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19 Space Saving Door Ideas

Updated on:
February 16, 2024
space saving door ideas

Image Source: Canva

When it comes to interior design, often the most overlooked element for optimizing small spaces is the door. A door is more than just an entrance or exit; it can creatively contribute to space optimization and serve as an innovative solution to compact living. 

In this article, we explore space saving door ideas that are not only functional but also add an element of style and personal touch to your home improvement efforts.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors, as the name suggests, disappear into the wall when opened. These types of doors are a perfect fit for spaces where there's no room to swing a door in or out of. By installing a pocket door in your small home or apartment, you achieve effortless space optimization without sacrificing your interior design.

Barn Doors

Among space saving door ideas, barn doors cannot be overlooked. Often known for their rustic appearance, these sliding doors can be custom made to match your home's aesthetic. Unlike traditional swinging doors, barn doors slide parallel to the wall, providing an appealing and functional design solution.

Glass Bifold Doors

Glass bifold doors are an excellent door design, especially when you're eager to create a seamless flow between your interior and exterior environments. When opened, the door splits into two panels and folds against the wall, saving substantial space. Besides, the glass panels allow an abundance of natural light to flood your interior spaces and offer scenic views when necessary.

Pivot Doors

When space is at a premium, every square foot counts. Pivot doors, which revolve around a pivot point, rather than traditional hinges, can save space and add a sleek design element to any room. They can revolve both inwards and outwards, making them an ideal choice for home organization needs in compact living spaces.

Shoji Doors

Image Source: Canva

Originally from Japan, shoji doors have become a trendy part of interior design across the globe. These sliding doors, with their translucent rice paper panels, add an elegant and minimalist aesthetic to your home. These doors are an excellent room divider, best for creating privacy in compact spaces without blocking natural light.

Dutch Doors

Also known as split doors, Dutch doors are unique in their style. With an upper and lower half that function separately, these doors often work well for families with children or pets. The top half can stay open for ventilation and light, while the bottom half remains closed for safety purposes. These doors are an elegant way to maintain openness and comfort in a small space.

Garage Door

When people think of garage doors, they often visualize them on the exteriors of homes. However, with a little creative door solution, these doors can become an innovative part of your interior design. A garage door can create a grand opening to your outdoors, making your living room look bigger and your home feel more spacious.

French Accordion Doors

French accordion doors are a marriage of the classic French door style with the modern twist of accordion functionality. This door style, often used as a room divider or for closets in small spaces, folds up compactly when fully opened, saving valuable floor space.

Glass Sliding Doors

Image Source: Canva

Glass sliding doors are another fantastic space saving solution. Often used as either room dividers or external doors, their design lets in an ample amount of light and offers unobstructed views. Moreover, their sliding functionality ensures that no extra floor space is needed for the door to operate.

Mirrored Doors

Mirrored doors are a multifunctional door idea, especially for smaller homes where storage is crucial. While functioning as a regular door, its mirror facade also creates an illusion of a larger room. This type of door can also serve as a full-length dressing mirror, making it a practical addition to bedrooms or closet areas.

Glass Paneled Shaker Doors

Mixing simplicity and elegance, glass paneled shaker doors introduce a feeling of depth in any room. With a minimalistic design, these doors can serve as room dividers yet still maintain an open feeling thanks to the glass panels. They're a functional yet stylish solution for space optimization.

Saloon Style Swinging Doors

Add a bit of fun to your interior design with saloon style swinging doors. They're a perfect solution for the kitchen or dining rooms where your hands might be full, and a traditional doorknob inconvenient. Inspired by the wild west, these doors swing both ways and can be pushed open with ease.

Interior Sliding Door

Interior sliding doors are the epitome of space saving door styles. They can be installed anywhere, from bedroom entrances to kitchen pantries. As they slide horizontally on a rail rather than swinging out, they are perfect for compact spaces.

Double Fold In Doors

Double fold in doors are a more extravagant folding door design. These doors can fold both inwards and outwards, providing optimal space efficiency. They can be used as a room divider or an attractive entrance to your outdoor patio or balcony.

Accordion Style Divider

If you're searching for a door style that provides privacy without sacrificing openness, an accordion style divider is a perfect choice. This flexible design allows you to expand or reduce your space as per your requirements at any given time.

Leather Tufted Door

For a touch of luxurious charm to your space optimization efforts, consider a leather tufted door. While serving its primary function as a door or room divider, the leather texture introduces a rich and sophisticated feel to any room.

Minimalist Room Divider

When it comes to space saving door ideas, sometimes less is more. A minimalist room divider can effortlessly divide a room without making it feel crammed. They work exceptionally well in integrating studio apartments or open floor plan homes.

Vintage Bi Fold Doors

Vintage bi fold doors incorporate an aesthetic element into a home while saving space. These doors fold onto themselves and provide access to the whole width of the doorway. With their vintage appeal, they can add an old-world charm to your modern, compact living.

Chalkboard Door

Chalkboard doors are an innovative way to make your doors multifunctional. A door that doubles as a chalkboard can be a great space saving addition to a kitchen or a child's room. Apart from fulfilling the door's basic function, it also serves as a canvas for grocery lists, doodles, or notes.


There is a multitude of innovative doors and door styles available that can significantly contribute to space optimization and the creation of space-efficient interiors. 

Whether you choose sliding doors or a more exotic choice, be assured that each door design has its unique way of enhancing space and improving home organization

So next time you plan your home improvement, do consider these space saving door ideas. And remember, a door is not just a door; it's an opportunity to maximize your space and express your style.

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