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Intentional Living in a Tiny Home

Updated on:
October 15, 2023
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In a world where bigger often seems better, the concept of intentionally downsizing our living spaces may seem counterintuitive. However, the rise of tiny homes as a lifestyle choice sheds light on a movement toward intentional living—focusing on what truly matters and decluttering our lives in more ways than one. Later I want to share some things I’m learning as a tiny home builder and aspiring minimalist. But first I would love to share a bit of my journey.

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When my wife and I moved into the one bedroom apartment where we live now I thought I would feel cramped. But as I packed our stuff and moved in I was surprised at how relieved I felt. Like a weight was gone. A little bit of the feeling I had being a teenager living with my parents. Like a flexibility that I hadn’t felt in years. Right in the middle of starting a young company and the mountain of responsibility that brings. It's hard to explain but I had this strong feeling that even if things went horribly wrong with my business. I would be fine. My wife and I could pack our belongings in a day. We could start over anywhere, do anything, be anyone we wanted. That feeling taught me something. That freedom is a headspace first. It can’t be bought. 

Financial Freedom

The reduced cost of a tiny home, coupled with lower utility bills and maintenance expenses, often translates into significant financial savings. Savings towards experiences and activities that make you feel alive and actually make life worth living. I have a theory that consumerism is basically an addictive substance. We shop to a-leave anxiety by surrounding ourselves with material possessions. This gives us a false sense of control that ultimately ends up leaving us empty and more anxious. When I sell everything I don’t find meaningful it immediately improves my finances. Suddenly the loss of a material thing rewards me with opportunities to do things I love.  

View The Weekender by Nordic + Spruce

Environmental Sustainability

Tiny homes typically have a smaller ecological footprint due to their size and energy efficiency. Embracing intentional living within this compact space amplifies sustainability efforts, as you're more likely to adopt eco-friendly practices and reduce waste. While I’m not the world's biggest climate activist, I do care about the planet and I think more people would be on board with doing their part if they were presented with good solutions and calls to action. Tiny living could be that for many people. I hope so. 

Embracing intentional living in a tiny home is a conscious choice to lead a more meaningful, sustainable, and simplified life. It encourages us to prioritize what truly matters, letting go of excess and focusing on the aspects of life that bring us genuine joy and fulfillment. By adopting intentional living principles within a tiny home, we not only optimize our living spaces but also enhance our overall well-being. Cheers to all considering this lifestyle, whether you're able to downsize to a tiny home or just starting to examine the small decisions you make every day. I hope at Nordic and Spruce to do more than build luxury scan tiny homes. But to be a small part of a larger movement. A movement of a billion small changes, intentionally taken by millions of people who are exhausted by the hamster wheel of consumerism. And decide to do something about it. 

Thanks for reading. 

Matt Troyer


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