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10 Inspiring Tiny House YouTube Channels to Follow [2024]

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March 26, 2024
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You'll love these YouTube channels if you're into tiny houses: Living Big In A Tiny House, Never Too Small, Tiny House Expedition, Kirsten Dirksen, and Fy Nyth bring you into the world of compact living spaces worldwide.

Try Tiny Home Tours and Exploring Alternatives for fresh takes on repurposed spaces. 

Join Ariel and Clay's off-grid journey on Fy Nyth or embark on nomadic adventures with Tiny House Expedition. 

Stick around, there's a whole world of small-scale innovation and sustainable living to explore.

Living Big In A Tiny House

If you're intrigued by unconventional living spaces, then 'Living Big in a Tiny House' is a YouTube channel you'll definitely want to follow. This channel gives you an exclusive look at people worldwide who have chosen to live in unique and creative small homes. It explores a wide range of downsized living, from earth homes, cabins, and treehouses, to tiny houses on wheels, micro apartments, and even converted busses and vans.

The show was launched in late 2013 by Bryce Langston, a New Zealand-based actor, musician, filmmaker, author, and environmentalist. Since then, it's grown into one of New Zealand's largest YouTube channels with over 4 million subscribers. The channel's popularity isn't just limited to New Zealand, it's gone global, with a massive following in North America and Europe.

The channel's production is managed by a dedicated two-person team. Bryce Langston, who has spent the last six years exploring the tiny house movement around the globe, and Rasa Pescud, a self-taught videographer and photographer. Together, they deliver weekly episodes that delve into the lives of people choosing to live an alternative lifestyle in unconventional architecture.

Kirsten Dirksen

In the realm of simple living and self-sufficiency, Kirsten Dirksen's YouTube channel stands out as a beacon of inspiration and practical advice. Through her videos, you'll delve into a world of tiny homes, backyard gardens, and alternative transport. You'll see the simplicity and beauty of downsized living, and gain precious insights on how to cultivate a lifestyle that is both sustainable and fulfilling.

Having spent years honing her YouTube channel and contributing to *faircompanies, Dirksen engages in conversations that grow more fascinating each day. She explores not just the physical aspects of this lifestyle, but also the philosophies that underpin it. It's an eye-opening journey that pushes you to question societal norms and consider a different approach to living.

What sets Dirksen's channel apart is her ability to present this lifestyle in an accessible and relatable way. Her videos are filled with practical advice, DIY tips, and inspiring stories of people who've embraced this alternative way of living. And with a focus on craftsmanship and self-sufficiency, her channel is a must-watch for anyone curious about or interested in adopting a simpler, more intentional lifestyle.

Never Too Small

When it comes to showcasing the magic of small footprint design and living, 'Never Too Small' is a YouTube channel you can't afford to miss. This channel is dedicated to the design and lifestyle of tiny and micro apartments, studios, and self-contained projects. The channel's mission is to transform the way we live and interact with our growing cities through smart design and creative use of space.

'Never Too Small' features award-winning designers who are tackling urban overcrowding globally while improving the quality of life. It's not just about downsizing, it's about sustainable living. This channel offers you a window into this world, providing inspiration and leadership in sustainable small footprint living.

Fy Nyth

Meet Ariel from 'Fy Nyth', a YouTube channel that takes you on an intimate journey into her tiny house life nestled in a high mountain valley of western Wyoming. Along with her husband Clay, their pets, and a variety of livestock, they're working on transforming an abused piece of land into a thriving homestead.

Ariel's candid approach sets 'Fy Nyth' apart. She shares the highs and lows of their lifestyle, from splitting wood for heat, using a composting toilet, to attempting self-sufficiency by producing as much of their own food as possible. It's not just about the romanticized idea of homesteading or tiny house life, but the everyday details.

'Fy Nyth' is about real, raw, and relatable content. By sharing their mistakes, Ariel and Clay hope to make the path a little easier for anyone else interested in pursuing similar goals. Despite the harsh and cold climate, they relish the stunning scenery and wildlife surrounding them.

As you follow their journey, you'll find inspiration in their resilience and resourcefulness. So, if you're intrigued by the idea of sustainable living, or just want a glimpse into a different way of life, 'Fy Nyth' is a channel worth subscribing to.

Tiny House Expedition

Continuing on the theme of tiny house living, let's turn our focus to the YouTube channel 'Tiny House Expedition,' a fascinating platform run by self-proclaimed 'tiny nerds,' Alexis and Christian. This dynamic duo built their own tiny house on wheels for a life of freedom and nomadic experiences. Now, they're busily converting a shuttle bus and renovating a small A-frame cabin at their Pacific Northwest tiny homestead.

Their tiny house journey began with a desire for more freedom, leading to an on-the-road lifestyle that has captured the attention of many. The couple's enthusiasm for tiny homes and alternative lifestyles is palpable in each video, and their channel is a rich source of inspiration for those considering a similar path.

Through 'Tiny House Expedition,' Alexis and Christian delve into the dynamic tiny house movement, showcasing the beauty of small-space homes and simple lifestyles. Their aim is to help you craft a more fulfilling life and home. Their videos offer a mix of tiny house tours, DIY tips, interviews with other tiny house residents, and insights into their own tiny living experiences. 'Tiny House Expedition' doesn't just show you tiny living—it invites you to be a part of it.

Living the Tiny Dream

If you've ever dreamed of trading the traditional 'American Dream' for a life of financial freedom, alternative living, and minimalism, then 'Living the Tiny Dream' is a YouTube channel that rightly deserves your attention. The channel offers an intimate peek into the lives of its hosts as they trade conventional living for a more minimalistic, free, and alternative lifestyle.

This isn't just about living in a smaller house; it's about embracing a whole new way of life. You'll follow their travels, their homeschooling journey, and their exciting quest to find financial freedom. They're not just talking about it, they're living it, and sharing their experiences with you in every episode.

What sets 'Living the Tiny Dream' apart is its authenticity. The hosts are genuine, relatable, and they don't shy away from sharing the challenges along with the joys of their chosen lifestyle. So if you're curious about tiny living, or even considering it, their channel is a must-watch. You'll find inspiration, practical tips, and a community of like-minded individuals who are all exploring what it means to live the tiny dream.

My Big Tiny House Life

From embracing financial freedom and minimalism in 'Living the Tiny Dream', let's now turn our attention to 'My Big Tiny House Life', where you'll meet Adelina, a Canadian tiny house dweller and minimalist in training. This channel provides a sneak peek into Adelina's everyday life in her tiny house on wheels, offering you a unique perspective on the pros and cons of such a lifestyle.

Adelina's journey is not just about downsizing; it's about chasing a more sustainable, off-grid life. Her channel documents her progress towards this goal, offering viewers practical tips, inspiring ideas, and real-life challenges along the way. From DIY projects and space-saving solutions to minimalist living tips and sustainability practices, you'll find a wealth of useful content on 'My Big Tiny House Life.'

But it's not all about practicality. Adelina's love for food and animals seeps into her videos, adding a personal touch that makes her channel even more engaging. So, whether you're considering a shift to tiny house living or simply want a glimpse into a different kind of lifestyle, 'My Big Tiny House Life' is worth a watch.

Tiny Home Tours

Dive into the fascinating world of 'Tiny Home Tours', a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the diverse and creative ways people embrace tiny living. This channel is a treasure trove of inspiration, presenting everything from tiny homes and school bus conversions to camper vans and shipping containers.

The 'Tiny Home Tours' team is passionate about all aspects of petite living. They applaud the courage it takes to step outside the four walls of traditional homes, and they're eager to share the stories of those who have taken the plunge. You'll get a peek into how these pioneers manage their lives, whether through multiple income streams, remote work, or just good old-fashioned ingenuity.

Regardless of whether a build costs $5K or $100K, 'Tiny Home Tours' celebrates the creativity and intentionality behind each project. They offer a wealth of resources, including detailed videos on transforming a school bus into a tiny home and tips on earning money on the road. Subscribe to their channel for a steady stream of inspiration and practical advice. With 'Tiny Home Tours', you're sure to find new ideas for living big in a tiny space.

Exploring Alternatives

'Exploring Alternatives' is a YouTube channel that offers a deep dive into various forms of alternative homes and lifestyles, capturing the creativity and innovation of people all around the globe. This channel is your go-to place for everything from off-grid living to micro-apartments in the city, from homesteading to self-built tiny houses.

The creators of Exploring Alternatives, Danielle and Mat, take you on an exciting journey through sustainable living and inspiring stories of people living their best lives in unconventional ways. They're not just showing you cute tiny houses; they're showing you a different way of life, a break from the traditional, and an invitation to think outside the box.

This channel is a rich source for exploring alternative building techniques and materials. It's an eye-opening platform where you can learn about innovative designs that challenge the norms. You'll find hundreds of videos to dive into, with new content regularly posted, keeping viewers informed and engaged.

If you're interested in downsizing, living sustainably, or just looking for a refreshing change of perspective, 'Exploring Alternatives' is a channel you'll want to subscribe to. Let it inspire you to redefine what a home can be and how life can be lived.

Tiny House Giant Journey

If you're fascinated by the idea of financial freedom and world travel, then 'Tiny House Giant Journey' is a YouTube channel you'll want to tune into. Hosted by Jenna, this channel is all about a unique approach to living and exploring the world. Jenna built her own tiny house to free up finances and fulfill her dream of world travel. Her inspiring journey is captured in mesmerizing videos that are both informative and entertaining.

On this channel, you'll not only get a peek into Jenna's alternative lifestyle but also see a variety of tiny and unique vacation rentals from around the globe. She provides insightful tips and advice on how to live minimally without compromising on life's adventures. The channel is a trove of inspiration for anyone considering a similar path.

The 'Tiny House Giant Journey' has been featured on multiple platforms including HGTV, USA Today, and the Huffington Post. So, if you're ready to dive into a world where life is not confined by four walls, grab a comfy chair and start exploring the 'Tiny House Giant Journey' on YouTube.


Ready to join the tiny house movement? These YouTube channels are your treasure trove of inspiration and practical advice. Learn from those who've blazed the trail, overcome challenges and embraced minimal living. Whether it's a home on wheels, a treehouse, or a shipping container, these pioneers show how to live big in tiny spaces. It's not just about downsizing; it's about redefining your concept of home. So, tune in as you plan your own big tiny life adventure.

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