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Tips for Maximizing Your Wardrobe Space

Updated on:
October 4, 2023
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It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to maximizing your wardrobe's storage capacity. The lack of space and an overabundance of clothes and accessories are common problems for those living in tiny homes, especially those with limited storage space. With some simple tips and tricks, you can turn your wardrobe into an organized and functional space that can accommodate all your belongings.

Ways to use wardrobe space efficiently

Over the years, you will have collected many more clothes and accessories, needing additional space in your wardrobe. Thus, if you plan to replace your free-standing wardrobes, consider a bespoke one. You can discuss what you need with the wardrobe design specialist and choose the right design from the designer's collection of the best fitted wardrobes suitable for your bedroom style and space. 

Once you have the fitted wardrobe, it's time to ensure you can store all the necessary items efficiently using these tips. 

1. Use wardrobe hooks and rods

You do not fold every piece of clothing you own. Hang ironed shirts, coats, suits, and dresses. Using a wardrobe rod or two will maximize the use of vertical space. Hooks on walls and backs of doors will give you a place to hang things like ties, belts, purses, bags, scarves, and long necklaces. 

2. Add wardrobe trays and baskets

Add trays, baskets, or plastic storage boxes for more storage space. Organizing smaller items, like socks, underwear, and shirts, that you frequently use becomes easier. You add more levels and compartments to store different types of clothes, such as seasonal clothing. 

3. Have dedicated storage for your shoes

Storing shoes can be tricky because you may have several pairs in different shapes, like sneakers and boots. Buy several shelf organizers and shoe racks you can place underneath the clothes hanging on the rods. But ensure that you sanitize your shoes or air them to dry before you store them in the wardrobe. 

4. Use vacuum bags

If you have several bulky jackets and sweaters for winter, you can store those neatly using vacuum bags. They reduce the bulkiness of winter clothes, allowing you to store them neatly on the top shelves of your fitted wardrobe without taking up too much space. Vacuum bags are dust and damp-proof, airtight, and reusable, and protect your clothes against odors, mildew, dust, and insects.  

5. Give away or donate the clothes you seldom wear

You can have more space in your fitted wardrobe by picking out the old clothes you no longer use. You can either give them away or donate them to charity. Removing most of the old stuff from your wardrobe helps you maximize wardrobe space for newer items. 

You can maximize your storage space by being realistic and sorting through all the items you want to keep in your fitted wardrobe. Choose the items you use and need, what you should hang on rails and the items you can fold neatly and store in removable containers.  

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What alternative storage options should I consider besides a traditional closet?

When it comes to storage space for your belongings, traditional closets can sometimes fall short in today's ever-evolving world of interior design and organization. Keeping your items neat and accessible doesn't have to be a challenge!

When it comes to storage solutions, modular storage systems offer the ultimate in customization and adaptability. It comes with various components, such as shelves, drawers, and hanging rods, which can be arranged to suit your specific needs. 

For those with an affinity for vintage flair, repurposing antique furniture can provide a charming and unexpected storage solution. Transform an armoire, chest, or even an old steamer trunk into a one-of-a-kind storage option that adds character to your home. These pieces not only offer a practical solution but also serve as conversation starters.

How can I keep my wardrobe organized and clutter-free over time?

Back to the basics! It's important to have a system for organizing your clothes by category. Keep all of your skirts together, all of your t-shirts together, and so on. By doing this, you can easily locate the items you're looking for, as well as see at a glance what you already have and what you might need. Fun fact: the average person only wears about 20% of the clothing in his or her closet.

Make a habit of putting your clothes away as soon as you take them off. This may seem like a small step, but it can make a big difference in keeping your wardrobe organized. By taking just a few minutes each day to put your clothes away, you'll be able to keep your wardrobe clutter-free over time. This will also make it easier to find the clothes you need when you're getting dressed in the morning. It will also help to keep your clothes in better condition, as they will not be crumpled up and wrinkled from being left in piles.

Final thoughts

Maximizing your wardrobe space is all about being strategic and creative with your storage solutions. A functional and stylish storage solution can be created by assessing your wardrobe, utilizing vertical space, and utilizing closet doors.

Considering alternative storage options such as freestanding wardrobes, clothing racks, wall-mounted shelves, under-bed storage, or dedicated dressing rooms can provide even more options to maximize your space. Organizing your wardrobe is an ongoing process, so make sure you regularly declutter and re-evaluate your storage solutions. Good luck and have fun with it!

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