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Teacup Tiny Homes - Builder Review

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
teacup tiny house interior

If you've been in the tiny house space for awhile or done some research (especially in Canada) you may have already heard of Teacup Tiny Homes. They are a tiny house designer and builder based out of Alberta, Canada that started in 2016. Founder and Owner Jennifer McCarthy began Teacup Tiny Homes with a vision of diversifying housing needs across Canada and the U.S. by using her passion, drive and vision along side her years of residential construction experience.

The Teacup Tiny Home is a full service company with a solid team that consists of many journeymen trades that have been in the home building and manufacturing industry for decades. They believe that to build the best tiny homes out there, they need the best trade and supplier partners.

Teacup Tiny House Founder and Team

Plus, they don't just build your home, they help you through the whole process of truly identifying your needs and wants as well as how to design your home around your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. To do so, you can choose from their featured models and customize them to best fit your needs or you can choose to go fully custom with them where the sky is the limit.

As you know, we are big advocates for choosing builders that have the proper certifications. Teacup Tiny Homes proudly designs and builds according to multiple reputable certifications like RVIA, CSA Z240 RV, Z241 Park Model, A277 Foundation Homes, and more.

If you know Jennifer, you know she is full of energy and is all about creating meaningful experiences — for her family, business, employees and her clients. She does so by providing functional designs that allow her clients to enhance and enrich their lives by going tiny.

The Teacup Tiny Homes Core Values:

  • Experience: Experience life fully and in the moment.
  • Nurture: Nurture and care for the needs of our clients and ourselves. Going above and beyond is the bare minimum.
  • Trust: Trust the process, that all events in life are working out for you and for a higher purpose. Accept the events as part of the process to achieve greatness!
  • Growth: Foster a growth mindset. I can learn anything I need to and find solutions. Everything is figure-outable.
  • Empathy: understanding and communication with those around us to achieve win/win results.

These core values she set in place for her company are in tune with Jennifers philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Her mission is to help people obtain financial freedom to be able to live life to the fullest. Going tiny is a great way to become financially free so you can start living the life you've dreamed of.

Overall, Teacup Tiny Homes is building design-savvy tiny homes that are innovative, attainable, and a place to call home. Plus they ship anywhere in Canada and even ship to the USA!

What more can we say, they are definitely worth looking into!

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