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Top 3 Tiny House Designs for Student Living

Updated on:
August 23, 2023
tiny house for students

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

Living your best student life depends on so many factors. From where you're living to who you're living with- it can make a whole world of difference in your academic journey. Students need their peace for studying and working on academic assignments, but they also need the comfort and flexibility to maintain a healthy social life. Tiny houses can provide both, considering that you choose the right design.

So, why are tiny houses a great option for students? And what are the best tiny house design choices for student living? Let’s find those answers together.

Students & Tiny Houses: The Benefits

Students and tiny houses can be the perfect match, and the benefits of living in tiny houses are crucial in this case. There are a number of advantages that we have to mention before we start looking at tiny house designs. Here’s what makes tiny houses a smart choice for students:

Cost-Effective: Tiny houses typically cost less than other housing options. Purchasing a tiny house is a smart investment, considering the price of rent in university cities. Apart from rent, students will also save money on utility costs and maintenance. This is simply because tiny houses spend less energy and are easier to maintain.

Mobile: There are students who need to change their location frequently, mostly because of internship programs or scholarships. Tiny houses on wheels can offer such a commodity.

Decluttered: Students don’t need any additional stress in their life, and tiny houses can help them live a decluttered lifestyle. With way less space to spare, students will learn how to prioritize what they’re buying, avoid being typical consumerists, and declutter their space. This is bound to make them happier, as confirmed by 87% of respondents in a recent study.

Outdoor Activities: Finally, students who live in tiny houses will feel more inspired to spend time outside, doing physical activity, or simply enjoying nature. This benefits their mental and physical health and promotes living a healthy lifestyle.

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Top 3 Tiny House Designs for Student Living

We’ve covered the benefits, so it’s time to learn how to make the best tiny house choice.

Different students lead different lifestyles, and their needs vary. We’ve made a list of the 3 best types of tiny houses that fit the typical student lifestyle and would be a great choice. Depending on your priorities and preferences, you’ll be able to find a design that is just the thing you’re looking for.

  1. Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels are the number one choice for student living due to their flexibility and affordability.

To kick off with the most interesting fact about these houses- they can be relocated easily from one place to the other, thanks to the fact they're built on wheels. This is a commodity that best fits students who:

  • move frequently for education opportunities
  • study remotely and love to travel
  • are adventurous 

So, if for any reason, such as an internship program, volunteering activity, or change of pace, you want to relocate, you just take your house and drag it to the new location.

The next thing we love about it is that it belongs to the category of the most affordable tiny houses. You can find a tiny house on wheels for as low as $10,000. So, if you’re in need of a quick and cheaper housing solution, this is a great option to choose.

Most tiny houses on wheels will allow the student to have all the main elements of a small but practical home:

  • one bedroom
  • one bathroom
  • sleeping area
  • living area

These houses can fit 2-6 sleeps, depending on their size and inside organization. Students can’t have a designated study area, but the living space can be used for this purpose. 

  1. Container Home

Container homes are yet another great option for students who are seeking alternatives to dorm living or want to avoid expensive rent. Container homes can be purchased ready-to-go or can be made from several repurposed shipping containers.

For students who are great with tools or have someone in the family who is crafty, this can be a challenging but rewarding home project. Repurposing an old shipment container saves a lot of money and allows you to create a home according to your own needs.

Here’s what’s great about container homes for student living:

  • they can vary in size
  • you can choose or create a number of layouts since they’re easy to be cut
  • they can be easily transported from one place to the other
  • they’re pretty durable

Students who prefer eco-friendly and sustainable living also appreciate this option since it’s about upcycling and reusing. 

Tiny container homes can fit a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping, and living area. 

Students can turn the living area into a study space when needed, thanks to multi-functional furniture such as fold-down tables. They can enjoy the quietness needed for studying, and working on projects when they need to write a research paper fast and submit it on time.

Container homes can be a great housing option for students who love living in close communities as well. It allows them to socialize with other container homeowners and spend quality time in various social activities.

  1. Self-Made Home Design

Finally, students have the option to design their tiny house on their own, using modern-day design tools that require no designing experience. This personalized option is the best choice for those students with specific tastes, needs, or preferences when it comes to living arrangements.

It works simply. The 3D drag-and-drop design tools allow you to assemble the entire tiny house, top to bottom. You get to choose:

  • the interior organization
  • materials used
  • furniture components
  • exterior design

You get to place and move the objects around, choosing the exact positions of everything you wish to have in your tiny house. From a loft sleeping area and built-in storage to fold-down desks and smart technology, you can fit it all in there.

This way, students can try out different options and imagine what it would be like living in the tiny house they've designed. As a result, they'll be more happy with the choice they make and fully enjoy the tiny house design they end up choosing.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Tiny houses are a great fit for student living. Different benefits come with different tiny home designs, and students get to choose what kind of setting they'd like to create. Whether it's comfort, mobility, cost-effectiveness, or sustainability that you prioritize, you’ll be able to find it in your tiny home.

Hopefully, we've inspired you to consider getting a tiny house for your student dwelling and start a new episode of life in a minimalist home.

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