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The Financial Benefits of Tiny House Living for Students

Updated on:
February 25, 2024
The Financial Benefits of Tiny House Living for Students

Image Source: Canva

Tiny homes are getting more and more popular among college students due to many different reasons. They’re earth-friendly, pocket-friendly, and mobile. As a rule, tiny homes are not more than 400 square feet, making them an excellent option for those who live on a student budget. Plus, they represent the so-called minimalist lifestyle that proved to be effective in combatting stress. In this article, we will focus on some of the top financial benefits of tiny house living for college undergrads. Let’s dive in!

More Affordable Housing Option

Every single day, college students face various financial challenges, from living expenses, tuition fees, and online services like essay service, monthly subscriptions to apps like Spotify which are an essential part of social life. It’s no wonder they can’t afford to live in a huge house. That’s when tiny houses save the day! The cost of a tiny home is typically lower than conventional student housing. This can be especially beneficial for those who have limited income and struggle to afford the traditional high cost of student housing. What is more, most tiny homes have some basic items like a bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping place. So, undergrads have an opportunity to save some bucks by cooking at home (thus, avoiding expensive cafés and restaurants).

Reduced Utility Bills

As a rule, designers create tiny homes that are energy-efficient. Plus, they make sure to equip their products with composting toilets, solar panels, and top-notch insulation. Whether you rent it or even buy it on Amazon, you’re sure to face significantly lower bills in contrast to the ones you may receive when living in a large house. This, in turn, is an excellent opportunity to save money in college.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

When you are a student living in a tiny home, you have less square footage to maintain. As a rule, tiny homes require less maintenance and upkeep. In other words, your bucks and time are saved, while you can concentrate on your classes and other priorities in life.  


There’s a bunch of tiny houses that are built on trailers. This makes them portable and allows young adults in college to easily relocate their homes whenever the need comes. This kind of flexibility can be especially advantageous if you have to move on a regular basis. For example, if you have to move for internships, job opportunities, or educational purposes, a tiny portable home could be an option.

Reduced Clutter and Consumption

When you decide to live in a tiny house, you should go for a minimalist lifestyle. This decision will help you save some funds since you will 100% cut off unnecessary spending on material possessions. What is more, knowing that you own a small living space means that you will definitely stay away from the so-called impulse purchases. Even more here: you will soon find yourself encouraged to cultivate mindful consumption habits.

Opportunities for Income Generation

While many students choose to live in tiny houses, a lot of undergrads actually use them as a source of…income! For example, when the house (for some reason) is not in use, you can rent it out. You are welcome to use platforms like Airbnb or find students like you who are in need of a pocket-friendly place to live. These simple options can help you offset the costs of ownership and, let’s face it, generate some extra income.

Income Diversification

In addition to renting out your tiny apartment or house, you can actually check out some income-generating opportunities that are related to tiny house living. For instance, you may offer workshops or some sort of consulting services that will help other students choose the most sustainable living options. You could provide some valuable recommendations on earth-friendly design, DIY bathroom or any other room renovation, or even tiny house construction. All the options mentioned above may boost your unique living and financial situation by being new reliable sources of income.

Image Source: Canva

Eco Benefits

In contrast to larger homes, tiny houses and apartments have a smaller environmental footprint. The reason is quite simple: they require fewer resources to build and function. If you’re one of the environmentally conscious people (that we all should be!), you will definitely appreciate the sustainability aspects of your new setting. After all, living in a home that 100% aligns with your values while saving some bucks is bliss.

Chance to Boost DIY Skills

This one is fun. Building or customizing tiny homes provides college students with an opportunity to hone do-it-yourself skills. When you make sure to learn some basics of constructing and maintaining your living space, you thus save money you would otherwise spend on labor. Plus, you’re encouraged to tackle future home improvement projects without anyone else’s involvement. Needless to say, this will reduce some expenses too, and you will thank yourself later.

Debt Reduction

When you opt for a tiny house, you have a chance to stay away from taking on large amounts of debt in order to pay for a conventional apartment or house. For that reason, you prevent the long-lasting financial strain and have an opportunity to graduate with less debt that is looming with a serious financial crisis. As a result, you get to enjoy greater financial freedom during your post-graduation life.  

Community Engagement

Several tiny homes tend to turn into the so-called communities of co-living spaces. This, in turn, provides their owners (students) with a unique chance to connect with like-minded people. As a result, you all form a supportive environment, where communal spaces and resources are shared. All this enables you to save money on shared expenses while also having a strong feeling of belonging, support, and partnership.

Focusing on Experiences

When you live in a tiny house, you choose to prioritize experiences over material things. After all, you don’t have much space for material belongings. That is why you can easily allocate more of your money towards some never-to-be-forgotten experiences like traveling, extracurricular experiences in college, or academic/professional development. All this will enrich your academic experience more than a new chair or a sofa.

Learning Resilience and Adaptability

Life in a tiny home is all about embracing constraints and challenges associated with your routine. This new experience helps young people cultivate resilience and adaptability skills that are a must-have in both college and professional life. If you make sure to learn to thrive in a very small setting with a pack of limited resources, you will that way hone your problem-solving and creative skills. A strong resilient mindset will serve you well not only in all aspects of everyday life but in your future career as well.  

Tiny houses provide a smart and affordable option for students. Plus, they can become a flexible and fun option, providing you with a chance to save on your monthly expenses. Nonetheless, a home with less space may come with some challenges as well. Make sure to keep in mind all the pros of tiny house living before you try to adapt your specific needs and lifestyle to a new environment.

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