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Oklahoma Tiny Home Rules & Regulations

Updated on:
August 25, 2023
Oklahoma Tiny Home Rules & Regulations

Oklahoma does not have statewide regulations governing tiny homes, so each county and municipality sets its own rules regarding what is accepted, where to site it, etc.

Tiny homes are sustainable and offer huge cost savings, and Oklahoma is known to be an affordable state. Thus, a tiny home in Oklahoma may be the answer to enjoying a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle in the south-central region of the United States.

However, before joining the tiny home movement, there is a lot to consider. 

These include whether the mini-apartments are permitted in the state, what building requirements a tiny house must meet, where to place the house, etc.

Knowing Oklahoma tiny house regulations is the first step to ensuring you are on the right side of the state’s tiny house laws. 

This article will examine Oklahoma Tiny Home rules and regulations. At the end of the article, you’ll know everything there is about building a tiny home in the Sooner State.

Are tiny houses legal in Oklahoma?

Tiny houses are legal in Oklahoma! In fact, Oklahoma is one of the easiest states for tiny home living. This is because Oklahoma has not adopted statewide regulations governing tiny homes, so homeowners may have lots of freedom when going tiny. 

However, local zoning ordinances apply in many areas of the state. Thus, you should defer to your city and county representatives to know what’s applicable when setting up a tiny house.

What kind of tiny houses are permitted in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma allows different types of tiny houses, including tiny homes on wheels (THOW) and tiny homes on foundation (THOF). However, the particular one you can build depends on location and local regulations, as your tiny home must meet local requirements. 

For example, tiny homes on wheels must meet the requirements for RVs and mobile homes, including having proper registration and insurance. 

Also, you need to obtain a building permit from your local municipality for a tiny house on a foundation.

What does a tiny house need to be up to Oklahoma building codes?

Regarding tiny homes, Oklahoma does not have specific laws for statewide regulation. To be on the right side of the law, you should contact your local authorities for specific requirements.

Rules for permanent structures

Tiny houses on foundations are considered permanent structures. Most Oklahoma municipalities treat these permanent structures as accessory dwelling units.

Putting tiny houses on permanent foundations gives them a better chance of meeting building codes. However, these small houses must be connected to utilities (such as electricity, water, and sewer).

Oklahoma building permanent structures
View the Freedom Village Orchid, (a stylish 450 sq. ft. with ginormous glass windows and doors) 

Rules for temporary tiny house

Most Oklahoma municipalities treat tiny houses on wheels (THOW) as recreational vehicles and require that these homes are registered as RVs.

You must meet the safety, electrical, and plumbing requirements of RVs. You may need special permits for a THOW 12 inches or more wide.

Rules for temporary tiny house
View the Beach Bungalow, (a cute 223 sq. ft. tiny house with an inviting inset entryway, octagonal window, and gable roof)

Rules for transitional structures

Transitional structures fall under the jurisdiction of local authorities, so rules for their construction vary from area to area across Oklahoma. 

These authorities specify where to construct these structures and the environmental and building requirements you must meet. 

You should check with the local authorities for specific regulations regarding your transitional structures’ use case.

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What Oklahoma counties allow tiny houses? 

Many Oklahoma counties allow tiny houses if they comply with zoning laws and relevant building code regulations. These include the following counties:

  • Oklahoma County: Some of the most popular cities for tiny houses in Oklahoma County are the county seat (Oklahoma City), Edmond.
  • Tulsa County: The county seat (Tulsa) and Broken Arrow are popular cities for tiny house living in the county.
  • Payne County: Stillwater in Payne County has several tiny homes.
  • Cleveland County: Moore and Norman are popular cities for tiny houses in Cleveland city. In fact, Norman is considering changing zoning regulations and building codes to allow tiny homes in city limits.
  • Comanche County: Lawton is one of the tiny house-friendly cities in Comanche County.
  • Stephens County: This county has several tiny homes, especially in Marlow, where you’ll even find a tiny house community.

Can you permanently live in a tiny house in Oklahoma?

Whether you can live in a tiny home full-time in Oklahoma depends on the house type and local regulations. You may live permanently in a tiny house on a foundation. But living permanently in a tiny house on wheels may not be possible.

This is because many municipalities have rules specifying how long you can park RVs and mobile homes in public parks or on city streets.

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How tiny can a house be in Oklahoma?

Because Oklahoma does not have a statewide regulation, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how tiny a house should be to be considered a tiny house.

Local building codes across the state specify minimum square footage requirements for buildings. So, the acceptable size for tiny houses in Oklahoma depends on the municipality.

Where can I build a tiny house in Oklahoma?

The rules regarding where you can build a tiny house in Oklahoma vary from municipality to municipality. 

While some municipalities are more tiny-home-friendly than others, the popular places for putting tiny homes in the state include:

  • Your land
  • Your backyard
  • Tiny house communities
  • RV parks
  • Approved neighborhood lots

Do I have to pay property taxes for my tiny house?

Property tax regulations vary by location. Thus, you should contact your local tax authority for specific property tax regulations applicable to your tiny house.

However, because they are considered permanent structures, tiny houses on a foundation are usually subject to property taxes. 

These usually do not apply to tiny houses on wheels. However, when you park the THOW on your property, the property may be subject to a property tax.

Can I build and put a tiny house in my backyard in Oklahoma?

You can put a tiny house in the backyard of your own property in Oklahoma if you fulfill all relevant requirements.

It’s possible to site a tiny house in your backyard in Oklahoma if:

  • Local zoning ordinances allow for tiny houses in the area.
  • The house meets relevant building codes.
  • You obtain necessary permits from local authorities.

Where can I park a tiny house on wheels in Oklahoma?

The most popular places to park a tiny house on wheels in Oklahoma include your own property, RV parks, and campgrounds. Many parks and campgrounds have size limits for tiny houses on wheels. 

So, when planning to use these locations, you should check with local managers for any specifications restricting the size of your tiny house.

Park a tiny house on wheels in Oklahoma
View Haven, (A large 354 sq. ft. house on wheels with a high-end design 

How much does it cost to build a Tiny House in Oklahoma?

The cost of building a tiny home in Oklahoma varies depending on the tiny home model, location, and builder. However, an Oklahoma tiny house by an out-of-state builder costs anywhere from $150 to $575 per square foot. 

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Are there tiny home communities in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has several tiny home communities that let tiny house owners live amongst and connect with like-minded people.

Besides the companionship, tiny house communities give homeowners access to shared resources/ amenities, making tiny house living even more enjoyable.

Some of the tiny home communities in Oklahoma are:


InnHabit is a tiny house resort at Cobblestone Hill, Oklahoma. InnHabit uses shipping containers to build beautiful tiny homes in Oklahoma’s first resort town.

The community has many amenities, and eateries and shops are plentiful.

InnHabit meanders along picturesque Medicine Creek, which boasts a waterfall that provides a calming background for family fun. 

Residents can enjoy many outdoor activities as miles of hiking and biking trails surround the town. 

Town and Country RV Park

The Town and Country RV Park is one of the tiny home communities in Southwest Oklahoma. It is off Highway 81 in Marlow. Each tiny home in the community is less than 400 square feet and includes a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. 

Some of the houses even have their own porch. 

Residents can access shared amenities like a pond, a walking area, and a patio for gatherings. 

Residents can also enjoy social activities like bingo nights. 

Heartwood Commons

Heartwood Commons is one of the living communities in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The community includes small, eco-friendly, privately owned homes clustered around a shared common house.

Each house includes a living/ dining room, bedroom, storage, kitchen, and porch (front and back). 

Residents can meet in the common house to share conversations, activities, and meals. 

It includes a large kitchen and dining area and shared spaces for activities (such as exercise, yoga, music jams, book clubs, etc.).

Pivot Tiny Homes

Pivot has a tiny home community on its 12.5-acre campus in Oklahoma City, which aims to provide affordable and stable housing to youths facing homelessness.

Each tiny home in the community has a bedroom space, kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.

The community is served by Pivot’s campus staff, who are onsite 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, someone will be accessible to young residents who find themselves in a crisis.

Takeaway: Learn the key tiny house rules in Oklahoma before moving into one

Many Oklahoma cities (including Oklahoma City, Tusla, Moore, Norman, and Stillwater) are tiny-home-friendly.

However, Oklahoma does not have statewide regulations governing tiny homes. Each county and municipality sets its own rules regarding what is accepted, where to site it, etc. 

For this reason, it’s important to check with local authorities when planning to go tiny in Oklahoma.

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