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Tiny House Living For Students: A Minimalist Approach

Updated on:
May 7, 2024
Tiny House Living for Students

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As a student, finding affordable housing can be a major challenge. Rent prices near universities are often exorbitant, and dorm living leaves much to be desired in terms of privacy and comfort. Tiny house living offers a unique solution that allows you to enjoy a comfortable, independent lifestyle while keeping costs low.

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The Benefits for Students 

Living in a tiny house as a student offers numerous advantages over traditional housing options:

Low Cost 

The initial purchase or construction cost of a tiny house is a fraction of the price of a regular home. With housing comprising a major portion of the average student's expenses, this provides huge savings. Even taking into account the cost of land rental for placing your tiny home, it's still far cheaper than most rents near campus.

Independence and Privacy

Unlike dorms or shared housing situations, a tiny house offers complete privacy and independence. You'll have your own space to study, sleep, and live without worrying about loud roommates or strict housing policies.


Many tiny houses are built on towable trailers. This mobility makes it easy to relocate your living situation between school years or after graduating, without the hassle and expenses of breaking a rental lease.

Minimalist Lifestyle 

With limited space in a tiny house, you're forced to adopt a minimalist mindset and keep only the essentials. This lifestyle shift removes clutter and excess belongings, letting you focus on what truly matters during your student years - studies, personal growth, and new experiences.

Eco-Friendly Living 

Tiny houses are inherently eco-friendly due to their small footprint and efficient use of resources like water and electricity. Many tiny homeowners incorporate sustainable features like solar power, composting toilets, and more.

Image Source: Canva

Practical Considerations 

While the benefits are compelling, there are some key practical factors to consider before taking the tiny house plunge:

Zoning and Parking 

Most towns and cities have restrictive zoning regulations when it comes to placing a tiny house. Research the rules in your college area to ensure you can legally park and live in your tiny home. Some creative solutions include renting land from a private owner or staying at a tiny house community.


Buying a pre-built tiny house can cost $30,000 to $60,000+. Building your own allows for much lower costs (often under $20,000), but requires carpentry skills and substantial sweat equity. There are many high-quality online plans and instructional videos to guide a DIY tiny house build.

Amenities and Storage 

Even basic needs like laundry, bathing, cooking, and storage require thoughtful planning in a tiny space. Lofted beds, multi-purpose furniture, and efficient appliances are must-haves. An RV-style wet bath and stackable washer/dryer combo are common solutions.


Adopting a minimalist lifestyle is a mindset shift that's easier said than done. You'll need to ruthlessly purge and carefully assess each belonging to determine if it's truly essential for your tiny living situation.

Making it Work for You 

With some creativity and resourcefulness, tiny house living can be an amazing opportunity for students to save money, embrace minimalism, and enjoy a comfortable, independent living experience. One student shares his experience with tiny house living:

"As a student, I opted for the tiny house lifestyle last year. After calculating the costs of a DIY tiny house build versus renting, I realized I could construct my own high-quality tiny home for about the same cost as a year's rent in my college town.

Getting rid of years' worth of accumulated stuff wasn't easy at first, but eventually became a freeing process. Now, my tiny living space forces me to live lean and keep only the essentials - my clothes, laptop, books, and little else.

In my tiny house, I have a kitchen nook, small bathroom with a composting toilet, lofted sleeping area, and multipurpose living space that serves as my living room, workspace, and living area. My housing costs are limited to basic utility bills and the affordable rate I pay the family who allows me to park my tiny house on their land near campus.

While my tiny house is only 240 square feet, it meets all my basic needs as a student. More importantly, it's given me financial freedom, independence, and a minimalist perspective that lets me focus more energy on my studies and personal growth."

If you're considering tiny house living, start small by evaluating which possessions you truly need. Reduce your belongings gradually, and spend time in small spaces to test your tolerance for compact living quarters. Reach out to local tiny house communities online or in-person for guidance.

For the right student seeking an affordable, unconventional, and simplified lifestyle, there's no better option than a tiny house. With low housing costs, mobility, and the liberation of minimalism, you're free to invest more into your education and self-development during these formative years.

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