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Tiny House DIY Fest 2024

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March 13, 2024
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Dream of finding ingenious storage solutions, building with reclaimed materials, or living debt-free in a home you've built with your own hands? Then you won't want to miss the Tiny House DIY Fest 2024, an event that promises to fuel your passion and expand your knowledge.

With expert-led workshops, lively panel discussions, and an opportunity to network with fellow enthusiasts, you'll gain insights into the unique challenges and rewards of tiny house living.

But what is the story behind this growing movement, and how could it reshape the future of housing? Stay tuned to find out.

What's the DIY Fest All About?

Diving into the world of compact and sustainable living, the DIY Fest is a two-day virtual extravaganza celebrated on March 14-15, 2024, that brings together a lively community of tiny home enthusiasts, experts, and DIYers. 

This digital gathering is a hotbed of fresh ideas, practical workshops, and trendsetting designs that are shaping the future of small-scale living.

From your own living room, you'll be able to tap into a wealth of knowledge shared by experts in the tiny house movement. You'll hear from vendors, expert builders, and folks who've made the leap into sustainable living. They'll be sharing their experiences, tips, and insights on everything from construction to community living.

Engagement is at the heart of the DIY Fest. You'll have the chance to participate in live chats, ask burning questions, and even watch session recordings at your leisure. It's not just about listening; it's about diving in, getting your hands dirty, and learning by doing.

The DIY Fest is more than an event - it's an opportunity. An opportunity to connect, learn, and be part of a movement towards sustainable, minimalist living. 

So why not join us? We can't wait to welcome you to the community.

What's the Agenda?

Let's take a closer look at the packed agenda for the two-day Tiny House DIY Fest 2024, filled with insightful presentations, interactive sessions, and exclusive walk-throughs of innovative tiny homes. 

You'll dive right in with 20+ live sessions online, absorbing hours of top-class content. It's not just about listening, you'll actively engage in live chats, asking questions, and sharing your thoughts.

You won't miss a thing with unlimited access to all session recordings. So you can revisit the presentations that piqued your interest, or catch up on the sessions you might've missed. You'll also be treated to live walk-throughs of tiny homes, where you'll see the innovative and creative ways these spaces are designed and utilized.

And what's more, you'll receive a free copy of the Tiny House Buyers Guide. This invaluable resource will serve as your roadmap as you navigate your way into the tiny house lifestyle. 

So reserve your seat now and prepare yourself to immerse yourself in the exciting world of tiny homes at the DIY Fest 2024.

Who Are the Speakers?

You're sure to be inspired by the lineup of speakers at the Tiny House DIY Fest 2024. These passionate experts and enthusiasts will bring a wealth of knowledge from their diverse experiences in the tiny house community.

Kay Anderson

Kay Anderson, the Sales and Marketing Manager at PrecisionTemp, brings a decade of experience working with DIYers, builders, and others from around the globe, including the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, and Mexico. At PrecisionTemp, a leading on-demand water heater manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio, she enjoys meeting people from various walks of life and sharing insights into sustainable living solutions.


Marty Neilan

Founder of the Catskills Tiny House Workshop, Marty Neilan invites attendees to live in and learn from three distinct tiny houses. His workshops offer a hands-on approach to designing and overseeing the construction of your own tiny home, providing a unique, immersive learning experience.


Elizabeth Paashaus

As the Sales and Marketing Manager at Throne Composting Toilet, Elizabeth Paashaus champions affordable, simple, and clean sanitation solutions. The Throne composting toilet, ideal for tiny homes, RVs, cabins, and boats, offers an odor-free bathroom solution without the need for a septic system or plumbing, emphasizing sustainability and ease of use.


Rich Pietkiewicz

Rich Pietkiewicz, President of, leverages over 30 years of construction experience, including hands-on work and administration in code enforcement, plan review, inspections, and zoning. His wealth of knowledge contributes to shaping the standards for tiny house certification and promoting sustainable construction practices.


Amanda Bloomquist

A tiny home dweller and builder, Amanda Bloomquist shares her personal journey of designing and constructing her tiny house alongside her father. Her story of resilience and passion for the tiny home lifestyle serves as inspiration for those looking to embark on their own tiny living adventures.


Stacey Murphy-O'Galdez

Founder of Mystic Design & Vixen Academy, Stacey Murphy-O'Galdez integrates her expertise as a Relationship & Life Design Coach into the realm of tiny living. Through her Mystic Design philosophy, she teaches individuals how to use their homes as a 3D vision board to manifest love and wealth, emphasizing alignment in body, mind, and soul.


Jeff Walton

As the Executive Director of Terra Vida Academy, Jeff Walton offers DIY Tiny Home Building classes in Oregon's coast range. With over 35 years dedicated to nature protection, his work at Terra Vida Academy embodies a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Doug Elerath

Tiny house dweller Doug Elerath recounts his DIY journey, beginning at age 71 and culminating in an off-grid, code-compliant home. His tiny house, complete with a spacious kitchen, study, sleeping loft, and dance floor, showcases his priorities and willingness to adapt during the building process.


Noelle Marquis

Noelle Marquis, a mother, naturalist teacher, and DIY tiny house builder, shares her experience restoring a cottage with salvaged materials and constructing a backyard cabin. Her interests in art, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture highlight her commitment to creating a healthier and more just world.


Kathy Malone

Environmental Engineer and founder of Blue Gates Horse and Manguard Systems, Kathy Malone, discusses her journey of renovating a caretaker's cottage and her interest in movable tiny houses built from reclaimed materials. Her expertise in environmental contamination and green building ideas offers invaluable insights into sustainable living.


Sami Micelli

Founder of Speakeasies.Earth and Destinos.World, Sami Micelli bridges communities through earth medicine, culture, and tourism. Known for her comedic take on trauma and dedication to regenerative earth projects, Micelli's unique blend of education, healing, and research offers a fresh perspective on community building and sustainability.


Cathia Badierre

Founder of Off the Grid Communities, Cathia Badierre aims to establish sustainable, off-grid communities across North and Central America. Her mission emphasizes environmental sustainability, community collaboration, and individual freedom, providing a blueprint for living sustainably and nomadically.


Patrick Sughrue

As the General Manager of Artisan SIP Plans, Patrick Sughrue brings over 30 years of experience in green, high-performance home building to the tiny house community. Specializing in passive solar design and energy efficiency, Sughrue's expertise in SIPs and ADUs offers a path towards sustainable and efficient tiny living.


Grace Odhiambo

Founder of Cubes and Containers Design Kenya Limited, Grace Odhiambo is an interior designer and tiny living advocate who has built and dwelled in container homes for over six years. Documenting tiny houses in Kenya, Grace aims to foster a tiny house community that embraces simplicity and sustainability.


Lizzie Villestas & David Menhennett

DIY enthusiasts and dwellers of The Omni Tiny Home, Lizzie Villestas and David Menhennett share their journey from Hong Kong to Australia, embracing off-grid, sustainable living. Their experience underscores the possibilities of tiny house living, even for those with no prior construction experience.


Alosha Lynov

Designer at Bio-Veda Academy of BioArchitecture, Alosha Lynov focuses on autonomous, self-heating and cooling bio-shelters. Integrating biomimicry, BioGeometry, and ancient techniques into sustainable living spaces, Lynov's work embodies the intersection of design, sustainability, and natural harmony.


Damon Deschamp

Co-founder of Trailer Made Custom Trailers, Damon Deschamp combines metal fabrication expertise with a focus on sustainability. Through innovative trailer designs, steel frame kits, and eco-friendly building materials, Deschamp plays a pivotal role in advancing the tiny house movement towards greener solutions.


Lee Pera

Founder of Tiny House Zone, Lee Pera leverages her background in Geography and Public Policy to advocate for alternative housing strategies. Her work in establishing the first tiny home on wheels community in the U.S. and consulting on tiny home developments globally showcases her dedication to affordable and sustainable living solutions.


Michael Carmona

Owner of MAC Insurance, Inc., Michael Carmona brings over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in tiny house insurance. His pioneering efforts have made tiny house insurance more accessible, reflecting his commitment to supporting the tiny house community.


Till Buch

Co-founder of Tiny Easy, Till Buch introduces a 3D Tiny House Designer software, facilitating the design process for tiny homes. With a background in architectural design and software development, Buch's work empowers tiny house enthusiasts to create homes tailored to their unique lifestyles.


Vina Lustado

Founder of SOL HAUS DESIGN LLC, Vina Lustado emphasizes eco-friendly and affordable building practices in her work. With a tiny house that reflects her core values of simplicity and sustainability, Lustado's designs inspire others to consider the environmental impact of their living spaces.


Patrick Hiebert

Co-founder of EcoVillages.Life, Patrick Hiebert shares his journey from high-tech software to sustainable community design. His work in developing eco-friendly communities and his commitment to philanthropy underscore a dedication to sustainability and conservation.


Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons

Co-founders of Tiny House Expedition, Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons document the tiny house movement through their travels and docu-series. Their commitment to exploring, sharing, and promoting sustainable living provides a rich source of inspiration and knowledge for the tiny house community.


Join the Fest!

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of tiny house living? The Tiny House DIY Fest 2024 is the perfect chance to explore this lively community. With presentations from devoted DIYers to recognized experts, you'll engage in all aspects of small-scale, sustainable living. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned tiny house enthusiast, you're bound to learn something new.

Reserving your spot couldn't be easier. You can purchase a one-time event ticket or opt for the Tiny House University's All-Access Pro Membership, offering a range of subscription options. Once you've made your choice, you'll receive an email with instructions to join the community platform.

On event day, enter the Zoom room via the platform link. You're now part of the fest! You can interact in live chats, ask the experts your burning questions, and catch up on any missed sessions with the recorded content.

Don't miss out on this immersive tiny house experience. With 25+ live sessions, 15+ hours of content, home walk-throughs, and a free Tiny House Buyers Guide, you won't regret joining the Tiny House DIY Fest 2024.

Learn more here.

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