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Level Up Your Modern Country House with Retractable Screen Doors and Crawl Space Waterproofing

Updated on:
May 16, 2024
modern country house

Image Source: Canva

The modern country house is a perfect example of a rustic architectural accent with a contemporary touch that gives a “Oh, I am not actually a farmer!” vibe. Wide plank hardwood floors, brick fireplaces, open timber shelves, and dormer windows are some of the unique features of those houses.

The modern country house is a perfect example of a rustic architectural accent with a contemporary touch that gives a “Oh, I am not actually a farmer!” vibe. Wide plank hardwood floors, brick fireplaces, open timber shelves, and dormer windows are some of the unique features of those houses.

Out of many other elements, retractable screens can be a versatile and imperative addition to your modern country house. Retractable doors not only add style to your home but also offer a multitude of benefits, such as safety, pest control, improved airflow, and providing an unobstructed view with maximum natural light. Apart from the visible elements, the crawl space is a hidden gem in your modern country house that safeguards its structural integrity.

Stick through this article to explore how retractable screens and a dry crawl area can be game changers for your contemporary yet rustic residence.

The Charm of Modern Country Living

Contemporary farmhouses are a trend now due to their unique blend of contemporary yet rustic elements. The serenity of rural living combined with the style and comfort of modern architecture makes these houses a preferred choice by homeowners. From expansion windows and wooden accents to industrial-inspired fixtures, modern country living focuses on creating cozy yet comfortable spaces.

Dormer windows, hardwood floors, farmhouse accents, and a seamless connection to the outdoors bring the residents closer to nature, and contemporary elements bring comfort and a sense of sophistication.

Retractable Screen Doors: Increased Functionality and Style

Retractable screens are an indispensable addition to your home that offer a plethora of benefits. The best part about them is that they seamlessly blend with the timeless allure of rural aesthetics. Have a look at some of the pros of these modern-styled doors below:

Pest Control

A seamless integration with the surrounding landscapes keeps the residents close to nature. However, insects and bugs dwell in natural environments and can be a hindrance to establishing this connection between Mother Nature and mankind. Retractable screen doors can safeguard you and your family from these unwanted intruders and allow you to enjoy the natural views at the same time.

Temperature Regulation

A modern farmhouse is an ideal setting for individuals who wish to live in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Retractable screens can be quite helpful in this regard. They facilitate adequate ventilation and circulation of fresh air through your house, which helps in regulating temperature. In this way, you can enjoy the beauty of different seasons. From enjoying a cool breeze in hot summers to basking in a cozy sun-kissed corner in winter, you can have a wonderful encounter with different climate conditions. 

Retractable screens promote a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle that is the core of modern farmhouse living.

Unobstructed Views

Natural landscapes, breathtaking views of rolling hills, lush green meadows, and blue ponds are the beauty of countryside living. Why keep yourself from enjoying this tranquility of nature? Install retractable screens to soothe your eyes with the calmness of green vegetation. 

Traditionally, wooden doors block these panoramic vistas, but with retractable doors, they’re just a screen away!


Retractable screens come in different styles and can be customized according to the individual tastes and preferences of the homeowners. They allow you to harmonize tradition with creativity. The sophisticated and sleek design of retractable screen doors combines contemporary style with rural heritage to complement the aesthetics of your modern country home.

Image Source: Canva

Crawl Space Waterproofing for a Dry Home

Crawl space is a silent guardian of the structural integrity of your modern country house. Although crawl spaces in contemporary farmhouses highlight the harmonious coexistence with the natural environment, they encounter their own unique set of challenges. 

A house situated in a natural landscape has a higher chance of groundwater seepage into the crawl space. Spring rains and summer storms, while calming the aesthetics of a pluviophile, can also bring along moisture, mold infestation, and structural decay. 

Waterproofing your crawl space allows you to save your house from these vulnerabilities. A wet crawl space is a constant nuisance. Modern country house owners should look for different waterproofing techniques to preserve the structural strength of their home and nurture an environment that favors originality and closeness to nature.

Combined Benefits of Retractable Screens and Crawl Space Waterproofing

Installing retractable screens and waterproofing the crawl space collectively elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your contemporary-styled country house. While crawl space contributes to the structural strength of your home and allows you to preserve its beauty for coming generations, retractable screens help you establish a connection with nature’s beauty.

Outdoor-Indoor Transition

A dry and structurally sound foundation gives homeowners the confidence to extend their living space into the outdoors. Homeowners are usually afraid of water incursion, but sealing off moisture allows them to enjoy the serenity of their surroundings without worrying about water damage.

On the other hand, retractable screens also allow a harmonious indoor-outdoor transition. They allow natural light and refreshing air into the house while keeping pesky insects outside. 

Preservation of the Rural Charm

The main idea of modern country homes is to preserve rustic architecture. Waterproofing a crawl space can be quite helpful in this regard. It safeguards the integrity of your home thereby preserving its rustic allure for the upcoming generations. It ensures that the home retains its authentic charm by preventing mold infestation that would otherwise cause wood rot and structural decay.

Retractable doors also help preserve the rural charm through their unobstructed design that allows the occupants to stay connected with the vintage rural vibes of modern country homes. At the same time, they offer functionality and protect your home from rainwater, pests, and insects that might damage its rustic components.

Increased Comfort and Livability 

Retractable doors and dry crawl spaces integrate to ensure comfortable and convenient living for the residents. Both act as a shield against moisture coming from outside, improve air quality, regulate temperature, and create an optimal environment for living.

The unique combination of practical and aesthetic appeal makes your surroundings enjoyable, comfortable, and liveable. Retractable doors allow cross-ventilation and temperature regulation, optimizing the ambient air quality for living. Dry crawl spaces prevent mold growth, which, if left unchecked, could deteriorate the health of the occupants. 


Crawl space waterproofing maintenance and retractable screen installation both contribute to sustainability and resilience. By sealing off moisture, waterproofing reduces the need for renovations and repairs that would indirectly affect environmental sustainability. Similarly, retractable doors regulate temperature and facilitate natural ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning systems that release chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

This approach is beneficial not only for preserving the rural yet contemporary charm of your home but also for reducing the carbon footprint.


One can enhance the aesthetics and integrity of your modern country house by installing retractable doors and waterproofing your crawl space. Retractable doors are versatile, allow pest control, and provide unobstructed views of nature, whereas waterproofing prevents your home from structural decay resulting from moisture accumulation and mold growth. In a nutshell, both retractable doors and dry crawl space maintain the rustic charm of your home and make it comfortable for living at the same time. 

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