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Builder Review: Indigo River

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny House on wheels design with front to back roof

As a family business, Indigo River puts heart and passion behind every part of their homes. Located in Dallas Texas, they are veteran owned and operated. Their goal of creating amazing tiny homes on wheels is expanding every day as they take on new clients and build amazing tiny homes.

Even if you are still just considering going tiny, Indigo River is a wealth of knowledge for anyone, at any stage of the process. They can help with where to park, to legalities to design.

They have employed Vets from almost every branch of the military! A portion of their profits goes to organizations and causes that support Vets.

They build in a variety of sizes and currently offer 4 standard size houses, 8'6" x 20', 24', 28', and 32', with several floor plans to choose from. Custom sizes are also available. They even build up to 10’ wide, which is a 25% increase in living space!

Indigo River is NOW RVIA Certified! I’m not sure if you know how big of a deal this is. RVIA has incredibly strict requirements, they make routine site visits to ensure you’re following best practices, and they definitely don’t just let any tiny home company be certified. Each home will be marked by a unique RVIA seal, which gives you peace of mind as you drive down the road, and even lets you have an easier time getting into more RV campgrounds and parks! If you don’t intend to have your home parked on your own property forever, having an RVIA certified Tiny Home is a huge WIN.

Mission Statement

Indigo River Tiny Homes is an environmentally conscious construction company inspired by the simplicity, freedom & ecological benefits that Tiny Living offers.

We couldn’t have said it better than Indigo River.

“However unique they may be, each Indigo River tiny home has a similarity: unmatched quality and beauty. The level of attention and detail that goes into each interior can only be felt when you step inside. Our finish carpenters, welders, tile setters and countless other skilled trades work together to create what many have called ‘fine artwork’.”


Tiny House Planning Tool:

They help you define exactly what you are looking for, and it helps you get a really good idea of the pricing right up front, so you don’t have to play the guessing game. Their tiny home designer tool is very thorough and efficient. It walks you through your Must-Haves, Have-Nots, and Would-Love-To-Haves. It’s smooth, and a great way to help you get to the tiny home of your dreams even faster!


Financing on a tiny home is still a challenge. With Indigo River, they can easily make your introduction to City National Bank, which has great rates and can make your tiny home dream come true. Learn more here.

Great Reviews:

They hold a solid 5.0 Star Review with great and positive feedback from their clients. This is always an important sign when choosing your builder. They take care of their clients and standby their word of treating their clients with the same respect, value, and trust as they would their own family.

See some testimonials here.

Authorized Dealer:

Authorized dealers for Mr. Cool Mini splits. This is a big deal, as this specific mini-split comes with an app to control it. I mean how cool is that?

Custom Carpentry:

When it comes to tiny homes, you’ll need to take advantage of every square foot. So having a builder that has custom carpentry skills is a must.

Handcrafted woodworking and custom built-ins are well withing Indigo River’s wheelhouse.

Supporting a Family Business:

Getting to help a small family business, especially one that is trying to make a difference in helping our Vets - that’s a cause worth supporting!


NOAH (Since 2017)

RVIA certified (Since 2020)

We can do either or both certifications on road-legal THOW’s and NOAH on 10’ wide models


Split level lofts or downstairs bedroom for easy access to your bed, no crawling on your hands

and knees

Off-grid capabilities

Waste Water Installation

Tankless Water heaters


1-year warranty on all parts, materials, and craftsmanship

High-Quality Materials:

Custom built trailers made by a local trailer manufacturer

High-quality building materials and products in every step of the build


Custom tiny home designs to meet your specific wants and needs

Can build Shells for the less experienced DIY

Giving Back:

They work with two non-profit organizations that help veterans that are homeless and/or have PTSD.

Both organizations, Farmers Assisting Returning Military and Operation Tiny House, are doing amazing things for the veteran community.

Final Thoughts

Since Indigo River considers their customers an extension of the Indigo River "family", from the design process through to the final build, we focus on the "relationship first" - listening intently & communicating clearly every step of the way - so the project goes as smoothly as possible. So go on, join their family!

Don’t just take our word for it, you can go see the homes they have available in person at their HQ. And if you are ever in Dallas Texas and want to try out an awesome tiny house, you can even stay in their very first tiny home ever built, Big Blue.

Indigo River Tiny Homes is an environmentally conscious construction company inspired by the simplicity, freedom & ecological benefits that Tiny Living offers. They use quality materials and with their attention to detail, they make some amazing tiny homes!

Each custom Indigo River Home is a unique and custom creation in itself. But it goes far past the aesthetic design. The quality of construction is equally, if not more, important to us as the design and overall look of all our custom tiny homes. From the way we build it to the construction materials we use, we go above and beyond to ensure that each tiny home is second to none.

Be sure to check them out and join in on the discussion in the Tiny House Community!

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