors, you can have multiple applications open without switching screens. You'll also have ample space for paperwork, notebooks, and even a coffee mug without feeling cluttered.

In addition, the dual desk setup encourages collaboration. If you're working with a partner or holding a meeting, the generous space allows for comfortable co-working. Remember, the goal isn't just to fill up space but to create an environment that boosts efficiency and reduces stress.

Image Source: Canva

Transforming Alex Drawers Into Desk

Having explored the benefits of a dual desk setup, let's now turn our attention to an innovative Ikea hack: transforming Alex drawers into a desk.

You'll find this hack incredibly useful if you're dealing with limited space or if you simply desire a unique desk arrangement.

Start with two Alex drawer units and place them parallel to each other, leaving an adequate space in the middle.

Next, take a tabletop of your choice, Linnmon, for instance. Lay it across the two Alex drawer units to create a sturdy, spacious desk.

You've not only got a new desk but also plenty of storage space within the drawers. It's a clever, cost-effective solution that's easy to assemble, offering you a personalised and practical workspace.

Elevated Desk With Kallax Shelves

Another brilliant Ikea hack to consider is creating an elevated desk using Kallax shelves. This hack not only gives you a modern, sleek desk, but also additional storage space.

You'll need two Kallax shelf units, a tabletop, and some basic tools. Start by assembling the Kallax units and position them as the desk legs. Ensure they're spaced apart enough to accommodate your chair comfortably.

Next, securely place the tabletop on the Kallax units. You can use brackets for additional support. Voila! You've got an elevated desk with plenty of storage.

The cubbies in the Kallax units are perfect for storing books, office supplies, or even decorative items. This practical, stylish solution will definitely enhance your home office.

Linnmon Desk With Hidden Storage

Tucked beneath the surface of a simple Linnmon desk lies a world of hidden storage, perfect for keeping your workspace organized and clutter-free. You can easily transform this standard Ikea desk into a functional piece with storage galore. All you need is a set of drawer slides, some plywood for the drawer boxes, and a few hours on a weekend.

Start by measuring the underside of the desk, then cut and assemble your drawer boxes to fit. Install the slides onto the boxes and the desk, ensuring they're level. Make sure there's enough clearance for your legs.

Now you're all set! You've got a stylish Linnmon desk with hidden storage, keeping your stationery, documents, and other office essentials within reach yet out of sight.

Crafting a Corner Desk With Micke

You can create an efficient workspace by transforming a Micke desk into a cozy corner desk. This Ikea hack maximizes your room's potential, fitting perfectly into any unused corner.

Firstly, get yourself a Micke desk and place it in your chosen corner. To ensure it snugly fits, you may need to trim the back corners slightly.

Next, add storage units from Ikea's Micke range on either side of the desk to provide ample storage space. It's also worth considering a monitor stand for extra surface area.

With a few simple steps, you've got yourself a functional corner desk. With a little creativity, you've turned a regular Micke desk into a workspace that's both practical and attractive.

Tools Needed for These Ikea Desk Hacks

For these hacks, you'll need basic tools like a screwdriver, hammer, and measuring tape.

More complex hacks might require a drill or saw.

It's always best to read the instructions before starting your project.

Estimated Cost for Each of These Ikea Desk Hacks

Costs for each hack can vary significantly. It's dependent on the specific Ikea products you're modifying.

On average, you're likely looking at spending anywhere between $50 to $200, but it's not a hard rule.


So, there you have it! With these five Ikea desk hacks, you'll transform your home office into a productivity hub.

Whether it's a dual desk setup, a personalized Alex drawers desk, an elevated Kallax shelves desk, a clutter-free Linnmon desk, or a cozy corner Micke desk, you're sure to find a stylish, practical solution that fits your space.

Just imagine the potential of your revamped workspace. Go ahead, give these hacks a try!

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