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Pros and Cons of Buying a Tiny Home in Florida

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Florida houses are costly. There are mortgage payments, electricity bills, and those annoying maintenance fees that seem to appear out of nowhere to worry about. When totaled at the end of the month, these expenses represent a large portion of your revenue.

Advocates of tiny homes assert that their unique approach to downsizing is the resolution to these issues. Tiny houses are not always flawless, but neither are the "large" houses we are accustomed to.

For anyone interested in this unique home type, we've detailed the advantages and drawbacks of small houses so you can make a well-informed choice.

Is Florida Good for Tiny Houses?

Buying a home in Florida is an excellent deal. The good thing is that there are a lot of options for the placement of your tiny home in Florida.

“Florida is among the most small-home-friendly states in the nation, and they provide plenty of chances, especially if your tiny house is portable. In terms of tiny house restrictions, Florida is rather accommodating.” - says Daytona Beach realtor Ron Wysocarski

As in most locations, the regulations differ by county. Always confirm with the zoning and building authorities of the city or county where you intend to locate your tiny home, regardless of where you wish to reside.


Tiny House Friendly Home Appliance

You don't have to sacrifice comfort simply because you've chosen to downsize your living arrangements in Florida. It is possible to install air conditioning, a washing machine and dryer, stovetops, and even a tiny bathtub in a house that is on the smaller side.

Many tiny houses are designed to seem like larger homes and include contemporary and sometimes even lavish amenities like heated tiles and towel warmers to make them into quite the little masterpieces.

Cheap Cost of Living

Tiny homes are a more budget-friendly alternative to traditional homes in Florida, where the median sale price for single-family homes is around $400,000. Tiny homes typically range from $20,000 to $200,000 and provide the same benefits as a conventional home, but with lower monthly expenses. Therefore, it's often more cost-effective to purchase a tiny home than a traditional one.

Easy to Customize

Whether you are creating a small home for yourself or collaborating with a contractor, you may tailor-make your tiny home to your own needs and aesthetic preferences. You may construct a rustic mobile cottage, a modern trailer, or whatever else your heart desires. 

You may be quite inventive with it. If you need a coach, you can install one with retractable seats inside your living room and pull it in and out at pleasure. If you have guests, you may create a bedroom downstairs or convert the space into a personal office.

Eco-Friendly Tiny House

In the United States, residential and commercial structures contribute approximately 40% of carbon emissions and 15% of potable water, therefore tiny houses aim to lessen the negative effect of creating and maintaining a home. It is more ecologically friendly if it has a smaller carbon footprint, less consumption, more energy efficiency, and other factors.

It has been demonstrated that those who downsized to a small home utilized 54% less energy than the average American. This makes sense, given that there are teeny-tiny cupboards and storage compartments that restrict hoarding.

Read more about this tiny home here!


Tiny House Resale Value

Unfortunately, little house values decline, and the majority of owners lose money when they sell. Upgrades do raise the total worth of a product, but not always enough to justify its cost. Unless the residence is extremely distinctive or exceptionally well-maintained, this is the unfortunate reality.

But who can say? If local governments begin recognizing small houses as dwellings, more of them may arise, stabilizing the market for tiny house real estate.

Tiny House Can Be Crowded

As long as it's something you truly desire and you're prepared to reduce, moving into a tiny house as a single person isn't that horrible.

But moving into a 200-square-foot room with a considerable other or a family with kids might be challenging. There is minimal privacy, and it is difficult to avoid each other's personal space. There is no place to let off steam if a fight breaks out.

It’s Illegal Somewhere

The tiny home movement is still quite new, and not all municipal building standards permit the use of such small structures as dwellings.

Before deciding to build a small home, you should investigate its legality in your region and determine if you can obtain building permission. It would be terrible to move into your ideal home only to be evicted shortly thereafter. Local building regulations may have special restrictions for your tiny house, such as a required ceiling height and a specified number of escape windows.

Before you begin creating the architectural drawings, you may choose to contact a local building examiner about the local code requirements.

Tiny houses are a great solution for some, but they're not for everyone. The idea of having a small mortgage or no mortgage is certainly appealing. The environmental benefits that tiny houses offer will keep them popular in a constantly changing world. There are pros and cons to living in a tiny house, so it's important to consider your personal preferences and circumstances when making a decision.

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