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Give Your Tiny Home the Outdoor-Indoor Living Feeling Using Garage Doors

Updated on:
May 14, 2024
Garage door open in tiny home

Over the years, architectural ideas and home designs have adopted “out-of-the-box” concepts. More and more homeowners want multi-functional homes with open floor plans, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic paved the way for the new normal. Nowadays, everything is done at home – work, school, meetings, and even seminars and workshops.

An unconventional idea that is becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners is the fusion of outdoor and indoor living. Imagine living in a home where the outdoor and indoor elements freely flow through and mix. It’s like moving your entire garden inside, inviting the cool breeze in. You do not have to move the outdoors into the interiors of your home literally; you just have to create a bridge that will connect the two elements. Using garage doors is one way of doing this.

Garage doors are ideal for tiny homes because they give off an artistic and aesthetic vibe and create an illusion of space. Garage door installation is also in demand among homeowners because they conveniently encourage a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor elements. Wide, open, continuous spaces; a lot of natural lighting; and a closer connection to nature are only some of the advantages of having tiny homes with garage doors.

Using garage doors is also more financially practical compared to installing multi-folded doors and window walls.

Rock climbing wall around open garage door

Garage Door Ideas for Tiny Homes

Here are some creative, out-of-the-box ideas for using garage doors in your tiny homes.

Garage door open in living room

A garage door for your family room

Install a full-view glass garage door for your family room. This will give you a scenic view of the outdoors. The area will be bathed in natural light, and the cool breeze will freely flow when the door is fully opened.  

You can spend afternoons with your family playing board games, watching TV, or reading books. You can even watch the sunset together. It can be the most stress-free part of your home.

A garage door for your sunroom/deck

Installing an automatic garage door on your sunroom or deck is a practical idea. In the cold winter months, you can keep the garage door closed to preserve the indoor heat. In the summertime, open the door when the indoor heat is too much to bear.

A garage door for your open-floor room

An open-floor room has no divisions. You can comfortably move from one part of the house to another. An automated garage door is ideal for such settings because it seamlessly connects the indoors with the outdoor environment. There are no borders, so you can freely move from the kitchen/dining counter to the living room and the outdoors.

In the early morning, you can keep the garage door up so you can view the sunrise and then close it when the sun is at its hottest. You can open it again just before sunset and keep the door up as long as you can to enjoy the relaxing view of the starry blue skies.

Open garage door in kitchen

A garage door for your tiny kitchen

If you’ve always had smoke problems while cooking or baking in your kitchen, it’s time for a simple transformation. Instead of using regular windows, why not use garage doors as transom windows? You can have them placed on the wall by the sink so natural light can flow through easily. After cooking or baking, simply open the door and let all the smoke and unpleasant smell out.

A garage door that opens to your garden

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, opening the door, and walking straight to your tiny garden. Imagine yourself drinking tea or coffee in the mid-afternoon, reading a book inside your room, and watching the beautiful blooms in your landscaped garden. You can do this if you install an automated glass garage door or full-view garage door (instead of the typical sliding doors) between your bedroom and your garden.

garage door in living room

A garage door to make your tiny house look and feel wider

Maximize the space of your tiny home by replacing some interior walls or entrances with a rolling garage door. It can connect your living room or dining area to a small (but comfortable) entertainment room or deck. If you keep the garage door open, it will add space to your home.

A rolling garage door is also perfect for any room on the upper floor that leads to a balcony.

A garage door for an outbuilding

If you want to add an outbuilding to your tiny home – probably something that you can use as an office, gym, or studio, use a side-opening garage door, so you’ll have more space.

Living garage door

Weatherproofing Your Garage Doors

To ensure the efficiency of your garage doors, it is crucial to waterproof them. Weatherproofing will help keep your garage doors and home safe from the sun and water, and even from storms. If the place or area where you live is prone to flooding and rains, have your garage doors weatherproofed right away.

You can also waterproof your garage doors by applying a special stain or sealant on their surface. The stain will penetrate the pores of the doors, specifically the wooden garage doors.

Before applying the sealant, ensure that the doors are free of dust, grime, and dirt. If your garage doors are glazed, you have to sand them.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the pillars, walls, and foundations surrounding the garage doors do not have cracks, gaps, and holes.

Your tiny home can benefit significantly from the aesthetic, architectural, and design values of garage doors. Get in touch with a professional, experienced garage door installation specialist to learn more about how you can create an outdoor-indoor living feeling using garage doors.

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