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Think Big: Can You Make a Tiny House Bigger?

Updated on:
August 18, 2023
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Making a tiny house bigger has its practical and psychological benefits for its occupants. It is better to make a tiny house bigger to ensure that you feel its positive impact while also optimizing the increased space for your home. With the bigger dimensions of your tiny house, you can create several multi-functional areas that will have a significant effect on a healthy lifestyle. 

In expanding your tiny house to be bigger, there is more physical space that allows for various functions which can improve your quality of life. Along with this, it makes it more livable in the long term, more storage options, and the resale value will be higher if you are looking for potential buyers. Meanwhile, making your tiny house look bigger also has several effects that can improve one’s psychological well-being. In doing this, it creates a sense of openness which contributes to your psychological well-being, it gives a sense of comfort with functionality, and it is well-designed because of its aesthetic appeal.

To jumpstart your plans and to help you decide how you can make your tiny house be bigger and look bigger, we will provide you with ideas to maximize your space in your tiny house.

Physically Making Your House Bigger

Increasing your actual living space is beneficial for you as a home-owner. There is an increased comfort, enhanced functionality, flexibility for activities, and better storage solutions, among others. To begin making your house bigger, here are some insights on how you can make that happen.


For an area that you can spend time on to relax or host a small gathering, you can place seating arrangements on an attachable deck which is perfect for lounging and enjoying the night sky. To have an exciting night, you can even set up an outdoor movie theater by attaching a screen or projector for movie nights which will turn your deck into a more cozy area.

Outdoor Shower

If you like spending your time outdoors and you don’t want to go inside your house dirty, you can set up an outdoor shower attachment. An outdoor shower would allow you to rinse off before entering your tiny house or you can also take a shower outside by just putting up some retractable curtains. To upgrade your outdoor shower, you can also attach a solar shower unit for an eco-friendly experience.

Storage Shed

To avoid having several things in your house that are only needed seasonal or only at times, a storage shed for your tiny house is a great way to achieve a bigger tiny house. Having an attachable storage will provide you with a designated space for your outdoor gear, tools, furniture, and ornaments, among others. The storage shed that you will add will surely help you declutter inside your house.


Placing a conservatory or sunroom in your tiny house to make it bigger can provide an airy space so that you can enjoy the natural light or check the stars at night. This will provide you a safe space to relax regardless if it is day or night. Various ways to incorporate natural light in your tiny house has its benefits for the occupant and the mood of your house.

tiny house sun room
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Bicycle Rack

If you are a cyclist or you own a bicycle, you can create a bicycle rack attached to the exterior of your house as a storage option for your bikes. This will securely store your bikes outside, save interior space, and prevent the dirt from your bike entering your house.

Pet Enclosure

For pet owners, it is very important to provide a healthy and large space for them to play and enjoy the outdoors. An attachable pet enclosure for your tiny house is a must if you are thinking of owning a pet or if you already have a furry companion.


To grow plants, herbs, and other crops, you can add a greenhouse for your own personal garden. This addition to your tiny house will increase your space and make your tiny house more eco-friendly.

Vertical Garden Wall

If you prefer a space saving area for your plants, you can instead add a vertical garden wall in your tiny house. This will add a touch of nature to your house and it will have a display of your plants and flowers. If your outdoor kitchen is near your garden wall, you can also easily access your fresh herbs for cooking.

Outdoor Lounge

Attaching an outdoor lounge in your tiny house will create more space for you to roam around and lounge. For a more cozy feel, you can add some comfortable seating, canopy, and lighting. This can also be a place for you to stay if you want to invite some people over.

Mini Library Nook

To make your tiny house bigger, you can add a small library nook with some bookshelves and comfortable seating. This is perfect for reading, lounging, and unwinding in the comfort of your home.

Office or Study Space

Since there is a need for office or study space recently, an office or study space is a must for your tiny house. You can either expand your interior for your office or study area or you can attach an outdoor workspace with storage space, desk, and sears that is complemented with natural lighting.

Outdoor Fire Pit

To make your outdoor space more cozy, especially when you invite people over, attaching a fireplace or creating an outdoor fire pit area in your tiny house is a must. Your tiny house will have an accessible fire pit and a homey mood.

Making Your Tiny House Look Bigger

If you want to maximize the space of your tiny home and you want to make your tiny house look bigger, we will give you some ideas to create the illusion of more space.

tiny house window
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Large Mirrors

One of the things that you can do to make your tiny house look bigger is if you strategically put your mirrors on walls to reflect light and create the illusion  of depth. If you put large mirrors in your tiny house, it can make a room feel larger by doubling the space.

Light Colors

To make your space look more spacious and expansive, use light, neutral colors, white, pastels, and light grays for the color scheme of your tiny home. Using these colors for your ceilings, floors, and walls will reflect more light and make the space look massive.

Open Shelving

To reduce the visual weight of closed cabinets, you can instead use open shelves in your kitchen or your living area.

Compact Appliances

To ensure that your appliances do not take up too much space or dominate the area, choose appliances that are compact or small for your tiny house. In the kitchen, choose smaller but multi-functional appliances to save more space.

Minimalist Furniture

Your tiny home will look bigger if you purchase furniture that is simple and minimalist. Bulky furniture can make a space feel cramped which is why you should opt for minimalistic furniture. To also save space, you can consider choosing multi-purpose furniture like foldable tables, wall-mounted desks, or sofa beds.

Improving your home to make it look bigger

The decision to make your tiny house bigger or make it look bigger comes with various considerations that you need to think about. Making plans and assessing your living space is a must to use the proper strategy for the development plans of your tiny house. Ultimately, making a tiny house bigger is very helpful to homeowners.

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