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8 Efficient Tiny House Laundry Solutions for Small Homes

Updated on:
June 24, 2024
Tiny house laundry solutions

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Living in a tiny house, you're always looking for ways to maximize space, and laundry is no exception. Ever considered the efficiency of a compact stackable washer-dryer, or the practicality of a wall-mounted drying rack? Perhaps you've pondered the usefulness of a multipurpose appliance, or the convenience of a hidden laundry station in your furniture? And let's not forget about the eco-friendly and cost-effective outdoor laundry solutions. 

There are many innovative ways to handle your laundry needs without compromising your living space. Stay tuned as we explore these eight efficient laundry solutions for small homes.

Compact Stackable Washer-Dryers

In considering laundry solutions for your tiny house, opting for compact stackable washer-dryers can be a game-changer, maximizing your space while still ensuring your clothes are fresh and clean. They're designed to take up as little space as possible, often fitting neatly into a closet or corner.

You've got two basic types to choose from: laundry centers and stand-alone stackables. Laundry centers are typically a top-load washer with a front-load dryer attached on top. They're a single unit, which means you can't separate them.

Stand-alone stackables, conversely, are just what they sound like. They're separate units, a washer and a dryer, that you can stack on top of each other.

Think about your laundry habits before you choose. If you're washing heavy loads or bulky items like blankets, you might want a top-load washer. But if you prefer front-load washers because they're generally more energy-efficient, go for the stand-alone stackable.

Wall-Mounted Drying Racks

For those interested in saving energy or dealing with delicate clothes that can't be tossed in the dryer, a wall-mounted drying rack might be your tiny house's best friend. They're easy to install, economical, and a real space-saver. Available in different shapes, sizes, and materials, you'll surely find one that fits your aesthetic and space constraints.

Keep in mind, it's not just about the rack's size but also its design. Some models fold up against the wall when not in use, making them virtually invisible. Others have expandable arms, offering flexible drying space. You might also want to contemplate a rack with adjustable shelves to accommodate items of varying thicknesses.

As for placement, think about areas with good air circulation or warmth. Near a window or a heating vent could be ideal. But don't limit yourself. Even a previously overlooked corner or hallway could work.

Utilizing Multipurpose Appliances

When optimizing your tiny house laundry setup, consider investing in multipurpose appliances that save space and perform double duty. They're versatile, efficient, and can streamline your chores.

Consider a washer-dryer combo, a single appliance that both washes and dries your clothes. You'll eliminate the need for two separate appliances, freeing up space. These machines are quite efficient, but remember they've a smaller capacity than traditional separate machines.

An alternative is a portable washer. It's compact, easy to store, and can be used in any room with a water source. This appliance is ideal if you're looking to wash smaller loads more frequently.

A drying rack that doubles as a shelving unit is another practical item. You can use it to dry your clothes, store laundry supplies, or even display decor.

Ironing boards that double as tables or storage units are also available. When not in use for ironing, you can use them as a workspace or for storage.

Under-the-Staircase Laundry Spaces

Moving beyond multi-use appliances, let's explore how you can make the most of your tiny house's available space, specifically by creating a laundry area under the staircase. Often overlooked, this area can be the perfect nook to house your washing machine and dryer, without intruding on your living space.

Firstly, you'll need to measure the area under your stairs to guarantee your appliances will fit. Remember to take into account ventilation and plumbing needs. It's also crucial to contemplate the noise level of your machines, as this could disrupt your peace if they're too loud.

Next, think about storage. You'll need space for laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other essentials. Consider installing shelves or cupboards for this purpose. If there's room, a small folding area or an ironing board could be a fantastic addition.

Lastly, don't forget about lighting. A well-lit laundry space makes tasks easier and prevents you from overlooking any stains or spots on your clothes. Install a bright, energy-efficient light to keep your under-the-staircase laundry space functional and eco-friendly.

Image Source: Canva

Innovative Foldable Laundry Baskets

As you streamline your tiny house laundry space, consider the role of innovative foldable laundry baskets in keeping your small area tidy and organized. These baskets, designed to collapse flat when not in use, are the perfect portable solution that save precious space. They can be tucked away in closets, under beds, or even between your washer and dryer.

Foldable laundry baskets come in various sizes, materials, and designs. You have the option to choose from plastic, fabric, or mesh types, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Plastic ones are easy to clean and durable, fabric ones are light and breathable, and mesh ones are perfect for ventilation, preventing any foul smell from damp clothes.

Moreover, some foldable baskets feature compartments, allowing you to sort your clothes easily. This can be a real time-saver in managing laundry. Others may have built-in handles for easy transportation, especially handy if your washing machine isn't close to your laundry pile.

Although they may seem simple, innovative foldable laundry baskets can make a significant difference in managing your laundry in a tiny house. They're a practical, convenient, and efficient solution to maximize your limited space.

Hidden Laundry Stations in Furniture

Incorporating hidden laundry stations into your furniture can be a game-changer for your tiny house, providing a clever way to conceal your laundry while maximizing space. You'd be surprised at the amount of space you can save with a hidden laundry station!

For instance, you can turn a functional piece of furniture, such as a bench or a cabinet, into a secret laundry station. Look for furniture pieces that are deep enough to hold a laundry basket. A bench with a hinged lid or a cabinet with doors that swing open can easily be transformed. You can even add dividers to separate darks, lights, and delicates, making it easier when it's time to do the laundry.

If you're worried about ventilation, consider a piece with slatted doors or drill a few holes at the back. This way, you're not only hiding your laundry, but also allowing air to circulate, which helps prevent unpleasant odors.

It's also worth noting that this solution isn't just practical – it's stylish too. With a hidden laundry station, your living space remains aesthetically pleasing without laundry clutter. Truly, hidden laundry stations in furniture are a smart, space-saving solution for tiny homes.

Versatile Portable Washing Machines

For those living in a tiny house, a versatile portable washing machine can be a lifesaver, offering a compact and convenient laundry solution that meets your needs. These machines are small enough to store in a closet or even under the sink when not in use, freeing up valuable space.

There's a variety of portable washers available on the market, from mini countertop models to larger, more advanced machines. Mini countertop models are perfect if you're tight on space or only have a few items to wash.

Meanwhile, larger portable washers typically come with extra features like various wash cycles and a spin-dry function, providing more thorough cleaning for bigger loads.

Most portable washing machines are easy to use. You simply fill them with water, add your clothes and detergent, and set the timer. It's also worth noting that many models are energy-efficient, helping you to keep your utility bills low.

Before purchasing, consider your laundry needs, available space, and budget. Make sure the machine is easy to operate, has the features you need, and fits into your tiny house. With careful consideration, you'll find a portable washer that's right for you, making laundry in a small home a breeze.

Outdoor Laundry Solutions

If you're open to embracing the great outdoors, consider setting up an outdoor laundry solution in your tiny house living scenario. This approach isn't just practical, it's also eco-friendly and offers a unique way to enjoy nature while tackling chores.

First, you could install a traditional clothesline. It's an affordable option that uses the power of the sun to dry your clothes. This method is kind to fabrics and doesn't require electricity, saving you money.

If you're worried about weather conditions, a retractable clothesline could be a smart choice. It's easy to install and can be tucked away when not in use, freeing up valuable outdoor space.

For washing, you might look into a hand-cranked washing machine. These compact, portable devices don't require power and can handle small loads well. Fill it with water and detergent, crank for a few minutes, rinse, and you're done.

Lastly, remember to use eco-friendly detergents. They're not only better for the environment but also for your clothes and skin.


To sum up, you don't have to sacrifice functionality in your tiny house laundry. Opt for compact stackable washer-dryers or versatile portable machines.

Make use of wall-mounted drying racks and multipurpose appliances. Take advantage of under-the-staircase spaces and hidden furniture stations.

Choose innovative foldable laundry baskets for easy storage. Consider outdoor solutions for an eco-friendly approach.

With these efficient solutions, you'll maximize your small space and keep your laundry routine seamless and organized.

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