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Top 5 Ways to Style the Outside Space of Your Tiny Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Outdoor furniture on a patio

Tiny homes are a whole new way to feel freedom. Not only is living tiny more sustainable than standard living accommodation, but they are also highly versatile and allow for a lot more freedom of time. While what’s on the inside counts towards making a tiny home feel like a castle, the outside space is important for the first impression and curb appeal! Here are the top 5 ways you can style the outside space of your tiny house to make it feel warm, inviting, and unique.

1. Install Decking

If your tiny home has a long term parking spot, consider installing deck around the outside. Much like portable caravans and other cabin-style buildings, decking sits around the perimeter of the tiny home, rather than being permanently attached to it. Steps can be installed for ease of access, and it serves as a way to invite a little more privacy and comfortability to your outside space. Decking comes in a range of styles so there will be a product out there that suits your aesthetic. It is also inexpensive and fairly low maintenance, it just needs cleaning as any other part of your home.

2. Make a Space for Sitting

The newly installed decking will be the perfect spot for a seating area. Having somewhere to sit and relax outside is a great asset for any home, regardless of the shape, size, and location. It is fantastic for those social occasions, or just grabbing a peaceful hour on a warm evening. Outdoor benches are one direction to go and can be spruced up with weather protected cushions and warm throws too.

3. Revamp the Greenery

Just because your house is a tiny, doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from plants and beautiful landscaping! Greenery is amazing for your well-being and even improves physical health too. It makes the air better, and it adds an ethereal touch to the environment that you simply cannot get from any other medium. Hanging baskets on the wall are the perfect addition for tiny houses, as are big potted plants and even a miniature succulent arrangement too.

4. Solar Light Installations

Make everything look magical with some strategically placed solar lighting. This is a sustainable way to light up your outdoor area when the sunsets, and if arranged well can be breathtaking to look at. Solar lighting is better for the environment than battery or electrical ones, and will not drain any of your resources during the installation process or while they are switched on, making them the perfect choice for off grid living.

5. Outdoor Heat Sources

Last but not least, think about adding in a heat source. This could be anything from a gas powered heater to a fire pit, depending on your budget and general commitment to upkeep. Having some warmth outside means you can enjoy the greenery for longer and not be confined indoors when the slightly colder evenings take hold.

Tiny homes are amazing places to live and create. The outdoor space deserves as much thought as the indoor space, and there are thankfully plenty of ways to spruce up your garden regardless of where you settle down. The simple addition of a deck does wonders, just don’t forget the seating! There is always something appealing about a string of solar lighting too.

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