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Looking for an Outdoor Rug? Here's What to Take into Consideration When Choosing

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Outdoor decorated exterior deck with a rug and tent

Carpets can decorate environments and, at the same time, delimit them and make exteriors, however spacious they may be, seem super cozy.

One big aspect of tiny living we try to incorporate into everyone of our tiny home designs is including the outdoors in our living space. Opening up your home to live indoor-outdoor makes your space feel larger, and in a tiny home that’s important!

A great outdoor rug is unquestionably the best tool for enhancing the comfort of a space and zoning it visually. A precious resource, especially when discussing "open air" environments. You can't imagine how much a porch, balcony, or terrace can change until you put an outdoor rug there!

The popular aloha rugs can even help transform the exterior into another house extension. But it is a great truth that not all rugs are suitable for outdoor use. One should consider factors such as whether they resist wear and tear and the weather. 

Read on to learn more about what to take into consideration when choosing an outdoor rug.

How To Decorate An Outdoor Area With Rugs?

Outdoor rugs bring warmth and comfort to open areas. If indoors, rugs are used to separate spaces, warm cushion steps, and create a comfortable environment; the same is done outside.

Just like indoors with outdoor rugs, you can also use them to delimit spaces.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your modern tiny house exterior or rustic tiny house exterior, adding an outdoor rug will help bring the space together. Even on small balconies, or terraces of just a few meters, outdoor rugs are the best solution to hide even minor defects on the floor. If we have a deteriorated floor or don't like it, outdoor rugs will give this area a new life. In addition, it is a simple way to change the external area you want to decorate without needing work.

Before you start decorating your porch, balcony, or terrace with an outdoor rug, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Will it be under a roof, or will it be exposed to sun and rain?

An outdoor rug will better withstand nature's elements and inclement weather as long as it is covered. 

Otherwise, there are certain materials that you should avoid, for example, natural fibers. It would be better to opt for materials such as polyester, and rubberized latex, which are much more resistant to water and sun and easy to clean.

Does the rug have to absorb heat?

Make sure that the outdoor rug you fell in love with doesn't trap heat because you'll need it to be fantastic for maximum underfoot comfort in the summer. In any case, outdoor rugs are already made of fresh materials capable of sweating very well.

Will there be a pool nearby?

Suppose you are going to place your outdoor rug next to a swimming pool. In that case, fountain or wet area, the most recommended rugs are those made of polypropylene, as they prevent moisture from penetrating and, in addition, they dry quickly, and the sun does not change their color.

What is my Ideal Exterior Home Design?

Having a clear design style makes it much easier to select your furniture, fixtures and decorations if you know what design style you need to match. One of the biggest design mistakes is when people mix and match design styles that end up clashing and make the whole space look poorly designed.

Designed exterior hangout space

Types Of Materials For Outdoor Mats

Cleaning the mat frequently will extend its lifespan. If it's small, shaking it might be enough, but if its size is generous, it might make this operation difficult.

Then in this type of case, the ideal is to vacuum to get rid of dust, dirt, and leaves. And then, depending on the material, apply the most suitable cleaning.

There is no general rule for everyone because it depends a lot on the type of material that the chosen rug is made of. Therefore, the ideal is to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations. Here are some tips on how to properly clean each type of rug.

Vegetable fiber rugs

Their touch is more pleasant than synthetic rugs, and their handcrafted finish makes them beautiful and cozy. However, they are more delicate, and it is better to protect them by placing them under a covering. What fibers are we talking about? For example, Jute, sisal, coconut, bamboo, etc. 

These types of rugs are ideal for chic boho terraces. They are recommended to be vacuumed once or twice a week to clean them. If any liquid spills on them, wipe them off immediately before drying them with a cloth soaked in water. These types of rugs usually already have stain protectors, but it's better to be safe...

Cotton rugs

They look fresh and informal, are lightweight, and often come in thousands of different patterns and colors. To keep them in perfect condition, you can wash them in the machine. That's simple. Another advantage is that they withstand high temperatures very well.

Size And Layout

If you have different areas (dining room, chill-out, hammocks...), think carefully about how you will organize the areas before buying the first rug you come across. 

Remember that the interior decorating rules are also valid for the exterior - that at least part of the furniture in the respective area to be decorated rests on the carpet or that the table and chairs remain inside the carpet. Beware of narrow open spaces; you may need help finding the correct size. An alternative is to buy several smaller rugs and combine them. In addition to their high decorative power, as we said above, rugs can be a fundamental element to separate environments and differentiate them even in outdoor areas.

What is the ideal design to combine with outdoor furniture?

The plain ones are easier to match and more discreet, while the printed ones can transform any environment while adding character and personality. If you have several areas, define them with a different design to mark the environment even more. 

Did you like the tips? We hope you enjoyed them and put them into practice. Learn more design tips in the Blog!

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