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Tiny Homes vs Small Homes - What's More Appropriate for You If You Live Solo in Boston

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Three tiny homes on the range

Boston, Massachusetts, is renowned for its abundance of tiny or small homes. It is popular owing to environmental concerns, financial worries, and a desire for more leisure and independence. The tiny lifestyle offers substantial financial benefits and the opportunity to live an adventurous life.

Tiny houses are cheap, utilize fewer resources, are simple to maintain, and enable you to live your best life. The residents of such homes have nothing but appreciation for the roofs over their heads. In this blog, you will get all the proper information regarding tiny and small houses in Boston. Also, you will get the appropriate locations where you can build or buy your tiny houses. Let's crack it.

Tiny Homes vs Small Homes

There is a general consensus that a "tiny house" is any structure that is less than 400 square feet in size. There are also some "tiny-homes," which range in size from 100 to 500 square feet. However, a small home is rather larger, ranging from 400 to around 1,000 square feet.

Smaller houses are more energy-efficient since there is less area to heat and cool and less resources are used in their construction, resulting in a smaller ecological imprint. Smaller dwellings can be substantially more eco-friendly due to the area being more compact. 

Best 5 Places in Boston for Appropriate Tiny Houses

Boston is famous for its tiny houses. There are many states in Boston where you can find many tiny houses. This section will provide you with appropriate 5 places in Boston where you can build or buy your tiny houses. 

Newton, Boston

Population: 88,923

Area: 47.03 km²

Cost of living: 85% higher than the national average

Newton, Boston is the best area to place a small home if you choose to live in a tiny space. Newton was one of the places in the United States to create zoning laws that expressly permitted small dwellings. This was a significant development since tiny home inhabitants were not required to meet the standard criteria. There are, of course, constraints and criteria for tiny homes in Newton, such as a minimum of 100 square feet of interior living space on the first level and places for sleeping, cooking, and a functional bathroom.

Medfield, Boston

Population: 12,799

Area: 37.8 km²

Cost of living: 67% higher than the national average

Medfield favors small homes, particularly those constructed on foundations. In Medfield, local governments typically handle building restrictions; nevertheless, the majority of state legislation is uniform. 170 square feet is the minimal size for small houses constructed on foundations, which allows for a lovely tiny house. Although the standards permit extra-small dwellings, one room, ideally the primary living space, must be at least 150 square feet. Medfield requires that the lot be at least 3,000 square feet in size. Therefore, while you may be permitted to build extra-small houses, they must be situated on sufficiently sized lots.

Round raw wood tiny home

Milton, Boston

Population: 27,003

Area: 34.45 km²

Cost of living: 55% higher than national average

The dream for a neighborhood of tiny homes near Milton, Boston. Within Milton's city, you may build either a small house on wheels or a tiny house on a foundation, and there are plans for a pocket town of tiny dwellings. The only restrictions imposed by the city are that the residence must be at least 170 sq ft and a minimum of 8.5 feet wide. You can also buy tiny houses there at affordable prices. 

Winthrop, Boston

Population: 19,316

Area: 21.55 km²

Cost of living: 48% higher than the national average

Winthrop offers amazing small house communities, despite not being the most tiny-home-friendly state. Winthrop claims that it is home to the biggest small house community in the United States. The rural sections of Winthrop are often more accommodating to tiny living lovers, so you can locate a suitable location to buy or construct your tiny house. At the Winthrop real estate market, there are numerous homes for sale in a very reasonable price range. You may easily choose this location for your future small home.

Stoneham, Boston

Population: 23,244

Area: 17.4 km²

Cost of living: 34% higher than the national average

Stoneham is highly accommodating to small homes. And while not all counties may be considered small house-friendly, the local restrictions are not overly restrictive for those interested in the tiny lifestyle. In Stoneham, little buildings on foundations are often more accepted. Tiny homes should be at least 320 square feet in size and built on a sturdy foundation. In certain areas, there are no size restrictions for micro houses. However, modest residences on wheels must conform to state restrictions.


Today, tiny living in Boston is no more a passing trend. This way of life is here to stay. Most tiny homes will agree that reducing expenses enables them to enjoy life to its fullest. This blog provides information on the 5 best locations in Boston for placing a small house. Before purchasing or constructing a small house, check that you are familiar with the zoning regulations and building standards that regulate ownership in your state of concern.

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