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Living Big in a Tiny Home: 11 Ways to Maximize Your Space

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
spacious kitchen in a tiny home

A tiny home doesn't mean small living. Sure, it a lifestyle preferred by minimalist, but a tiny home can be enjoyed by just about anyone! Although you might need to go through some of your items and get rid of things you no longer use or need, you can function in a tiny home the same way you would in a regular-sized home.

There are several ways to start living big in a tiny home. With the right tiny home tips in mind, you won't have to make many compromises either. All it takes to live big in a tiny home are a few storage hacks and tricks to maximize space.

If you're ready to start transforming your tiny house into a maximized living space, then you'll want to continue reading below! Here's everything you need to know.

1. An Accordion Window and Bar

A great way to not only maximize your tiny-home space but actually increase the amount of living space you have is to connect the indoors to the outdoors. Accordion windows can do just that for you. These windows are long horizontally.

They open in a fold-like manner, and the entire window opens up. By installing a bar shelf on the outer side of it, you now have a bar attached to your home! Setup a few bar stools outside at the bar and enjoy eating and drinking in the fresh air.

It's also a great idea to build an attached deck to your tiny home where you install the accordion window and bar. This will keep your toes out of the sand and will make it feel more like an outdoor living space. Don't forget to hang curtains or install a large awning over the deck as well.

2. Drawers in the Stairs

Drawers located inside the staircase is a great way to maximize your space. Under each stair, install a drawer that pulls out. You can use these drawers for just about anything!

Put your extra clothes inside them, some of your kitchen utensils, blankets, knick-knacks and other odds and ends, or something else. If you're worried about little ones having easy access to them and getting into them, then you can consider using drawers with locks on them.

The locks will keep all of your belongings safe from small children or visitors.  

3. Doors that Double as Ladders

Many tiny homes are built with lofts in them. The lofts tend to hold bedrooms or extra living spaces such as dens. If your tiny home has a loft, then you can consider using doors that double as ladders to help save space.

When you have a door to a room directly under the loft, you can install steps on it to get you to the loft. If this is something you want to incorporate into your own tiny home, then do be sure the door is made of high-quality material like solid wood.

The hinges and steps should also all be of good quality. As long as you have the means to create a ladder door using strong, stable materials, then this could be a great space-saving option. You can also consider a rolling library ladder as well.

4. Magnetic Strips in the Kitchen

When it comes to finding a place for all of your kitchen utensils, things might get a bit cramped. Don't compromise by getting rid of your favorite steak knife or stockpot. Instead, save kitchen space by hanging magnetic strips on the kitchen walls.

These magnetic strips work well for hanging all sorts of different kitchen utensils on. Hang as many as you'd like and place as many utensils as you can on them. The result is much more room leftover in your kitchen drawers for other items that can't be hung on the strips.

You can also consider hanging a pot rack from the ceiling, which might act as a decoration when not in use. You can do this in the middle of the kitchen or wherever works best. Once you get all of your pots and pans hung up and out of the way, you'll have even more room in your kitchen.

5. Burner Covers for Counter-space

We know how important counter space is in any kitchen, even in a tiny home's kitchen. Unfortunately, you might not have too much of it in your tiny home. There are ways to find it, though.

Installing burner covers is a great way to put the burners away when not in use and get more counter space for prepping your meals. The type of covers you'll need are ones that slide over the burners and ones that are built into the countertops. This will create a flat surface when covering the burners.

6. Stackable Chairs or Stools

Stackable chairs and stools are other great items to have in your tiny home. When you have guests over or when you're ready to sit down at the table and eat, you can pull the chairs out. When done, simply stack them back on top of one another and set them to the side.

There's no need to have chairs out unless they're being used. Otherwise, they'll get in the way and can become tripping hazards. Another idea is to use a table and chairs that allow the chairs to slide completely under the table and out of the way.

7. Sliding Doors All-Around

How many doors does your tiny home have? Do you find yourself cramped for space when needing to open them? Do the doors hit your furniture if you try to open them all the way?

If so, you can save yourself the hassle and save some space by installing sliding doors all around the home. Each door in your tiny home can be switched out for a sliding door instead. You'll no longer need to worry about having to strategically place furniture to avoid it getting hit by the doors.

8. A Round Tub in the Bathroom

Your tiny home might not have a huge bathroom, but with the right tricks, you can get the most out of your space. Round bathtubs aren't as bulky as square ones and make getting around the bathroom much easier.

You can also purchase a round tub that allows you to fill the water to shoulder height while sitting inside of it. Hanging shelves over the toilet and creating built-in storage cabinets into the bathroom walls are a few other ways to maximize your bathroom space.

9. A Built-in Drawer Refrigerator

You want as much space as you can get inside your kitchen to move around, prep meals, cook, and clean. The last thing you want to do is try to dance around the refrigerator each time you step inside the kitchen. Full-size refrigerators take up a lot of space.  

Half-sized ones don't provide enough storage for all your food and drinks. What's the solution? A built-in drawer refrigerator is convenient and saves plenty of space.

You can also decide on how big you want the drawers and how many of them. Then, you'll have them installed into your kitchen cabinetry. You'll open them like you would any other drawer in the kitchen, except these drawers will be refrigerated!

10. A Pullout Bed From the Floor

If you need more bedrooms in your tiny home, or if you want to use the bedroom for something else, then you can install a pullout bed from the floor. That's right! Pullout beds can be installed into the floor of a tiny home's design plan.

When not in use, you simply slide it into the floor and it becomes a step. When you're ready to go to bed, you'll pull it out. You can also use a couch with a pullout bed in it or install a bed into the wall that pulls down.

Any way you can find to keep the bed hidden when not in use is ideal.

11. An Expandable Dining Table

An expandable dining table comes in handy for a few reasons. When the family is ready to sit down and eat, expand the table to its largest setting, and unstack your chairs. When the family isn't eating at the table, condense it back into its smallest setting.

In its smallest setting, it can be used as a coffee table, an entryway table, a desk, and more.

Start Living Big in a Tiny Home Right Now

Why compromise to live in your tiny home when you can start living big in a tiny home right now! Follow the advice given here to start rearranging, replacing, and hanging until your tiny home provides you with all the room and space you need.

Are you ready to take the plunge and start a tiny-home lifestyle?

Browse through our collection of tiny homes today and don't forget that even a tiny home can be spacious with the right tips and tricks up your sleeve!

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