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The 8 Do's and Don'ts for a stress-free moving day

Updated on:
December 21, 2023
Family taking selfie on moving day with boxes

Moving day is one of the most stressful days that you will face, but if you can follow these simple do's and don'ts for moving day then you will be able to minimize some of the stress.

DO start early

Everyone knows the feeling of rushing around on a moving day, trying to get everything packed and loaded into your car before you have to leave for your new home. It's a lot like playing a game of Tetris!

There are better ways to do things than this though! If you start packing early, then you'll be able to pack more efficiently and it will take less time on moving day. You'll also minimize how much stuff is left behind in an empty apartment or house!

DON'T pack up your essentials

While it's a good idea to start early, make sure not to pack things that you will need on the day itself. You'll need things like your keys, identification papers and anything else that you will need to get into your new home on moving day.

DO label and make lists

Label every single box with what's inside. Not only is this a good idea for organization, but it will also come in handy when the time comes to unpack all of your belongings into new homes.

Mover with boxes
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Make lists of where you are taking each box on moving day too. If alone, then make sure that at least one person has access to this list on moving day.

DON'T keep it all

Moving is a great time to weed through your belongings and get rid of things that you don't need to take with you to your new space. Not only will less eliminate moving unnecessary boxes, it will also help you minimize your unpacking time.

DO ask for help

Moving day is a day that you don't want to try and do alone. Ask friends and family for help, even if it's just for a few hours.

If you can't find anyone to help you on moving day, there are plenty of resources available online from companies that specialize in helping people move, such as Muval. You'll be able to get a quote and schedule help before your move.

DON'T assume your friends/family will do it

If you are not planning on hiring professional movers, then make sure you communicate your needs with your friends and family. Moving can be a big job, and it’s best not to assume your family and friends are going to be available or able to do it. Whether it be physical limitations or time constraints, make sure you have everyone on board, otherwise, you may be left struggling on your own.

It's also a good idea to provide moving day essentials such as water, snacks and maybe even lunch for those who volunteer to help on moving day. It is even better to hire a professional long-distance moving company.

DO think about children and/or pets

Moving day can be a difficult time even for adults, but if you have children or pets around then it can make the whole process much more stressful.

To make things easier, keep them busy during packing by finding boxes full of their favorite toys and other items that will make them feel comfortable in their new home.

If possible, having family or friends help by babysitting or pet sitting may be the best option. Not only will it relieve stress for the child and animal, but it will also help parents (and fur-parents) not be preoccupied with snacks, naps, or whatever else your dependent requires.

DON'T forget to accessorize

It may sound silly, but having the right tools will make all the difference, especially when it comes to packing and unpacking! Make sure you have boxes that are of adequate size for your belongings, a moving supplies kit complete with bubble wrap and marker to label boxes, and a favorite tape gun.

DO make sure your car is in good condition

If you are planning on driving to your new home, don't rely on a car that has been sitting for months without getting regular maintenance checks. Getting a tune-up before a long trip will give you peace of mind and it can also save you from being stranded on moving day...which would put a serious kink in your moving plans. If you still find it difficult to rely on your car and you doubt its performance, in this case, you can turn to car rental services where you will get it instantly and you won't have to worry about anything​​​​​​.

DON'T forget to check the house

Doing a quick walk through once your home is emptied is a chance to ensure nothing is left behind. Check each room and make sure there aren't any forgotten belongings.

Family on moving day
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DO keep your valuables with you

If you are planning on handling the move yourself, it's best to keep your most valuable things in your car with you. This way if anything goes missing or gets broken, these items will be in safe keeping until the move-in is complete.

DON'T panic when there are bumps

Moving can be a stressful process, so don't freak out if things take longer than expected or items get broken. Everyone has bad moving days, so just keep your cool and remember — it'll all be over soon.

DO say goodbye

If you have a moment of wistfulness after closing the door to your former dwelling, don't worry! It's perfectly normal. Take a minute to feel nostalgic and then get on with moving forward in your new place.

DON'T forget to eat

With all the busyness happening on moving day, you may easily forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you have snacks on hand to keep your energy up, and be careful that you don't forget to eat a real meal too. By drinking plenty of water and ensuring you take regular breaks, you will help eliminate fatigue, stress and frustrations on moving day.

DO try to enjoy yourself

Moving doesn't have to be a miserable experience. While it may not be the best day of your life, moving can be a fun and exciting time. By keeping things in perspective, doing the most you can, and not taking it all too seriously, moving day can be a great new chapter in your life.

Regardless of if you are moving for the first time or you are doing it for the fifth, it can feel like an overwhelming and daunting process. With a little planning and a lot of patience, the entire experience can be much less stressful. Choosing a reliable insurance provider is especially important as you need to be confident in your car insurer.

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