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Best Tiny House Kits (2023 Updated!)

Updated on:
June 7, 2023
Tiny House Kit Design

Downsizing can help make you healthier, happier, and wealthier. Downsizing means less financial responsibility and fewer belongings. This allows you to focus on things that really matter. Sometimes downsizing also means more traveling and experiences.

In today’s society, which seems to constantly demand we consume more, scaling down can reduce both the physical and mental clutter in your life, which can improve your mental health.

One of the best ways to downsize is to ditch your traditional home in favor of a “tiny house.” Tiny house living offers cost savings, freedom, and simplicity. And you can build one yourself. 

If you are thinking about owning a tiny home, there are available tiny house kits that will give you a beautiful tiny home. And the good news is that you can complete it within a few days. 

Tiny house kits typically include materials needed for the house frame. They also have exterior and interior finishings that will get you a tiny functional home of any budget, size, style, and space. 

Keep reading to find out more about the top tiny house kits of 2023.

What is a “tiny house"?

A tiny house is a 100-400 square feet dwelling. The “larger” homes might top out around 500 square feet. If it is larger than that, it is not considered a “tiny home.”

Tiny homes can come from old school buses, shipping containers, small barns, and even old boats. New homes can be built from recycled materials or kits with brand-new materials. 

A tiny home can be mobile or built on a slab as a permanent dwelling, often featuring eco-friendly options.

Ways to save money by going tiny

You can save money by buying a tiny house kit, building it yourself, and only purchasing multifunctional furniture. 

Living in a tiny home can be incredibly beneficial for your finances.

The upfront cost savings of a tiny home versus a traditional home is substantial. The average cost of a tiny home is around $23,000 (though you can build some yourself for as little as $8,000). 

Compare that to the average cost of a traditional home at $275,000, and it’s easy to see why living tiny can save you money in a big way.

There are other, less obvious, ways that a tiny home can save you money. Utilities are simply going to be less in such a small space. It takes much less gas and electricity to heat 400 square feet than it does 1400 square feet. 

The monthly cost savings for small houses really add up in the long run. A lot of tiny homeowners will negotiate land space to put their home on without buying it. This works exceptionally well for mobile types of homes.

Taxes and insurance are much lower for tiny homes than for traditional homes, saving the tiny homeowner money.

Finally, just the lifestyle of the tiny home can help you save money. With limited space, tiny homeowners become very aware of their possessions and will often buy less.

Other advantages of going tiny

Aside from cost savings, there are other very important advantages of tiny home living. For tiny mobile homes, there is a lot of extra freedom with the home. It can literally move with you as your life changes.

Tiny homes also have a smaller carbon footprint. Their small size means fewer utilities and energy use. Some are equipped for living off the grid entirely, with features like solar panels, wood stoves, and composting toilets.

One of the biggest draws of the tiny house for many is the idea of simple living. With such limited space, tiny homeowners pare down their possessions to only the essentials and most beloved. And the additional cash saved from the home is then spent on experiences rather than things.

The modern small house is also an eco-friendly choice. Because they require less energy, they save resources.

 Also, many companies work to provide kits that are either made with renewable and low-carbon parts or use recycled components. The small carbon footprint is attractive to many tiny homeowners.

Mini house owners often report feeling like they have better control over their lives than traditional homeowners and renters.

Best tiny house kits

By nature, the cheapest tiny home kits are often the smallest of the lot. These are kits that build homes that may be as small as 100 square feet. 

So while these kits are perfectly suited for extreme tiny home living, they are also an excellent option for someone looking for a camping cabin, hunting cottage, or even a “shed.”

Here is a list of the best tiny homes you can get for less than  $10,000.

Tiny house kits under $2,000

There aren’t too many tiny house kits for this category, but if you want to build a small dwelling on the cheapest side, there are available options. 

Arched Cabin kit

The Arched Cabin company offers one of the cheapest tiny home kits, starting at $1,000 for the most basic model. For a little more money ($3,600), you can upgrade to a 12 × 20′ cabin, and $4,000 will get you the 14 × 20′ models. 

The model is fairly basic but has plenty of opportunities for upgrading. For example, after the home is built from the kit, you can consider a tiny home-specific appliance upgrade.

Tiny house kits under $5,000

Below you can find some tiny house kits under $5,000.

Glen Echo Cabin

This Glen Echo Cabin kit provides a beautiful spacious prefab structure with a loft, gable roofline, and cedar siding. The front canopy and porch area from the gable roof's extension makes this kit unique. 

It has plenty of storage and headroom. Depending on your budget and needs, you can cop any size of this kit from  $3,356-$4,966.

Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins kit is another great option that goes for $2,650. It comes with many materials, including floor plates, ridge beams, standard R13 insulation for the walls, and color-matched ridge caps.

It comes in various sizes and is suitable for a restroom, storage shed, or if you are looking for a sleeping space. 


If a house with an elaborate design is your thing, this Allwood's Annika 73 SQF kit cabin kit is not a bad idea. It has a cathedral roof design and a pentagon-shaped floor plan.  

The wood is Nordic pine, and no interior finishing is needed.  There is a floor joist, pre-hung and glazed door, and windows. This kit can be assembled in three days, costing only $4,995. 

Sonoma Cabin

This Sonoma Cabin tiny house kit offers a spacious hip roof rafter design with plenty of headroom. 

There are french doors, roof extensions, storm shutters, antique flower boxes, and other beautiful features. The size is about 112 square feet, 8’×14’, and costs $4,826.

Gable tiny house kit

If you are looking for a strong, sturdy storage shed with a traditional barn style, look no further than this  Gable tiny house kit

The elegant kit comes with a roof shed of 10’6” height, 2×6 true-dimensional Hemlock floor, and roof framing. With just  $3,266, this could be yours.  

Florida Room

Jamaica cottage has this Florida Room tiny house kit for $4,918. It has insulated windows with a screen, foam board insulation, shiplap pine sheathing, and exposed post and beam framing. 

It is pretty spacious and can contain a table, chair, hot tub, and hammock. 


With a steep dormer above the single door and barn sash windows, this Dollhouse tiny house kit goes for $3,668. The insulated windows allow for sufficient floods of natural light. There is a variety of sizes suitable for your needs. 

The New Yorker

The New Yorker goes for $4,198. It has two vertical feet over the Vermonter. This kit can be customized with various upgrades to suit your taste. 

Bunkie cottage

This alluring  8×10 Bunkie Cottage kit with fiberglass and foam foil board insulation, a battery-operated CO/smoke detector, and insulated millwork will be yours for just $2,779.

Tiny house kits under $10,000

From heat pumps and fireplaces to kitchen appliances, you have all you need to create a cozy mini home for less than $10,000.

Below is a list of tiny house kits you can get with that budget.


This is a tiny but super affordable option for just a little over $7,000. This 10x16 bunkhouse covers all the basics needed in a tiny home. The company does offer upgrades that can increase the price.


For a little more money, you can get yourself a kit for a charming cottage. The Smithhaven tiny house kit is priced at just under $10,000. 

It features insulated double-pane windows and thick insulation on the floor and walls, making this a perfect option for a colder climate.

The cottage can be equipped with a composting toilet, wood stove, and solar package for off-grid living. Or made cozy with modern electrical, plumbing, and heating options. 

The quaint cottage-style layout can be customized to your personal preferences (for a higher price tag).


A tiny house kit that comes fully complete with amenities such as an electric water heater and a ductless cooling and heating system is such an excellent choice. This is exactly what the Countryside tiny house kit offers.

 It has a functional kitchen and a bedroom in a loft. With a cathedral ceiling and rustic wood paneling, the aesthetic is irresistible. 

And guess what? It is completely mobile! It is built on a steel trailer, and you can take it out on vacation in any part of the country you want. It costs about $7,000. 

Bayside Cottage

With a unique roof side, this Bayside cottage stands out for its multifaceted function. You can convert it into any tiny home structure you want, depending on what you plan to use it for.

 It is customizable with various upgrades, such as local artisan hand-crafted glass roundels, flower boxes, and weather vanes. It goes for $6,965.


A tiny house kit doesn’t get better than this Roving mobile structure suitable for camping, road trip, and short vacation. It has an accent wall, a customized barn door, and a vaulted ceiling.

There is a  spacious loft bedroom upstairs that can contain a full-sized bed, three windows, and LED lighting. 

The kitchen has been optimized for full-fledged convenience with a butcher-block countertop, stainless-steel sink, and electric cooktop.

You will also find a composting toilet, a smoke detector, a fire extinguisher, and a couple of USB outlets. It is just under $10,000. 

Vermont cottage B

At $9,589, this  Vermont Cottage B tiny house kit has many features, including an open floor plan, high ceilings, and a loft. 

It has been designed to serve a multifunctional purpose whether you are looking for a vacation house, weekend home, or cottage.  

Church street

Church Street's tiny home kit features provide an intimate space for weekend getaways. It has foam board insulation, shiplap pine sheathing, and an exposed post. 

The architectural asphalt shingles with a copper roll ridge cap provide a visually appealing design. And the price is $5,658. 

Tool Shed

With $5,199, you can purchase this Tool Shed from the Jamaica cottage shop. It has a hip roof and a gable dormer as the most prominent feature. 

It is designed with barn sash windows on either side of the double door. You can Install a woodstove, composting toilet, and solar package for off-grid living or install modern electrical, plumbing, and heating options. 


Xylia is a functional tiny house kit that comes with a picturesque design. With 560 square feet of interior, it is roomy enough for a  bathroom, a bedroom or two, and closet space with an open kitchen or a living room.

Mid-range priced tiny house kits

affordable tiny house
View this affordable Jupe Dwelling Unit

If your budget allows you to spend a little extra, you can buy a tiny home kit that provides a little more space and more features.

The following are some tiny house kits you can get at mid-range prices.

Moon House

The truly unique Moon House offers 650 square feet of living space and a truly memorable design with its dome shape. 

The frame is designed for two levels of living space and plenty of windows for a great view. The price for this kit is around $11,000. Larger options are available for a higher price tag.

Writer’s cabin

For around $15,000, you ca get the stylish Writer’s Cabin, which offers translucent roofing and an abundance of windows, with loads of natural lighting. 

It also comes complete with a little day bed and a built-in desk.

Log cabin kits

If you dream of owning a tiny log cabin, this 12x20 log cabin packs plenty of rustic charm into a small space. This makes a perfect backwoods getaway.

The smaller option starts at around $25,000, with larger options going up in price. All cabin sizes are customizable if you want to pay for extra features.

High-end tiny house kits

Tiny House on Wheels
View this luxurious Denali Tiny House on Wheels

For those looking for all the comforts and amenities of luxury living, many tiny home options prove that big-time features can be packed into really small spaces.

Here are some plush tiny house kits for that tiny upscale home you are looking for.

The Avalon

The Avalon is a generously-sized bungalow with a generous 540 square feet on the ground level and an additional 218 square feet of loft space. 

Both the interior and exterior are made of slow-grown Nordic Spruce.

The built-in covered patio adds outdoor living space as well. All of this space comes at a price of just under $40,000. 

The kit boasts easy-to-follow instructions for even the novice home builder.

The Karen

The Karen is a 672-square-foot, 1-bedroom, 1-bath ranch-style kit home. It offers a rustic cabin-like feel and features a corner deck.

This kit costs just a little over $62,000. It includes everything needed to build the home, except for windows and doors.


For those looking for a sleek and modern design, high-end finishes, and customization, the kitHAUS is a good choice.

This tiny home boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliding doors. The materials include highly insulated SIPS (structural insulated panels) from kitHAUS’ Southern California factory.

The extended version includes a kitchen and clocks in at $93,000.

A tiny home for a big life

No matter the reason for considering a tiny home, there are definitely some advantages to living in a smaller space. And there are plenty of options for tiny house kits to fit any budget.

These kits are quite easy to assemble, and they are affordable. They usually come with an instruction manual, and you do not need any special building experience to put them together. 

If you don’t want to build your own home from a kit, be sure to check out our featured builders, who can create a custom home for you. Working with an expert can take all the guesswork out of the process.

And we can help you keep up with all the latest trends in the world of tiny home living. Our blog covers everything tiny home-related, from lifestyle and home design tips to builder and product reviews.

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