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Tips When Buying a Gift for Someone Who Lives In a Tiny Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Handing a gift over

Buying gifts for friends and family is always a nice gesture, no matter what the gift is for. Of course, it can also be extremely stressful because you don’t want to buy the wrong gift or purchase something they already have. At the end of the day, you just want them to like it.

Anyone who has ever had to buy a gift for someone living in a tiny home understands that this stress is magnified. Not only does the recipient live a completely unique lifestyle, but you need to make sure they have enough room for the gift before you spend any amount of money.

While the gift-buying experience is supposed to be uplifting and empowering, it can drive many people crazy and spark a large amount of anxiety. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have some tips for you to help make this task much easier on your mental and emotional health.

First and foremost, you should understand that this experience isn’t meant to be difficult. If you find yourself being overcome by stress or anxiety, you should consider reaching out to a mental health professional -- or at the very least, try listening to a therapy podcast while shopping.

So, what type of gifts are tiny homeowners interested in?

Once you’ve calmed your nerves and have a clear mind when gift shopping for someone who owns a tiny home, we have a variety of tips that can help you ensure your gift is on-point. Since they’re likely going to be picky in what they want or can use, it’s important to be careful.

Many people living in a tiny home live a minimalist, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle -- something most of us aren’t accustomed to. They don’t have the type of space at home that we do and they likely don’t live the same way we do, so you have to take that into consideration.

Before you start shopping, let’s go over five of our most prominent tips when buying the perfect gift for someone who lives in a tiny home.

Take the Time to Visit Their Tiny Home

One of the best things you can do when trying to find a gift for someone living in a tiny home is to visit their tiny home and get a feel for what they already have. You’ll also get a feel for the things they like, their style, the colors they enjoy, and everything else about the way they live.

You’ll be able to use this information when thinking of ideas, but it’ll also reduce your chances of buying something they already own. After all, that’s one of the most frustrating things about gifts -- when they already own it -- especially if you’ve never stepped foot in their tiny home before.

Don’t make it obvious, but write down notes in your smartphone when you visit the home so you don’t forget any of your ideas. Pay attention to the conversations you have with the person because they’ll often drop little hints about things they need or things they wish they owned.

Remember That Space Is Limited

Before you purchase a gift for someone living in a tiny home, you should always ask yourself, “Will they have space for this?” It’ll be extremely easy to answer that question if you took the first tip seriously because you’ll have an idea of how much space they have inside the home.

Another thing to keep in mind -- just because they have space for it doesn’t mean they’ll be okay with giving that space up. Since most people living in a tiny home are minimalists by nature, they’ll be extremely stingy when giving up space to something they won’t use often enough.

If you’re having a hard time finding something they’ll have space for, you can always get them something that doesn’t take up space at all. Think about getting them a ticket to an event they’ve always wanted to experience, a gift card, or simply take them out on a memorable lunch date!

Do They Travel Frequently?

Many people that live in a tiny home spend a lot of time on the road, especially if their tiny home is mobile and is built on wheels. If they’re someone that travels often, use that to your advantage when trying to find the perfect gift. At that point, your options are literally limitless!

Try and figure out where they’re traveling to next or some of the places they’ve always dreamed of visiting. For example, if they’ve always wanted to visit Colorado, start looking for cool events happening in that state or city and think of anything that might entice them to finally take that trip.

Sometimes all they need is that little nudge before they take it upon themselves to pack up their tiny home and hit the road. You can also throw in some valuables to help them on their trip. For example, a new jacket or cozy blanket if they’re going somewhere cold or during the winter.

Are They Eco-Conscious?

In addition to being a minimalist or a traveler, most people living in a tiny home are extremely eco-conscious. They love the environment and would do anything to help reduce their carbon footprint for future generations. After all, that might be the reason they chose this lifestyle!

If they’re eco-conscious, that’s always a great place to start when trying to think of the perfect gift for their tiny home. Especially in today’s modern world, people are always coming up with new ways to build a better environment and you can help your friend or family do the same!

Some good ideas include eco-friendly water bottles, a compost collector, reusable bags for grocery shopping, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and anything else that’s marketed as friendly to the environment. If they have a garden, you can also get them new garden tools and supplies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

The final tip we have for you when purchasing the perfect gift for someone that lives in a tiny home is to ask! You’ll be surprised by how open people are when you ask if there’s anything they need for their tiny home. In fact, it’s usually the best way to go about the situation!

Many people know what they want or need, but are too scared to come right out and ask for it. Of course, that all changes when someone else makes the initial connection and asks what they can use in the home. This way, you know your gift will be a home run every single time!

In the event they try and say they don’t need anything, don’t try to force the answer out of them. Instead, that might be a good hint to either give them a gift card or go with that lunch date idea we mentioned previously. After all, building a new memory with them could be the best gift of all!

Making Their Day With the Perfect Gift!

Anytime you buy a gift for someone, you want it to be something they’ll enjoy and remember for a long time. It not only makes them feel all warm inside, but it makes you feel better about yourself -- knowing that you contributed a little bit of happiness to their day-to-day life.

Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time stressing over this and causing your anxiety to build up. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, so if you start to be overcome by anxiety or stress while shopping, turn on your favorite therapy podcast!

If you're someone that’s interested in learning more about the tiny home movement or what it’s like to live inside a tiny home, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to visit our Tiny House Blog for more tips, advice, reviews, and professional commentary on the lifestyle itself!

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